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    Can't believe today's report in car dealer magazine I was in the pub last night and all the screens had grown men bashing a shuttlecock in what looked like finals Everywhere it said cazoo so they must have been the sponsors. I explained to the wife who they were and what they did and how they wanted to break a working product so got a lot of money off suits who got the money from your investments in isas etc And then today I read this news we've all been waiting for Margaret thatcher will have got it lighter when these boys finally light the touch paper Wouldn't it be nice if in time we had a proper investigation into this business
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    A 10 minute try out might be even better, this happens in the states, give it a good ride and so long as all the squeeks and moans are in the report you then accept it or reject I might be willing to test this out depending on age and model
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    You can’t fail with a leggy jap?
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    Good to know Do they come with service history and is the first service free
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    Cazoo now online to sell your car for you