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  2. If only!! I’ve got a couple of grey squirrels in my back garden that they are welcome to!! It was the £10 each or 2 for £35 that made me lose it completely, haven’t laughed so much in ages.
  3. It's part of Boris's Brexit masterplan, many others have secretly been recruited across the country to cull and recycle the grey squirrel to serve a useful purpose, whilst enabling our native great British red squirrel to thrive once more.
  4. Don’t know how true this is but omg
  5. It’s not the Jag that gives my the wobbles - it’s the sight of its MOT history! £4500 for something full of welding wire - one for the brave/optimistic. The business name’s fine, the photos are fine except for the ones in the glare/shadows (no one’s perfect) & it looks a mighty fine business set up! It doesn’t look like a starter business to my eyes with a fantastic unit & lashing out on AT advertising - however it’s an expensive set up to sell 4 cars - the overheads will kill the job.
  6. I don't know what your background is but I have to say that the Jag and that '58 Mini wouldn't have been amongst my suggestions as starter cars. Just seeing the photo of the Jag gives me the colleywobbles.. I'm also not keen on the name and logo - but that's very much down to personal preference. I'm rather a meat-and-two-veg bloke, i.e. I'd prefer 'Ken's Motors' etc.. Good luck..
  7. That was a superb scheme for Army personnel normally based in Germany. Nearly all of car manufacturers gave very substantial discounts on top of the 20% VAT saving. There were thousands of cars going over thought this sales channel. The manufacturer I worked for gave 18% discount and free LHD headlamps in most of their range. I was supplying over 150 cars a year. As you only had to keep the car 9 -12 months, most changed their car yearly as nearly all made money from the scheme and I would get really clean year old low mileage cars to sell on. Normally the cars were only driven short distances by the wives while in Germany and most of the mileage was normally done driving them to Germany and then back again to swap for the new one. They where good times
  8. 31 sold from 47 stock so far, 24 from the autotrader, cant restock quick enough and that's the problem, still crazy trade prices, service side is booked up for 3 months almost, not had that ever before, people seem to think prices are going to keep going up so are buying now rather than sitting and waiting, one couple at the weekend bought a nice 18 Focus after they'd just seen me put the price up by £125 saying "we thought we'd buy it now before it goes up even more" - crazy times
  9. in my experience you may not get many leads through AA but whenever we get inquire through AA that is a serious buyer and 9 out of 10 you will sell the car and AA is good for branding in your showroom and website that builds confidence
  10. Thanks for that, Dealer 5 recommendation is much appreciated as they also offer a DMS and charge less then Autotrader! I just had an AA representative in. Seems like all you get for £250 a month is a thumbnail and breakdown cover. Have any of you noticed a change in stock turnover since joining/leaving?
  11. Good to see some of us doing good but we are experiencing this January is no different than December still very slow
  12. Brilliant that's a great help, thanks. Many thanks for your help as always BHM, really appreciated.
  13. One man band & I’ve only got a handful advertised but enquiries are through the roof, shed loads of arseholes & the bottom dollar brigade are out in force, sales are hard to come because prices are fixed. The private man is getting left behind on price but he doesn’t realise the next wave of cars we are buying today & advertising over the next few weeks after prep will be even higher.
  14. It could also be from the Armed Forces overseas vat exemption scheme. Basically it’s squaddies buying UK spec cars abroad cheaper. When I’ve had them I didn’t mention anything in the advert & ensured all of the dates on the adverts are correct. However I do mention it in passing when the customer has a raging hard-on for the car & we are going through the paperwork. I often find the log book will only say the manufacturer which confuses the auto-populated boxes on the advertisers websites so check everything including model, number of seats, doors etc. Finally, as long as the car has been insured in the UK the customer should not have a problem getting insured as the car is already correct on the insurance database.
  15. Last week
  16. Get an Autel AP200 .. You pay for what you use almost
  17. Yes, I’ve sold a quite a few over the years, no real issues as long as it’s uk spec, you just have to change the date of reg on the Autotrader advert back to 2012. Most customers are absolutely fine with it when you explain it to them and to be honest if they start to get funny about it the they are probably not customers you would want anyway. There was a car super market nearby that used to bring them over by the transporter load and re-register them, they never had any problems selling them. Motab even went through phases of offering free delivery over to the uk to shift them. If it’s a nice straight car, with history I can’t see a problem and you might be able to get it a little cheaper if your lucky due to the re-register.
  18. Thanks BMX that would make sense as it's an auto also. Have you any experience of selling these Irish imports? Assume it's not normally noted on the V5? Thanks again
  19. Is it a uk spec car? could be an Irish ex motab car.
  20. We’re the opposite, Jan’s normally a slower start to the year, always put it down to people over spending at Christmas, this year the month started well and has just continued, no pattern as to what’s selling, Petrol/diesel/small/big. I’ve even managed to sell some oldies that have been hanging about for far too long. We have been really firm on our prices too. I have noticed we are getting a really good enquiry level from Autotrader, noticeably higher than normal in fact, so might be worth a look if your not already using them. It’s all swings and roundabouts, so I’m sure give it a couple of weeks and you’ll be flying and my sales guys will be sat around telling me they could earn more money stacking shelves or driving HGV’s
  21. Thanks! Is it normal not to show on V5? And do you think there would be a high chance it's had a haircut as only done 11k in 3 years before it showed up here?
  22. Hi have been offered an Astra but despite being a 2012 states first registered UK Oct 2015, there is no mention of registered overseas on the front of the logbook? Any ideas wondering if registered in the channel islands perhaps but surely logbook would state? Garage who supplied customer said it was just not registered until 2015! but MOT history shows it was 11k miles at that stage?!
  23. Shocking here , mind you really struggling for stock with these auction prices!
  24. Hi chaps january is usually on fire , not this month . Anyone the same
  25. My two cents for what it's worth - Echo as above, pictures aren't ideal with the shadows and background, but you've got the right idea with stylish angles and close ups etc. If you can take some pics outside your unit with a basic background or even a company banner, it works a treat. Handbrake off and seatbelt on when taking close ups of the dash, keep any warning lights off or it can put some people off! Website is a basic Autotrader one, they're crap at the best of times, get yourself on Car dealer 5, best option for a smaller dealer, great looking websites that have good SEO with top packages. Try adding some chill music to the videos or do some talking, I spent time trying to figure out if youtube was muted or my laptop volume was down rather than looking at the video. Take the trade plate out the window for the vids too. If you can take the vids in a more private location rather than a public car park that'd be great too. Ad text could do with some lengthening, some people love to read, others will still ask basic questions that are in there anyway I love the company name and minty green colour, stands out from the rest. You're on the right track, only you'll know what stock sells quickly. All depends what sort of people are looking at your ads and website and if they're local etc. Trial and error works wonders with this. Best of luck, great start, just needs some fine tuning.
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