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  1. Looking for some advice on a Fiat 500 1.2 petrol convertible with a start stop issue. After driving the car for about 5-6 miles the S start stop disconnected light comes on the dash together with a warning triangle. When you drive it from cold and stall it intentionally the SS works ok but won't come on a junctions etc. Had it to the local auto electricians who has changed the battery and the brake switch which he said was faulty, its still no different. Its looking like its going to have to go a fiat main dealer. Anybody had a similar issue and a cure?
  2. Thanks for all your input guys much appreciated. Really looking forward to getting stuck in!
  3. Thanks for all your replies. Ive decided to take it on, good point from grant8064. The landlord has said if it doesn't work out a months notice is all he needs. The plan is to put 15 cars on with a silent salesman in the window with a note saying due to covid viewing by appointment only etc. Also I might split my day between the 2 mornings in one afternoons in the other. I was thinking about taking on a full time valeter on in the spring, all sub contracted atm, so at least someone on site to open doors for people if needed and take details/make appointments. Its too good an opportunity to be missed. Have to get me old books out on time management from my main dealer days!!
  4. Hi Guys......Ive got the chance of a good little pitch about 6 miles away from me. Office/small valet bay/15-20 car space on a busy A road, sensible rent. Well established just the old boys retiring. I've sweat blood the last 10 years to build up what I have at the moment and don't want to replace it but add to it. I work with about 15-20 at the minute in my present set up. Been flying since the lockdown so long may it continue. Other than running up your own arse, just wondering if anyone on the hear has something similar and does it work ok or a noose round your neck. All advice/comments would be of great help. I said I would let him know on Monday if I'm going for it or not. Many thanks
  5. Only thing is Tom it was fine on the old ebay system Ive done it for years and also why is ok on Gumtree and Motors, all seems a bit odd....its getting on my nerves more than anything + the rep is no help whatsoever...Thanks anyway.
  6. Just recently switched over to the new ebay motors group platform incorporating EB/GT & Motors. I have a problem in so much as when I put a £ sign in the car description copy it replaces it with &pound making the advert look ridiculous. Reported it to the rep who has said " I believe the pound sign in the descriptions is not a showing up correctly, because its considered an invalid character on ebay. It might be best to avoid putting any prices in the descriptions." 2 things firstly it is fine in the Motors and gumtree copy so why only ebay? and secondly as I quote monthly payments in the description and also was/now prices I want the £ sign in. Sounds very much a case of the rep can't be bothered her arse to look into it further. So my question is to all you guys who have the new Ebay group platform anyone have the same issue. My direct feed comes straight off AA cars and they are adamant the problem is not at their side. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. I already use the AA for my website and AA cars for advertising and find them really professional. Just thought the AA warranty might sit nice along side it as the branding is strong. Anyone using them at the moment and if so how do you find them? Good and Bad points? Looking at the reps business card they are part of the WMS group.
  8. I took a Honda Jazz in which is taxed till end of August which I had to lend to customer whilst we tried to sort his car out. He was meant to be bringing it back tomorrow and I was then going to notify DVLA it was in trade before end of month. Sods law and his car is still not fixed but he's happy to keep the Honda till its ready. How do I tax it whilst its still down to the last keeper, ideally direct debit then I can cancel it when I get the Jazz back and send it off to auctions. Any clues?
  9. Just took a Citroen C4 1.6 HDi VTR+ 2009 in chop with nice 43k miles. Car had EML on when we did the deal but ran ok so took a punt and thought we would retail it. Booked it in at the local sparkys who said it had 2 faults Air flow meter and throttle body air dozer. New air flow meter and second hand throttle body off ebay fitted. No lights on now but we have now noticed that its very lumpy on tick over when cold, not stalling, just lumpy tick over. You drive it for 6+ miles and its fine? So not sure if it was like that prior to going to the sparkys or its since its had parts replaced. Is it pointing to dodgy throttle body or something else? Any clues guys?
  10. What about policy books do you have those printed professionally or is it just designed by yourself and given to your customer. I've just looked at Crystal clear warranties on line and its up £22 a policy for 3 months roadside assistance, books etc and then £350 + VAT up front for POS
  11. Hi Trade vet No workshops just sub contract everything. 120-150 per annum but hoping to increase that to 200+ as just took on additional storeage facilities. Thanks
  12. Like probably most people in lockdown at the minute, I'm looking at changing a few things when we eventually get back to trading again. I know this subject has been discussed a few times on here but I'm seriously now thinking about using an in house warranty. At the moment we put a 3 month underwritten warranty and try and sell up to a 12 month, not very successfully I may add. As we all know half the time we end having to pay for repairs ourself as they are not covered when the claim goes in. I've just totted up how much I've paid out to said warranty company in the last 12 months and I know who's in profit!! So who are the main players in this field, the only one I been offered is Black Star warranties but it was last year when the rep called in and I can't remember the ins and out. Happy to put say a £100 a unit into a pot and see how it goes. Any pointers would be appreciated.
  13. Just had a telephone call from Aston Lark insurance informing me policy is due beginning of May. I placed my business with them last year after an introduction via the IMDA membership and to be fair they came back with a very good quote using NIG together with a few little sweetners, 0% finance on all monthly payments, anyone can drive on my policy with my permission for business use, handy when you can rope a few people in to drive stuff back from the auctions. It would appear now though they have kicked NIG into touch and all future business is going through AXA. I have not a had a renewal quote as of yet but as we are all sitting at home trying to keep ourselves busy now is an ideal to have a bit ring around to get some additional quotes. Any recommendations for a decent reliable broker?
  14. Agree with barclaywoodmotorco been renting off the same lady since 2006 she has always sorted any problems i've had leaking roofs etc. Hopefully I will receive the 10k government grant which will keep things going for the next 3 months, my accountant seems to think if it goes passed that there will another 10k top up from the government.
  15. I stopped my valeter steam cleaning engines over a year ago after a very costly fix on a 1.6 TDi Skoda Fabia got water into it. Just wondering what everyone is doing now in so far as making the engine bay presentable, any special products out there that do a safe job?