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  2. I’m a keen amateur photographer anyway. But as you say it’s easy for anyone to get excellent results with a little effort.
  3. Sold 38 cars last month from 40 advertised, 28 of which came as a direct result of the autotrader leads, and would say thats about average for a month. its expensive but when you work out the return its a no brainer, leads are quality serious buyers, not many messers. was once talked into cancelling a few years back and was off for about 6 weeks whilst i tried, eBay motors and cargurus - worst mistake Ive made in nearly 30 years of selling. It works for me, I know it doesnt work for everyone but youve got to measure what you get back or else youre just pissing it up the wall. also youve got to work at making your cars stand out, great pics, descriptions, reviews etc
  4. 100% agree.Spend a bit of time on you tube searching for photography tutorials.I much prefer a digital camera, then a quick photo edit to crop the pic, play around slightly with the colour, contrast and sharpness but not enough to make them look false. Takes me about 30 mins from taking a load of pics or getting them on the advert. Most cameras will come with easy to use photo editing software that even i find easy to use.That said i know of traders that get great results with a camera on the iphone but i've got fingers like cows udders so digi camera works for me.
  5. Put a few examples up, I'm sure folk will give you some good pointers
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  7. Agee with the above. You need to put every effort into producing professional high quality images of your stock. Photography is now a huge part of the job and is always Time well spent!
  8. Get a new phone with a good camera, you will have to crop them but not resize, but that said its part of the job and the better the images the more likely you are to sell them compared to a advert with crap images
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  10. I do exactly the same, The pictures are your shop window, its the only thing your customers have to see what it is you have, I say it is worth the 20-30 min to presnt your car in its very best way possible I have to upload them from the phone, Then crop them and re size them as you do, It just the way it is
  11. Hi all, Just after some advice, pointers. I use my samsung to take pics of our vehicles, however, a, it's a ballache uploading via my phone, b) i have to adjust, crop, resize them every time and man is it annoying. Just wondered am I not doing something right, not go the right setting on my phone? At the very least I'd like not to have to resize them every time I take pics. Thanks
  12. You’ll sell no more than you do now … you’ll just be getting your pants pulled down every month by autotrader.
  13. You’ve got 90 for sale and not sold anything in 2 weeks?
  14. I use the compliance guys for £25 a month, I don’t do huge amounts of finance deals but I happily pay them that to not have to fill in those online Gabriel forms. Only need 1 deal a month to make it easily pay for itself. In terms of brokers I think Octane Finance might be able to help you out if you cancel FCA but not 100% sure.
  15. The Gabriel reports are like pulling teeth, I made an arse of one a while ago but thankfully they called me. I managed to put down I had down 12 million pound of deals
  16. We are fully Stocked up normally we have 65 cars on web and sell around 45 a month last 2 weeks over 90 cars on web and no calls or serious enquiries
  17. Thanks for reply’s, got the v5 today, Said they sent it 28th sept dunno what’s gone on there, why took so long .
  18. You wont get a referral fee I doubt if your not FCA registered . Its Gabriel reports you haven't done , need doing if you do deals or not . Why you had the fine . Theres a portal you need to sign into , fill in the details of any finance activity your firm has done and submit it .
  19. I've had enough of dealing with the FCA. Went through so many hoops trying to get the license, which then took them nearly a year to process due to Covid. Now get fined for not completing processes that don't exist on their terrible portal. Call them for help, fail security. Go around and around in circles. Ask to cancel - this takes 6 months! They are even worse than the DVLA to deal with. Frustrates me so much I'm throwing in the towel and not doing finance in house any more. I've looked at The Compliance Guys, but their fees are too high as we do so little finance anyway. So I'm going back to just passing finance leads to brokers. Are there any out there can work with that will pay a referral commission?
  20. Ring autotrader and they will get the best package to suit you. 3 Price wise 3x more expensive than ebay but you get what you pay for
  21. depends what type of cars do you sell and at what price, I do very well from auto trader but anything really cheap did do better on eBay when I used them. ebay tend to draw out the messers an best price with ridiculous bids
  22. hi guys ive been advertising on ebay/motors for past year not had highest volume of sales shall I try with auto trader and what's the price for 10 vehicle package (vans) thanks
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  24. We use the file b system here B=bin Now trot off
  25. “We’ve sent it in the post” is AH code for ‘Fuck off, you can’t prove different, we’ve washed our hands of you. Crack on!’
  26. Is it worth asking copart for a copy of it? You'd like to think they have done that before sending it out, then you would have everything you need to tax it
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