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  1. we sold nothing until 11th Jan then 21 so far this month near identical to last year
  2. I sold a 16 plate grand scenic 1.5 diesel euro 6 80,000 miles and it was near mint for £5,995. The bloke brought it back 4 weeks later parked it as close to the office and hobbled in when we were dealing with a customer threw the door open and said I"m not happy" in front of everyone. I asked him what was wrong and he said his left rear tyre was 19 lbs pressure and he had to pump it up most mornings during the last week and his wiper blades were noisy and were both 27 inch blade type when one should be 24 inch and the other 30 inches. He said he had had to buy new blades himself and the rear blade was 12 inches but should be 13 inches. I told him to go to the local tyre depot and get the tyre checked on my account as he clearly had picked up a slow puncture (it never deflated when it was at the pitch) He then showed a you tube channel on his phone in front of my customer of how to clean out the windscreen drain scuttles saying also the carpet was damp. I booked him in the next day and gave him a loan car and fixed it. 3 weeks later (last tuesday) it was minus 7 degrees and he came in again on saturday and spoke to my salesman in a very aggressive manner saying "I'm not happy" again as it didnt start immediatley on that cold morning he had to crank it 2 or 3 times (probably wants a set of glowplugs but it was fine until then, My salesman said did it start this morning and he said yes no problem and brought the phone out to show another you tube video about glow plugs, my salesman said I"m not a mechanic so the customer said he used to be a diesel mechanic asked me to phone him the next day as a matter of urgency as he was "not happy", I am going to phone him and let him have both barrels about his rude attitude just turning up unannounced moaning about childish things and tell him to bring the car back with all the paperwork as I don"t want him as a customer. Some people are just downright rude and saying I"m not happy will get him nowhere - we sell cars not happiness, if he wants to be happy just fuck off to a comedy night. The chap is a very boring wheezing anorak trainspotting type old fat man on his last legs - hopefully he will have an accident and do the world a favour
  3. Tell him in writing you are offering a full refund less rescission of contraft for the useage and any damage, I hope your invoice they signed has the clause "any cost of return in the event of a rejection / refund is borne by the purchaser" They nearly always respond stating that is not they want. They are happy to bleed you dry at no cost to them but the thought they might have to pay for the usage of the car and find another dealer to terrorise involves them phyisically having to do something and lose money is not on their radar. Once you have offered this and told them that you are only prepared to do this you have no liability with them. If they accept it just sell it to a proper customer - rescission of contract due to usage is a grey area it can be as much as a daily car rental Just read your post stating you have already refunded them. Go online to moneyclaimonline and fill it out - it costs £50 which you get back when you win I would put in a claim of £2000 (or 50p / mile usage) so it can be mediated to an acceptable level. It's do easy to do and it will put the fear of God on them, they have to respond in 30 days or they lose and you can keep it going ad-infinitum. You will get paid as I always do in such circumstances and they get to experience the shit they gave you !! Be prepared to get bad reviews though, I always try and find out what customers do for a living in case they run a business that I can leave a bad review if needed
  4. Car Gurus will take your money to advertise your stock and then tell the customer what they should be paying and how long it's been in stock. They are like prostitutes - you get loads of "enquiries" with no phone number or a dead phone number. They work hard for the customer's interests yet you are paying them If someone actually does call up they tell you the price Car Gurus values your car at and how long it's been in stock - it just makes it harder to make a sale. I reckon out of every 10 Car Guru leads only 1 is real, the rest are made up maybe using AI or dome sort of call centre. Autotrader is very very expensive I was paying £36,000 a year with them and they try to steal any finance commission by putting their own finance portal on the advert you pay them to sell your car.
