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  1. Hello all i had a call earlier asking if I accept American Express card for a deposit i said I would get back to her is this a potential scam or fraud Thanks
  2. hi guys ive been advertising on ebay/motors for past year not had highest volume of sales shall I try with auto trader and what's the price for 10 vehicle package (vans) thanks
  3. hello all I had potential customer but I couldn't get him a low enough apr that another dealer was offering for same value how do dealers get better deals for customers on the apr side of things? I know it goes on the customers credit score but is there a way to get it lower?
  4. Facility APAK Amount £50,000 Interest rate 4% LTV 80% Bonnet Fee £20.00 Settlement fee £0 Age of cars Up to 10 years Max Mileage up to 100,000 Term of funding 90 days – extensions provided if needed RECIPROCAL TARGET = 2:1 RATIO So for your 50K we would only expect £100,000 back for the year and this equates to £8500 per month. So if you bought a 10K car at auction we would fund 80% of this over 60 days and you would pay: Interest - £42.60 Loading Fee - £20.00 Total - £57.60 this is what i have been offered
  5. thank you all for the advise
  6. hello all I was thinking of applying for a stocking loan but who to choose?? I obviously want the cheapest rate so i wouldn't be choosing bca or next gear thanks
  7. thank you the old novice for response I was warming to a canon camera which type have you got?
  8. XFS thank you for your response to my question
  9. good morning I was brought up close to manor fields funnily enough but please excuse me for my original message could anyone please recommend a quality camera to take photos of stock under £500?
  10. I need help picking the right camera to take photos of stock nothing over £500
  11. SAC


    Hello all i was thinking of applying for a coronavirus business loan scheme i have been trading for 3 years now so should be ok has anyone had one? Is it better that stocking loans? kind regards