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  2. free from finance companies.
  3. It must of been the staff cos they aren’t open.
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  5. get them free of your various partners....
  6. Apparently there was a fight at the Geordie Manheim this week
  7. That is not an engine knock More like a idle control valve or switch that raises the RPM for steering / AC
  8. This whole thing is just to gauge interest. They offer tickets so they can judge how many attendees. I had a peep on simulcast and was expecting a rugby scrum but it looked a bit quiet? But, if you want physical auctions to open again I’d suggest you guys support these test openings? Or, as I suspect they’ll stay online. Maybe have the odd special event. I’d also imagine BCA are watching very closely.
  9. Brexit, Covid19........................ take your pick
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  11. Exactly, they are using so called anti-COVID measures to stop us giving the cars a half decent inspection. I read that we wouldn't be allowed to inspect the interiors. It's mad that we can go to nightclubs, Wembley, Wimbledon & Silverstone in large groups but we can't take a colleague to Manheim! I've had enough trouble over the years looking at cars at Manheim & BCA way before last year - I've had the odd bonnet slammed down by the staff within a second of opening it! It does seem crazy that we get bollocked by grumpy auction drivers for having a very quick look at the interiors. The trouble is they can get away with it as apart from the odd small privately owned auction, there's not much choice apart from the big two. We do seem stuck between a rock and a hard place now - it is still a massive gamble buying online with wildly inconsistent grading but personally even if BCA and Manheim open up all their sales again (which I'm sure they never will!) I couldn't be doing with all their pointless rules and regulations. Off topic, but I can't bothered with pubs or restaurants anymore either! This constant atmosphere of being potentially told off when you are the paying customer makes me only go to places I really need to go to these days. I am just surprised as to why Manheim are opening at all - I'm sure someone on here with good contacts at the auctions will know why but to me it seems very strange as Manheim don't have anything to gain by opening up. It certainly seems as though the small re-opening has been designed to fail. I'm not surprised there are still lots of 'tickets' left!
  12. I had an email the other day from Manheim trying to drum up interest. What I don’t understand is why on Earth you need to register to attend & only one person per account - Manheim must surely be one of the most awkward bastards to do business with & yet again more hurdles to jump. You can go just about anywhere in the country unfettered but with Manheim that’s not the case. What a fucking company. Not that I’ve used them much over the last few years but the sharp practices employed by their staff regarding misdescribed vehicles has driven me elsewhere. I’m afraid Manheim opening up for a few evening sales so I can look at the bangers won’t attract me back - I’d bet they’re not allowing full access to the cars, no doubt disguised as anti-COVID measures, as they’ll do absolutely anything to castrate the efforts of trade bidders to sort the wheat from the chaff.
  13. Many thanks for all the replies, much appreciated. The last owner did have a new set of plugs fitted before trading in. The cheque is in the post 'It's me' but unfortunately I think the postman is self-isolating I've done some more research and if the coil pack goes it seems to make a clicking noise and I wouldn't call what I have as a clicking noise. The only cars I've ever had with a very noticeable A/C compressor are Rover 75s when they were about 3 years old - they all seemed to have a very noticeable knock when the a/c cuts in. This Corsa does this knock a lot though as you can see in the YouTube video and it behaves exactly the same if the a/c is on or switched off. The misfire hasn't triggered the EML so I don't think there would be any fault codes. I'll get the oil filter checked, as far as I can tell the dipstick is fine. I've done my first ever YouTube video - hopefully it shows what I'm talking about, the engine moves slightly when this misfire occurs and the revs drop slightly. I'd say the misfire happens quite a lot when idling now, roughly at 10/18/22/31/34/43/50/57 seconds and 1min 06 seconds on the video.
  14. Since when did price boards shoot up in price? Looking to replace mine with plain ones - where have you all sourced from? I don't mean to sound cheap but last time I bought them, they weren't a fiver a time! Many thanks
  15. Guy's they have there own agenda, , cinch, for me there are lots of ethics at issue.
  16. So..... anyone going? I was watching the ticket sales and there’s still just under half still available at Colchester tonight. I thought it’d be crammed with the usual local suspects but?
  17. I've found this website from other forum. and they give the codes for free when you put this coupon code: freeforall Hope this helps! All the best!
  18. I need to get the radio code for my Fiesta 2004 as it was locked. Serial number M127328.
  19. I've just come off the phone, I've been ringing for 10 hours and no reply, disgusting, it's like they were all in bed
  20. This would be my faraway diagnosis too Hopefully my cheque is in the post
  21. Correct oil would be 5W30 Dexos. Unlikely to be oil problem. Fault codes? Live data? Coils and plugs normally play up under load - not idle. Check oil filler and dipstick are seated - vac leaks cause problems like rough idle. These engines are prone to broken valve springs. Are you sure its not A/C cutting in? Possible noisy A/C compressor.
  22. James if you can't moderate the forum any more, or don't have the time, just delegate it to someone else? Most of the stuff is spam these days.
  23. I'm pretty sure the last owner had a new set of plugs fitted at the last service just before she traded it in but I'll check the service history to make sure.
  24. I've noticed what seems like an occasional misfire on a 2013 Corsa 1.4 SE Automatic. I'd never buy a chocolate engined Vauxhall for stock but I took this one in PX. Last week, I noticed a very occasional slight knock/bang and the revs would momentarily fall slightly and then go back to normal when idling in traffic. Now the weather is a lot hotter, I've noticed when pulling away when the engine is hot the engine bangs quite a bit with the same slight drop in revs. Whilst waiting at a roundabout today for a few seconds there was a banging / pinking sensation that I felt throughout the car. Once on the move though, the car drives absolutely perfectly with plenty of smooth power. This banging/knocking only occurs when idling and just recently when pulling away.I've read about quite a few problems with this 1.4 Ecotec engine - I'll get it looked at by my mechanic but I just wondered what is the most likely cause?It will be a tricky noise to show the mechanic as it's not as though it does it all the time. The oil & water are all fine.The car was recently serviced with 5 W 30 oil (as used from new) - I'm sure I read somewhere that using thicker oil could help but is this likely to be of help in my case?It's a really nice car - this annoying misfire is the only thing wrong with it.
  25. Strewth I called them and they said they would call me back, when they did i was on the dunny
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