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  1. I think their business model is wrong, I posted on another forum, not motor trade, and 84% said they wouldn't buy a car without seeing it. The 3 month warranty is also a joke. Ultimately they offer nothing new and nothing a conventional dealer doesn't offer.
  2. I think dealing with BCA is a minefield, the conflicts of interest with WBAC and CINCH are enormous and I can't see why or how dealer groups use them. Their service has been shocking for years. We should all stop using them and mount some pressure.
  3. I may be wrong, but we are heading to a winter of discontent: - Energy prices rising - Shortage of CO2 - Wage inflation - Shortage of goods (empty shelves) - long NHS waiting lists - Possible re intro of lockdown All the above likely to affect used car prices negatively IMHO.
  4. A little short of his $8B valuation: Still a massive valuation of a company that offers nothing it's competitors don't?
  5. I think by mid 2022 we will be back to normal, as manufactures need to spread their R&D costs across the entire production run and of course you have the costs of factories, staff etc etc. You then have reduced parts sales, which will badly affect profits. I think we will see increased prices, but don't think the days of pre reg, subsidized finance deals are over.
  6. There is only so much they can do, I know one luxury sports car dealer in the Far East, who doesn't pay the duties, rents the car for a year to someone who wants to have it parked in his drive. He then exports them to the UK and/or Oz.
  7. Got the same issue Mate, anything to do with the Government is hard work.
  8. Mercedes customer service was shocking, well it certainly used to be, call Milton Keynes and complain, it usually get's you somewhere?
  9. Been going on for years, shouldn't happen, but it does, pulled an auctioneer off the stand around 20 years ago. I will buy if I have to through BCA, but won't sell through them, as in my opinion with webuyanycar and CINCH they are competitors, plus all I hear is negative view towards them currently.
  10. don't forget BCA are competing with the dealers, WBAC and Cinch, I refuse to sell through them.
  11. Guy's they have there own agenda, , cinch, for me there are lots of ethics at issue.
  12. I would agree with this and with no quarantine for people double jammed, a lot of people with be flying off on holiday.