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    Indeed... tell me about it! We had one (motorbike copper) come to look at a Audi A4. Agreed to buy it. Comes back three days later to collect it. No drama at this point. Next day he turns up on his police bike claiming that when he first looked at the car and agreed to buy it, it had new Continentals all round. But when he checked after getting home they were 'old' tyres - accused us of swapping them! Obvious BS but he argued very aggressively for about an hour. Another one last year bought a 2012 3-series for his wife. Came back after six months because it had developed the classic F30 steering knock. I offered to repair it FoC there and then - lift home for him, valet and deliver the car back. He was very aggressive - wanting full refund on the vehicle saying he and his mates would be "looking out for us" etc etc. I did think about making a formal complaint but decided against in the end. Yet when we had our security gates broke open, attempted theft of a Focus ST - all on HD CCTV with a reg. no. captured, we couldn't even get any of them to look at the video. Bloody shambles! The local area has turned into a cesspit in the last few years - like downtown Mogadishu - there is routine open drug dealing within 500 yds of the police station. Zero enforcement...
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    Wtf is the chance of any of us breaking down in Adelaide?
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    What? Haven’t your prices gone up this last year? Mine have!
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    Trust me the grass isnt greener over our side.
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    I had an email the other day from Manheim trying to drum up interest. What I don’t understand is why on Earth you need to register to attend & only one person per account - Manheim must surely be one of the most awkward bastards to do business with & yet again more hurdles to jump. You can go just about anywhere in the country unfettered but with Manheim that’s not the case. What a fucking company. Not that I’ve used them much over the last few years but the sharp practices employed by their staff regarding misdescribed vehicles has driven me elsewhere. I’m afraid Manheim opening up for a few evening sales so I can look at the bangers won’t attract me back - I’d bet they’re not allowing full access to the cars, no doubt disguised as anti-COVID measures, as they’ll do absolutely anything to castrate the efforts of trade bidders to sort the wheat from the chaff.
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    James if you can't moderate the forum any more, or don't have the time, just delegate it to someone else? Most of the stuff is spam these days.
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    I rang and they told me to feck off you pomy twat ,I'm too far away apparently , thought charming after being recommended so highly .
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    I gave them a call around mid day here. They said they wanted to charge me double it was the middle of the night. Idiots, dont even know what time of day it is.
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    They would have to be fast to be of use to us.
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    It’s what some people voted for.
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    Yes, its crazy. Poor availability and sharply rising prices. Not seen this before in 40 years of this business. What the hell is going on?
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    Brexit has stuffed getting parts in from Europe. First we voted to leave. The pound tumbled and hasn't recovered since. Then we actually did leave, and along has come the problems with physically getting stuff here, and all the extra tax, duty, customs and haulage costs that have come along with this. The pound still hasn't recovered so its a double whammy really. It's what we voted for I guess - Costing us a small fortune getting some parts that we regularly get in from Europe. Had no choice but to try and pass some of this on. Covid has thankfully masked most of the issues for most regular people. They pay a bit more for things, and don't worry about any of the problems that it causes for businesses that actually try and trade with the biggest trading bloc that we are geographically part of. Last year we could trade parts with 500 million people without issue. Now we can only trade with around 70 million without problems. At least we've taken back control - whatever that means...
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    the current situation for sure impacts the actions and its stocks and stuff. hoping for everything to comeback to normal
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    I can only assume he is buying at these current sky high figures and can not return profits at these prices. He will have to use his stocking loan quota or will be penalised, so its just a case of turning them over. Seems a pretty bleak scenario. I have stopped buying at the moment as I don't have the confidence that these prices are sustainable. Potential customers are coming off the furlough scheme, thinking about holidays etc and I think the demand will slip slightly. I simply don't want to get caught out with a forecourt of expensive stock. However, if this isn't the case I will run with it, but I wasn't going to be the first to put my prices up.
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    As an importer I can agree with a rise in the costs involved, it is what the country voted for in leaving the EU I guess, just got to pass it on.
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    BCA are planning opening up various sites on the evening sales I have heard via the grapevine , no time scales yet though , Basically its heading towards the shite cars , cheap trade stuff that people want to look round . 90% will remain online sales only .
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    I wonder what benefit is for them in opening up. I thought they’d have more interest in remaining closed.
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    I've just received that email. There does seem to be an awful lot of rules and regulations....temperature checking/NHS track & trace app/only one person per Manheim account/marshalls telling us where to go, as it were!.....I'd rather they checked the temperatures of the car engines! I think I'll be sticking to online personally. I'm quite surprised they are opening up at all though as I'm very doubtful BCA will ever go back to any type of physical auction.
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    Quite a few customers who come my way have a tale to tell about viewing cars they’ve seen on FB. By the time they get to me these customers are usual VERY easy to deal with. Mind you have you seen the standard of sub £5K cars nowadays? A quick look on any advertising site will show filthy cars with stained seats . There’s one garage near me, plenty of cars, they have a £6K motor with a dented wing. It’s no wonder they have plenty of cars advertised with motors like that, fuck me, I’ve sold £999 cars that are tidier,
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    Dont just go cheap. Low price markers on AT can create suspicion amongst buyers. Go with great price, amend the ads, pictures in sunshine etc.
