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  1. I dont get the fear of TS there mostly an underpowered underfunded misinformed organization, every dealing i have had with them i knew more about the case law than they did. If your confident in your position then stand your ground.
  2. From what I have heard loads of people went over to motorcheck and ditched hpi for the same reasons you are sadly most of them struggled to get out of the year rolling contract, so by all accounts it isn’t easy to get out of there clutches and there crazy prices.
  3. Something that takes a long time in this trade is how to pick your battles. Put that argument in front of a judge you would have more chance of running for American president.
  4. i would have gone with "and posted to DVLA" as the biggest error, why wouldnt you use electronic transfer and put your trust in the post office ? we have had a few of these and i just send confirmation email from the dvla showing i no longer own the car end off doesnt matter when i delivered it, the fine must go to the recorded keeper of the car simples.
  5. Having to tap up a local main dealer to get last months book, arghh distant memories indeed. The smart phone has a lot to answer for.
  6. I tend to follow auction prices more than cap and they havent move a penny, anything half tidy still brings into book.
  7. They will ask for sure as its an easy out for them. how much mileage has the customer done run the maths sometimes these returns are a gold mine, no chance on earth would i repay the full amount.
  8. Glad he kept it, and fingers crossed the strange rover is true to form and blows up next year.
  9. Think he has already stated he bought it on line "Wimbledon Manheim online "
  10. Agree with FHP if i was in bca shoes i would have done this years ago, i bet they have hundreds of clawback requests every week. No idea why your bank need to freeze your account for five days over one suspect transaction, sounds like overkill again is that BCA fault. for the record i think there a bunch of cowboys as well but cant be blamed for everything that goes wrong
  11. Suck it up doesnt taste very nice but it will drain the life out of you and put you in such a bad mood you will end up growling at customers and lose far more than you would ever win.
  12. Whats next the fruit pickers, cleaners doctors nurses teachers, Brexit went well then.
  13. As David rightly points out its the old umbrella analogy, you should also consider other factors BCA might not be the cheapest but they do from time to time offer 0% 30day deals and makes life very easy to bounce a car back when its on partner finance and so on.
  14. Its been two years now Gina i would hazzard a guess he has found a car.