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    Don't slam the door on the way out Ha, we are all still here working as usual, giving service and customer satisfaction to each and every customer the old fashioned tried tested and approved way.................
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    On the face of it,it appears to be an ‘on premises’ contract but CHR 15 is wide ranging and Small Claims Court Judges ( who are not fans of used car dealers and tend to side with claimants ) may interpret the law in different ways.Who did you invoice,was it the son,his mother or her brother.Would you be able to prove to a judge that the brother ( a close connected party ) inspected the car on your premises and made the contract after contacting his sister.Also did you establish what qualifications the brother had in order to carry out an inspection.For instance anyone trying out a car on my pitch had to give their name and address and provide their usual signature and if they were ‘ in the trade’ to state where they worked. ( I got caught out on that one once )
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    I wouldn't do the deal as I insist prospective purchaser sees the car and l would then need a deposit on paper you have done a distance sale that might be difficult to prove otherwise I had exactly the same a few weeks back, a prospective customer was asking daily for a car I had but I was waiting for log book for, she offered full money for it unseen and told me she now lived 100 miles away, I declined any money and indeed she never completed the purchase I think she was trying to get a distance sale out of me by deceit Sound familiar?
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    If he had started complaining in the first 30 days then i think he might have had been on to something. Its been over 30 days they probably dont need the car anymore and now wanting you to get rid of it. Tell him to go to trading standards if hes so desperate. He should also share how much mileage its done. Get everything in writing and if hes failing to comply with the mileage then hes just trying to get his money back.
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    Cazoo down 24% today to 22 cents …….to quote Kenneth Wilsonholme ‘they think it’s all over etc ‘
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    2 months,that’s not bad for DVLA ,try registering an ex MOD vehicle !