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  2. True, manheim fees are on their website if you dig in a bit, but bca only show blue cards as far as I know? Not sure why the secrecy?
  3. At BCA same card same fees apply All Gold cards are same fees Platinum same . The higher the card though the costs for other things like assured / essential reports are less too , used to get free breakfasts in the old days and better parking but that's gone now
  4. Funny you say about fees, I don’t get how they get away being so secretive over fees , does everyone on the same card pay same fees or have some people managed to get theirs lower ?
  5. Yes its very slow especially when you do it part time. You need to put some time in i do about two hours day making a shortlist. There is always a risk element but you are minimising the risk or accounting for when you bid on the car. Just got a Proceed from BCA books at £3k i paid £500 odd including fees. I know it needs some work on it though so that hopefully should be accounted for
  6. Thanks for reply's, will give them a try
  7. One person on research all day every day . No one just bids on anything for long as they go out of business like lightning . Private purchases is a very slow way in my opinion
  8. Had me lol I was thinking how does that work then But now Sally's dead I got it
  9. use the auto trader ones that they have at the counter, pick the best ones out you a find ask for Sally and she does the rest it's so easy oooh forgot that was 30 years ago,sallys dead
  10. Take your pictures in the shade where there are no shadows and spend the extra money on having your vehicles fully valeted
  11. Earlier
  12. Take the photos after a wet vac. Always look better when damp
  13. Use a DSLR dont use a phone camera..
  14. Any tips for making interiors, especially cloth seats look good in photos. I find on photos they look 10 times worse than they do in real world.
  15. Whilst I don't post often in this forum, just as a point of reference, if you are insured with Axa, Allianz, Aviva - (not Tradex, Granite, Arch or NIG) and paying less than £10k last year, I can help you. If you have a combined policy, are claim free and can pass a survey, (you do what you are legally required to, first aid box, fire extinguishers, etc), I can guarantee 10% off last year’s premium. We have a price match and discount facility, this is for customers that represent good risks. Many moons ago, I worked as an auto electrician, and given my time in garages a small panel of insurers have said to me, 'if it's right and you endorse it', we can discount last year’s premium. I have to select the right garages, flood areas are a big concern from some of the insurers, but having done the job, I am not looking for shinny floors - I want people who know what they are doing and don’t 'play at it'. The market trend for increases is coming off the back of increased claims costs, as everyone on here knows, cars can spend weeks parked up waiting for more expensive parts, hire cars are needed for longer periods and as they are not readily available - the cost of claims has been hit. The bodyshop guys will be upset that vehicles can be laid up for extended periods with insurers stating they will not pay beyond a couple of weeks 'that being a reasonable period' - but in truth, it's no longer reasonable. The balance is, insurers take the premiums paid and invest this income, with increasing interest rates a greater return on investment income takes a little bit of the sting out of the increased cost of claims - this is however only just beginning to happen and a concern exists about a recession. If insurers can't make more money out of the premiums paid, premiums will be set to increase, hopefully not as much as a barrel of oil, but it could happen. I am not looking to advertise or pull clients away from brokers that do the job through this forum, if you are claim free the best course of action, is to highlight that claim free position. In truth the motor trade insurance market is made up of several specialist brokers and most of these brokers have specialisms within the motor trade. If you have a road risks only policy it is one set of brokers, if your spending £200k plus on insurance it's another set, and if you operate a garage it's another set (apart from Gallaghers previously known as Bollington’s, who look to cover everything). To get the best price and to be honest the best advice you need to find the right adviser, if you feel you have the right adviser tell them to sharpen the pencil and see what comes back. At a level, the brokers know who is best at certain types of risk, but most will not turn any clients away. Unless you know enough about your insurance it is exceedingly difficult to test those who know a little more than you, so the key is getting someone you can trust to protect your livelihood. This is really important, no two insurance policies are the same, it can be as close as a Skoda to a VW or Audi, but some differences exist, and if you have the right adviser, they should tell you what the differences are. The massive brokers tend to have large teams dealing with commercial clients and this in my opinion, makes the job hard work. The smaller brokers often struggle to get the rates required from the insurers and are not always as competitive. The process is not helped by Google, many of the companies listed in the first few pages are agents or have a limited panel, so you are calling a representative who is only going to provide options from a small number of insurers. Quotezone, who pay to be near the top of Google sell the information they collect to several of the highest paying brokers, I have tried this and it is expensive, we do not charge enough for this to work for us. You should also be aware that insurer do not react well to receiving enquiries through several different brokers, so, if you go on a mission and call three or more, chances are the premium will go up not down. We get favours off mates at insurers for clients we suggest are worth a favour, if the client has asked others to quote our argument dissolves and the rate gets pushed back to standard rating. (That's wrong, but it's the way it works and nobody is admitting to it, apart from me just now). So, if you don't have a decent relationship with the existing broker, research an alternative broker if you want an alternative quote, and then take the best option for you. Dont just phone a couple to test the water, it seldom works and if it does you still may not get the best deal. If you want any of the above clarifying let me know, I hope it is informative and helps you. John.
