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    One man band & I’ve only got a handful advertised but enquiries are through the roof, shed loads of arseholes & the bottom dollar brigade are out in force, sales are hard to come because prices are fixed. The private man is getting left behind on price but he doesn’t realise the next wave of cars we are buying today & advertising over the next few weeks after prep will be even higher.
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    With 168 views and no replies, I think the question has been answered!
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    They seem to make lots of noise about diversity and training of techs to work on electric cars, but nobody seems to take any notice: https://cardealermagazine.co.uk/publish/imi-task-force-publishes-early-recommendations-to-improve-diversity-in-automotive-industry/250749 What are your thoughts Guys?
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    Happy new brake pads.
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    Just like to wish everyone a very happy New Year! 2021 was a real roller coaster ride and majority had a fantastic year! All the best to everyone for 2022 Always great to see new businesses start up and the established adopting to new challenges. Cheers all Umesh
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    We sure will, once those brexit benefits kick in!
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    Is it me or is it impossible to hear correctly what we are saying with the muzzles on Don't get me wrong I'm having the booster this week and to be honest I prefer shopping when everyone has a mask as it stops the great unwashed coughing as they pass you in the shopping centre Comments?
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    +1 +1. Bearing in mind I don’t get my hands dirty, tbh on the old shite I sell my OBD reader does most of what I want. I think I paid £30 on eBay about 15 years ago. From what I’ve seen the average £200-300 machines aren’t anything special. If you ain’t spending thousands on one you might as well just buy a cheap piece of shit that reads & clears codes prior to dropping off the car at your mechanic. Tbh whatever machine you’ve got you need the knowledge to interpret what the code refers too - let’s be honest, the most expensive machine ain’t worth a wank if it’s in the hands of an imbecile or someone as green as grass.
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    A very happy new year Umesh and to all fellow dealers/traders on this forum, wishing you good health and prosperity through 2022. It is sure to be an interesting year.
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    All the very best for the new year to everyone from me,onwards and upwards and thank you umesh
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    All the best and here's to a healthy and wealthy 2022.Thank you to everyone who has posted on here,it really is a great forum and there is plenty of expert advice to be had
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    Happy New to you Umesh Everyone here too happy and prosperous new year to all Cheers
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    May I echo the comments of @umesh
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    Same. Decided to give the our guys the time off till next year, not convinced we will do any good if open in between this time around.
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    Love the rant David sums the job up at the moment
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    Seen some loons this month . I'm interested in your car , Well effing ring about it then you daft twat How much will you give me for my car , Then Nothing back to reg and miles question , Dopy loon Do you take PX cars that are scrap . Idiots , No but I'll take your dog or violin as PX if you want Will you buy my car please ? , Anyone else's but not yours because you don't answer the phone , Why am i going to pay more for the car on finance , Feck off mate If you give me a great price for mine I'll buy yours , You have ? A red Mercedes but its my dads so i cant give you the number , BYE What do you mean you haven't got a bloody driving licence , Not for me its my sons but I'm financing it , OMG , go get a private loan you idiot , I cant my credits no good , Feck off COVID has a lot to answer for , Drains their brain cells of whatever they had and that was not much , Roll on 2022 , mind i said that about 2021 , look where that's got us too by December . Oh forgot one , I have a holiday booked , all inclusive to Cyprus , 5 * Hotel with Flights , interested in PX against the Golf R , money your way , NO go to Cyprus and don't come back . Happy Christmas to you all on hear , Very Happy New Year is even more required to everyone , back In Jan
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    Isn’t that a bonus considering what 50% of the public have to say?