  5. got rid of auto trader 3 years ago - only use car gurus, ebay motors, facebook and all the many freebie portals that my website feeds. I havent noticed any drop in sales after ditching autotrader that was costind £3650 a month
  6. Just had 2 letters demanding 2 lots of £115 within 5 days from a debt collection agency for a car that was sold some time back. The car came with no V5 so I applied for one in the garages name. It was sold to a customer in London 100 miles away. The change of ownership was made on the V5 and posted to DVLA 7 months ago with the new owners details (I presume the parking offence was committed between the invoice date and the date DVLA changed the keepers details) I spoke to the collection agency saying that I have the invoice for the sale with the date confirming it was not owned by me when the parkihg offence was committed all they said was it must be paid within 5 days to avoid baliffs. I have not had any parking charge notice previously from the company that instructed the debt collection agency. The debt collection agency say that although the invoice shows the date of sale - it might not have been delivered untill after the offence. The details they got from DVLA at the time must have shown my garage as the registered keeper even though I have proof that I was not the owner at that time. They insist on payment for both within 5 days or they will instruct baliffs to visit and seize goods - on their letter it states that this will cost me £276 for each letter and when the goods are auctioned off there is a further charge of £110 to cover auction fees. Surely this cant happen without a court case
  7. I sold a 65 plate Fiat 500 auto 28 days ago for £7495 to a lady in Dunfermline 357 miles away. She collected the car and now 28 days later her partner emailed stating that the door handle has broken off and the car does not have cruise control (it was listed on my website as having cruise control by mistake). The charming fellow wants £500 back because it doesn't have it and he wants to get the handle replaced locally and send me the bill saying it's "not feasible" to return it for warranty work because of the distance. On my invoices I have a clause that states " in the event of the car being refunded - it is the buyers responsibility to cover the cost or recovery" and it has been signed by the buyer. I'm going to get the car collected on the pretext of fitting a new handle and refund it less the cost of transport and the handle that he clearly broke... where do I stand???
  8. Are there any FCA compliance advisors that can assist with filling out the online forms? I was registered as a sole trader until I became a partnership with my wife 3 years ago - I tried to change my status from sole trader to partnership but just gave up after days of trying - their portal was insanely difficult to use at that time - passwords constantly needing changing to all their portals and when I was eventually logged in it was very user unfriendly and impossible to use - there was no where anywhere to change my status so I gave up. It appears easier now with 5 logins to the different portals on the one web page using the same password - I still don't know how to change my status. I would like to pay someone to do it and look after my submissions as well.
  9. I am a platinum card holder for the last 15 years and used to buy approx 150 cars a year from BCA up until this year - I have only bought14 in total and none for the last 3 months - I don't intend buying any more scrap through them. Anything OK goes to Cinch and all us lot are fighting each bidding ridiculous amounts to try and buy stock,. All the Cinch rejects go straight back in the block. I used to get cars described well but not this year - every one of them had major faults (DMF flywheels / turbos / transfer boxes....) . You just cannot deal with them - they reject any claims. Buying without being able to see them in the flesh is far too dangerous when these unscrupulous people have such a ruthless attitude.
  10. Hi Arthur I'd like to read your summary you send to customers. Everything helps in the fight to stop customers walking all over us !!
  11. Got a water pump failure on a Meriva sold with a self 3 month warranty exactly s 3 months and 4 days ago - customer wants it done under the warranty saying it's only 4 days out. My argument is if you got 6 months in prison and they kept you in for an extra 4 days you wouldn't be too happy. Would you do it to keep the peace or stick to my guns?
  12. If you threaten court action - even if it doesnt go to court BCA will cancel your account and block you = I was threatened this in a similar situation as yours
  13. We sold a 10 year old Berlingo with 55k 3 months ago and the customer just phoned stating that his gearbox wont go into 2nd or 3rd gear. He said that after 2 weeks from when he bought it he got a mechanic to change the clutch (he never contacted us about this) saying he didn't think a clutch was covered as its a wear and tear item. Where do I stand as the gearbox obviously had to be removed when his mechanic changed the clutch? He may not have refilled it with the proper gearbox oil and may not have replaced it with the control linkages properly. The customer wants us to repair it now.
  14. Autotrader is getting too big for its boots - It consistently rapes the dealers that pay for it's existence but at the same time are forcing the prices down with their "car guru's" type price indicator. Clean cars are getting harder harder and progressively more expensive and the expenses to run a retail business are huge. Why is autotrader hell bent on meddling with perceived car values to help the customer get a cheaper deal but at the same time always trying to increase the cost to the dealers that pay for it? You have to pay extra to get your car advert to the top (sponsored) and to be optimized for tablets - these should be free if they are trying to look after their customers. They now have a 49% share of Cox Automotive's Dealer Auction as of the beginning of this month and guess what..... we used to pay £60 per year to join the buying group which was great with a fixed price for buyers fee typically £60 + vat........ Now AT is in the frame it's £99 per month and who knows what the buyers fee is going to be now ???