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    Chatting with a guy from Autotrader yesterday , he said the high price marker cars are getting the most actual interest and sales . Low pricing is not how i see things .
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    This We had a very small issue with Marshall recently that was resolved instantly once it was brought to Mr. Guptas attention. Nice to see that no matter how successful some people are, they still have time to take care of the little things that make a difference.
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    The blokes taking the piss, I feel like I’m this situation you have no choice to be blunt with people, if they don’t buy it someone else will
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    Would you mind me giving you a call Monday? New to the trade having dipped my toe in the water for the last year or so but starting seriously and for two cars insured at any time, max value of £35k each at 27 years old comes out at about £3600 at the minute!
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    So true. So so true . Vultures.
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    Not a bad crowd the £4/5 ,000 seem quite ordinary , not much expectations , usually a drive to work car or second car group The 2k Crowd make me laugh , expecting a new car for what is effectively push bike money , how very dare you sell that lot a car with used tyres . Takes all sorts and the best bit of Advice as BHM stated , SORT OUT the customers YOU want , Not the other way round or nightmares will follow you .
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    The LAST thing I’d suggest anyone tries starting off in is the cheap small car market. Cheap small cars = small profits due to the cheap greedy bastards who buy them - obsessed with CHEAP tax, CHEAP to run, CHEAP to insure, CHEAP FUCKING EVERYTHING!! There are plenty of cars you can make reasonable profits from with modest funds - swimming in the small car sea is definitely not the way to do it.
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    Could be due to the huge backlog of driving tests? Not many youngsters passing at the min.
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    Found it on this site....its in this news item. Whether its accurate or not is another matter... https://cardealermagazine.co.uk/publish/strongest-ever-may-on-record-for-used-car-sales-and-1-7m-lost-transactions-could-fuel-demand-for-rest-of-year/226341
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    Bloody hell! Our customers from the NHS and the two universities are mostly pretty decent. We try to retain them by giving a discount on service on production of a staff card. We get lots of recommends and also try to accommodate shift patterns (seems that some NHS staff work 12 hr shifts so they want to drop off early and pick up late, or vice versa). On the subject of stock turnover, I think I read recently it was down to an average of 22 days - which is historically low. That's an average of course and very much depends on the vehicle and your local market. Our experience at the moment is that 1-3 year SUV/crossovers moves quickly. And a very tidy red 2014 GT86 within 5 minutes of it going live. City/first cars seem to be languishing a bit right now. Got a 108 and a Citigo both at over 2 months, which is a bit of a puzzle. Many years ago in my early days in the trade I had an Alfasud Sprint Veloce - nice car but with vivid orange paint - it took root for about 18 months.... did sell eventually but probably a record for me.
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    Up there with teachers and have dreadful 'no issue, drives lovely' part exs.....last one an Insignia owned by a husband and wife pair of coppers.... ..... with no windscreen wipers.....yes, they stole the wipers during the deal, I ask you, how f*ucking cheap can you get?
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    when you say part time, do you mean you are continuing the mechanic side of things or are you doing something else so you can only do the sales part time? I think your mechanical knowledge will help you, you can buy stuff where you know how to fix it which may scare others off. As David has said, different online channels work for different people, you will find one that works best for you by trial and error. there is no answer to the length of time to sell a car, but prep well, quickly and take good pics, know your prices and you will improve speed of sale.
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    They really are not pleasant to sell cars to. Terrible customers, had a few problems and that have ended up being linked to that proffesion.
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    A lot depends on location. For example we are close to a town centre. Major hospital 15 mins walk away. One university 15 mins walk. Second university about 20 mins walk. Big shopping mall 15 mins walk. We also have a police station not far away (mind you, after a number of bad experiences I don't encourage their custom!). We offer sales and service/MoT. Huge number of repeat customers on workshop side. Large proportion of walk-ups on sales. Can sneak into uni's and hospital with a handful of postcard-sized ads and pin them to the staff noticeboards - its free and surprisingly effective. Have a website. Autotrader OK, but IME Facebook is a magnet for illiterates and Borats. If you are out in the sticks then you're going to be much more reliant on online channels.
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    +1, get an accountant that has knowledge of motor trade, don't skimp out on a good accountant!
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    In that case change accountants earlier rather than later save yourself a load of headache and possible surcharges
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    Tbh I don’t think I’ve ever had a sensible conversation with a Nissan punter - buyer or seller. Except for X-Trails I avoid all Nissans. Just magnets for greedy ‘Last price?’ immigrants, the penniless and the thick as pig shit (delete as appropriate).
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    CD mag news reporting that Google are test marketing their own platform which they intend to be global.I think that would be good news for the trade.Apparently there is no way they would be charging anywhere near Autotrader or it could even be free from the outset.
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    Is that really as surprise? When I occasionally visit these places they always APPEAR to be over staffed & half of what they employ looks like deadwood to me. The staff merry-go-round twirls as fast as ever, these places are generally fuelled on bullshit & the whole new car industry is selling a product that about 90% of the populate can’t/won’t pay for. I may be incorrect but I also get the impression certain new cars only get a private bum on a seat if it’s via Motability. I’d of thought serious change is long overdue.
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    This! they are incessant. I might see if AT can block their numbers
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    Wasn't U173387 sunk in the Atlantic in 1944?