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  2. Thanks, but seems not quite. I just spoke to a gentleman there who advised me that it costs between £10 to £95 in fees (based on value) to buy a car and £50 to sell. Then scuppered my plans by advising that you have to be FCA approved to be able to sell on there. God knows who that tenuous connection is made.
  3. We have no problems building walls my friend , must be on a million bricks by now over the years
  4. Haha , yep that tells you the tyres are still there , not been stolen madam , see that light and drive with confidence T yre P rotection S ystem
  5. I should try that one for TPS error on my CRV
  6. Last week
  7. Gents, I have just obtained access to DA and it’s not clear to me whether there are any additional fee’s on top of the purchase prices for cars won or cars sold. Can you please advise. Or is this supposed to be covered by the monthly/annual fee that you pay.
  8. To generalise I tend to find using the correct item that a particular part was originally designed for works just fine. All these chav upgrades, just the same as the sort of punter who has his windscreen strewn with front & rear cameras, a satnav & any other shit he could buy from Halfords/eBay/Amazon, getting run through a 6 port cigarette lighter multiplug. All this is usually attached to the dashboard of an utter heap of shit with under inflated tyres, filthy windows & driven by a moron who the last time he looked in his mirrors saw a Cortina there.
  9. Not purchased a car since march then ?? and i thought i had it tough
  10. This is it in a nutshell, left trying to sell a bag of sh!te we'd never normally touch with a barge pole and 9/10 we have to give to much for them to begin with! Then in my experience if you buy an absolute lemon you'll have to live with it as BCA and the vendor were oblivious to the glaring faults. "how can people bid on 10 year old plus cars with no appraisal? " if you get very close to your screen and study hard on the "beauty shots" (BCA's own term for photo) you'll be able to notice all the bad paint, scratches and damages and bid accordingly. Then you just need to use your powers visualisation to get an idea of how it's going to smell,sound and run when it arrives
  11. Brittneywood is brilliant at stupid questions isn't she . just a key and four wheels Brittney and you will be fine , make sure the tyres are pumped though , easy to see as if not they will be flat at the bottom . Assuming they are all round then buy it , deal done .
  12. My god that's just one for the memory bank , Stupid woman
  13. Pay before collecting at all times . no option to pay on site .
  14. Or like the lady last week trying to tell me the EML being illuminated meant "everything was ok with the engine"....mine was off so apparently had a problem worthy of a £700 discount and "take a chance" .....FFS I thought I'd heard it all but, the Joe Public will never cease to amaze me
  15. I'm pretty sure you have to pay in advance of booking your collection slot. Generally they are not allowing anyone into the buildings at all.
  16. Almost the same issue happens to me. But honestly, I prefer to hire building and construction professionals, if I have an option for hiring them, because they can be simply busy because of other projects. Getting reserved matters approved article written on their website can explain you a lot of necessary details about architecture and house constructions as well.
  17. When bidding for a car with Manheim online, do you have to pay for the car online by debit card or bank transfer before collecting it, or is it still possible to pay for the car at the site when collecting it? Thanks in advance
  18. Not only but also, any LED Bulbs that put out decent light run so bloody hot they will burn the reflectors and other parts inside the headlamp, how much are new Audi Headlamps ?
  19. Exactly this !! ..................................................................... And then you get the twunt owner, who see's the EML come on and tells everyone, "It's driving OK I don't need to spend money" until ..................... BANG !!
  20. Sometimes the images are in the condition reports / surecheck Manheim are great for this get some bargains
  21. We have a list of cars to watch for the coming week updated with late entries daily, it often happens that we have a car on our list so we have printed off all the advert and any report for safe keeping made all our notes ect, as auction houses lie through there teeth after the event. and quite often when the car comes up for suction the car in question has no pictures must be a computer glitch I rub my hands with glee as they always go a lot cheaper than they should have. sadly there is no pattern to this it’s just pure luck.
  22. Absolutely, glad I’m not the only one who can’t understand this as well.
  23. As someone who has recently started and could only buy online, I have to say it was daunting at first, well, still is. Especially watching bids on vehicles without images! I can't understand, how, why you would bid on something with no images. I'd like to think if it does become a permanent way, then at the very least they could provide a video with the engine running, rev'd. Then again, that would cost time and money, and looking at the prices as they are, the clearly don't need to do anything extra, especially if it could lead to lower prices. It defo helps being able to view, bid on more lanes, however the risk does increase not being able to see, more importantly, hear the car.
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