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  1. As David rightly points out its the old umbrella analogy, you should also consider other factors BCA might not be the cheapest but they do from time to time offer 0% 30day deals and makes life very easy to bounce a car back when its on partner finance and so on.
  2. Its been two years now Gina i would hazzard a guess he has found a car.
  3. There is no one working there or hardly anyone, I know of at least 3 working from home doing a 3rd of they used to be seems to be the new level there expected to reach of calls, we used to have a walk in desk where it was quicker for me to drive 5 mins up the road and que behind 2 Mr Jones who couldnt fill in there v62's than ring them but even that has now closed.
  4. We are quite simply no one put up or shut up would be there answer. Its a game of numbers we used to have over a week 100 cars to view and be lucky if we bought ten now its more like 150 cars and be lucky to get 5
  5. Depends on the colour some of these crazy baby blue's and beige 500's for example you cant just flick around you have to do half a bumper, so easy colour £60-80 and pain in the backside £100 but the job is very good i can find cheaper but cant be dealing with having to clean the wheels with overspray ect
  6. Why doesnt the op just buy grade 5 stuff at any of the big players loads of it around, and so i am told far better prices than copart as the weekend warrior stays clear of auctions, again this is third hand have no experience in this market. I cant get my painter to do a simple bumper blow in at a decent time frame so would be of no use to me,
  7. Agreed seen loads of these with a chepo 063 stuck on it the stop start battery is almost twice the size and for sure three times the price, the fault really does sound power related.
  8. Hang on a second........i was expecting that question any second from another veteran
  9. Thats the little bugger, good luck hope it solves your problem.
  10. Anyone who has spent enough time in auction houses will know the extra tomato ordered at the counter is a blag and often ends up in the bin outside the cafe. sorry slighly off topic the extra tomato threw me, to answer the op you will never match a main dealer price and there margin isnt as big as some would think it is. It has nothing to do with adding services, people whom like to buy from main dealers used section are buying a lifestyle choice no more no less.
  11. There a doddle to change mind only two star bolts one electrical connector and a air pipe honestly ten min job with a my first tool kit.
  12. thats the little bugger, last one i had made a loud clicking noise when you remove the feed to it the noise went away. yuck did i mention i hate these things.
  13. Second for the evap system heard a purge valve make similar noise before. Vile things