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  1. Have Cazoo started a trend here as that I can recall we have: - Peter Vardy sponsoring the Scotish Rugby team, great marketing by them in this regard btw - Arnold Clark were one of the main sponsors for the Fury fight - AMT Auto are one of Leeds sponsors What are your thoughts Guy's
  2. You have nailed it Mate, can't understand why any group would use them for remarketing. We used to use them 20 years ago, when I worked for a large group and they were terrible.
  3. If the quality stock doesn’t go to CINCH, they will now go to Marshalls, I think.
  4. Out of interest how many miles had they done in their 10 year old Mini?
  5. BCA-CINCH-WBAC-Marshalls = conflict of interest.
  6. How then do you deal with them slagging you off online?
  7. Car vertical should be able to give u the info?
  8. Depending on the profile of stock at least 30%.
  9. What are your views in this Guy's?
  10. There are more lies told by punters than there ever are by dealers. The old trick of value the car agree the deal and when they come to trade in and pick the new car up, the tyres have mysteriously lost 5mm of tread.
  11. Agreed @BHM, don’t forget they need stock for CINCH too, so we can listen to that illiterate twat on their ad.
  12. Champagne taste, beer money
  13. This must be the champion of PITA customers, what does he expect from a 10+ year old Range Rover:
  14. I would have thought you would have been in pole position to buy the customers car, match the price and no need to pay for the valet. Humans are lazy and always take the route of least resistance. You should also engage with local car dealers and get a referral fee from them for directing cars to them. There are many companies wanting to buy cars and WBAC don’t pay on the same day I believe.