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  1. An hour a day in here reading this dribble.
  2. Out mot station / garage has gone back to taking kids from college and training them up in house the shortage of skilled staff is a real problem for them.
  3. agreed, i have seven to do the garage we use already has a backlog of work to get stuck into.
  4. Times are different now, road tax on these big cars would scare most people off who are used to paying £145 a year no matter how cheap the car is, and whilst petrol is currently low the public are not that stupid to think they will stay low forever, the tech is quite heavy also again the public would worry about taking it to the main dealers instead of dave down the road to be fixed. Even Yoda would struggle to call the future.
  5. This kind of chat is one of the main reasons i have decided to limit my interaction with the media be it news or social media. Its all pure guess work, one person i looking at a massive downward trend others see it people having more money to spend and there cars failing due to sitting for 3 months, holidays cancelled and not to forget main dealers are going to be giving cars away, the boffins in charge have no doubt some scheme to get the country going again. its not good for the mind in my view sitting around dreaming up various options for this that and the other. And on that note i am off to find something to paint, have a lovely weekend. PS James, whilst i fully understand the need for adverts it was impossible to reply to this on my phone as the adds kept covering the reply button.
  6. Welcome back dave, you have been missed forums are full of dribble attention seekers.
  7. I don’t quite follow the logic bad soon as restrictions are lifted every man and his dog are going to be out and about after going stir crazy therefore the risk is going to be doubled
  8. It’s all as clear as mud. seen a YouTube video last night of some legal boffin advising half the restrictions are so vague there almost impossible to hold up in court.
  9. The criteria from what i read seems clear enough, you have to be a registered retail business, you have to have a business rates bill in your name or business name, which has to form part of an exemption of some sort then you can claim the grant. Think in your case you might struggle, this could be a Welsh only thing mind as English folk seem to have some different options open to them.
  10. There should be a law against companies like this disgusting how people work there and sleep at night amazes me.
  11. We emailed all our customers advising of an extension as long as the mileage hasnt trebled.
  12. who needs money you can’t spend it on anything
  13. Hang on whilst i check my crystal ball,
  14. I went for the easier option of my bank account records and copy of letters sent to the staff, clearly shows a dead stop bar a few month end payments from trade accounts which follow the same pattern every month.
  15. Very different experience to mine, last couple of years no matter how much I shop around my quote is always gone or take a few percent. Only thing I can think of is once you get maximum ncd the market has little left to give.
  16. Interesting to see experts predict hmrc coming after businesses, prompted me to document letters to the staff and evidence to confirm we where closed whilst claiming.
  17. Zero negotiation skills ? good job where not in the motor trade having to do deals to buy and then deals when we sell phew that would be a nightmare.
  18. Major can of worms this seems to be up and down the country with seven commercial properties we have stepped in to help four the other three are doing better than normal so they can cough up.
  19. I have been looking for breaking news on assistance for 10/20 cars as you stated the below link would mean each car would be in the millions, the search continues. “After receiving what accountants and business advisers UHY Hacker Young called ‘significant feedback’ from industry bodies such as the RMIF and many SME businesses whose turnover exceeds the initial £45m eligibility threshold, loans of up to £25m will now be made available for businesses whose turnover is between £45m and £500m”
  20. No point having a go at me I was just stating what the council told me I have several empty commercial buildings when I asked the question I was told it needed to be a clear retail property how could I file accounts to show that ? Make up sales and incur a tax bill ? Thst doesn’t make much sense really does it. I have no doubt that plenty of businesses will be refused and plenty will manage to pull the wool over the council eyes its to be expected however when the dust settles I would be waiting for a knock on the door so to speak.
  21. The criteria I have seen states you have to operate a retail business from the address just because he pays the rates doesn’t mean he will be ker-chinging
  22. That’s very kind I am in a similar dilemma with three tenants. yet to decide how to roll with it.
  23. Either your in the motor trade or your not, glad bca are policing the cards.
  24. Just to clarify free as in nothing to pay ever or a holiday either way its a very decent thing to do.