  16. At their present profit per unit they do not have a sustainable business and if they carry on as they are, it will not be if they go out of buisness but when.
  17. Hi lads Has anyone else’s insurance increased dramatically this year? who would you guys recommend as a broker?
  18. I have been trading for about a year .. it all comes with experience. I source my stock from BCA but should be looking at other routes. Generally BCA because i do it part time and buying privately is difficult... Cars i supply are budget below 3k cars so not really thought about the PX route but looking as using this as an option..
  19. IF you know a PDR or smart dent/scuff removal guy around swindon ways please share the details
  20. These figures are pretty shocking and made even worse but the continual impressive results being released from the established dealer groups - yes the same ones that where being written off due to the market changing potential of this disruptor!! With the chances of recession appearing to be increasing daily and the dire results, it’s no surprise the Chief financial officer is exiting stage left/been given the boot. With such a decline is share price since listing they are going to find it really hard and expensive to borrow any more money; so no wonder they have started a European business review. Their cash burn has been out of this world and needs to be cut quickly. The problem is trying to cut costs/staff/sites quickly is normally very expensive!! I’m sure they will also start spending big trying to manipulate their share price to put off getting delisted, so expect paid for research, lots of positive spin announcements from the board and pumping going on. Can only see that putting of the inevitable for so long before they have to turn the lights off. A good friend with an Italian wife pointed out that Cazzo in Italian is not the sort of name you would give any company!! Worth googling “cazzo collins dictionary” for a laugh!
  21. Best trade bullshit I have heard in over 50 years.Cazoo top guy has stated he is very proud of their latest results,losing £240m in 6 months which I think equates to losing 5 grand per sale.Shares now 50 cents,down from 10 dollars.This guy might be better off going into hiding.You guys make sure to tell your punters to steer clear.
  22. My dealer PDR work slowed a bit this week for the first time this year, my sales of windscreen repair kits to dealers and garages wanting to upsell services has increased, a lot.
  23. NextGear are probably more flexible in that you can use it as much or as little as you want.
  24. My thoughts exactly
  25. That's a fact for sure, even round these parts where most folk don't even look at prices, they just pay up. Lately I have had a couple of ruckers, not local folks but scuffy incomers with shitty old Volvos etc ............ I just politely told them to settle the bill and it's their choice if they don't come back, I don't have barbed wire around the gaff keeping them here Must admit I do keep double checking things when typing an Invoice out because the figures I see just seem so bloody ridiculous I did a 2011 Range Rover TDV8 Vogue for a very good customer recently, Rear Discs, Handbrake Shoes, Pads, Fitting Kits, Wear Wire and 2 Calipers OOOOOOOF came to parts and labour Total of just over £1100, but the bonus was he had them done 3 years ago at Main Stealer and said to me they were dearer back then so he was expecting that cost I wish all my customers were like him I've got accounts with the 3 biggest factors locally and tbh I'm finding that Main Dealer Parts are now sometimes cheaper, fairly often the same and odd times only slightly dearer, so even the older cars are often getting OE Parts these days ............... Trouble is it's a PITA time consuming procedure phoning around for prices
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