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  1. Hi Just after some advise on distant what constitutes distant selling. And how will you see below scenario. Car in question 2014 i20 93k miles advisory free MOT pretty much full service history. Car had been sitting on my forecourt for nearly three months was the cheapest on auto trader. I offer 6m warranty and free breakdown cover. Had someone call me up from about 100 miles away needed car for son who has just passed his test. Too far to travel so lady said ill send my brother down he lives in Bristol easier for him to get to Swindon. Brother comes views the car we negotiate a price but needs to confirm with nephew and sister. He goes away calls me in an hours time saying all parties are happy to proceed. The sister makes payment for the car through bank transfer and ask If can deliver the car. I deliver the car get paperwork signed etc. To me this seems on paper it's a distant sell but an agreement in principle was made in person. How do other traders see it? What would you have done differently?
  2. If he had started complaining in the first 30 days then i think he might have had been on to something. Its been over 30 days they probably dont need the car anymore and now wanting you to get rid of it. Tell him to go to trading standards if hes so desperate. He should also share how much mileage its done. Get everything in writing and if hes failing to comply with the mileage then hes just trying to get his money back.
  3. Its very quiet my phone and email enquiries are dead, I have a package with them as well. Having said though i did have enquiry come through yesterday.
  4. I just moved into premises. Small site with caravan which i am hoping to convert into my office. But since moving its been very quiet with hardly any queries coming in. I was doing better at home lol. But needed a premises as it wasn't managable doing this from home. Ive used facebook but not that often now only use Autotrader but might just a list a few on Facebook as like you said its free so theres no harm in listing on there.
  5. I have a contact if you need help. He charges something like £695 for the application and then £500 which you pay to the FCA but he prepares all the necessary documentation for you..
  6. Sept is very slow sales wise . Agree stock is the issue less supply more demand..
  7. Got i10 from BCA Nottingham look good on body wise. Spent £300 to change the lambda sensors only to find the head gasket totally blown and oil looking like a McDonalds milk shake. BCA nottingham dont want to know because only essential check but they said pics we will flag to the team. No response since then. I dont want my money back but at least compensation for their undue care for not doing their work correctly. Its funny because the auctioneer is using the essential report to get more more bids. Saying stuff like clean report. But the report doesnt mean anything . You cant see the car so when bidding online the report is all you have to go on.
  8. Hi All Under the consumer rights act can the customer reject a car because the EML light has come on? The car in question is a 2005 Golf 1.6 with around 110K on the clock. It has no issues in terms of its engine performance runs well, no misfires, no coolant or oil leaks or anything. We have tried to diagnose the problem from chaging EGR valve to replacing the inlet manifold but the light wont go out. The issue with the customer has been going on from some months now. They have come to the point where they want me to buy car back off them. Its been over three months with this issue and it occured a few weeks after the brought it from me. I am willing to buy the car back from them but the customer is being extremely unreasonable in there messages to me and really losing my paitence with them.
  9. Anymore experiences as i was thinking of giving them a try for my warranties
  10. I got some ccjs due to parking fines.. Can I still get trade insurance.. I didn't even remember getting them
  11. Finding it slow as well. Have been made redundant and upped my stock levels as well. Getting good viewings but not enough enquiries coming through the phone or email. Have some good reviews on autotrader as well. I am looking for a site but it's so hard to find. Any advise.. I need space for around ten cars.
  12. How's demand for everyone one at the moment? I have upped my stock level as pretty much full time due to redundancy. However the phones very quiet..
  13. So true, i refunded him. Turns out the Valvetronic motor needs replacing as that was the fault codes i got when i run the diagnostics when the car was returned to me. Hopefully can get it fixed and out to retail quickly
  14. Newly serviced, New MOT and no faults showing on the diagnostics befor the sale. I did tell him of the faults and told him to come after I had serviced it and fixed it up he was so keen. But I thanks for the advise In my ads I always list any major work I have done like new clutch etc, as customer knows getting car with new parts etc and work has been carried out He just wants a refund so will be dropping the car off Sunday
  15. He was expecting me to come to his house collect the car and give his money back. I spoke to lawgistics they told me similar to what you have and told me that he needs to prove there is a fault and he has a right to reject it. I then told him to get the car recovered to my address and i will investigate the issue and then we can take it from there RE refund etc. Since that message hes gone all quiet and not responded. I guess he has a right to reject if it develops a fault but its need to proven that fault existed at the time of sale right? He wont let me run any diagnostics or get anyone come out and check it just say hes wants his money back because its gone in limp mode.. but i need more information as to why and what has caused it. Is it something that existed before he purchased or did develop after he purchased it?