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    You can't take the car back under false pretences and then simply 'reverse the deal'. Name on the V5 is irrelevant. If your customer has bought and paid for the car then it belongs to them (and presumably there is a paper trail to prove it). If I've understood your post correctly then what you're proposing is basically theft and can land you in deep trouble. You would not stand a cat in hell's chance at SCC. The mis-description is down to you. You are supposed to be the 'professional' and should check your listings carefully. If you make a mistake you have to take it on the chin. The broken door handle is down to them. A seven year old 500 auto is a grenade with the pin out. Those robotised manual boxes are a nightmare. Many didn't even work properly from the factory. I wouldn't want it back and I'd be keeping my fingers crossed for 6 months. My advice is try to negotiate some sort of deal with the customer. Say £250 compensation for no CC and send them a handle to be fitted at their expense.
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    Why tell them they are from Auction or that you are a dealer?? If you breakdown hide your trade plates, tax car at side of road on green slip tell them you have just bought yourself a new car and its broke down on way home. £90 a year well spent
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    Only on internet dating sites
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    autotrader retail check is one wbac is another there are various ways of valuing a car online without trade guides, I dont use guides my self i just work backwards from retail, less some prep, then some margin and that tells me what i can pay for somethin.
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    And they pulled their pants down big time. Welcome to the motor trade Mr Chesterman let's see how you go forward from what appears to be the disaster that is Cazoo. Us little guy's will still be around for some time to come. Smiling and waving. Oh and making a profit, as we know what we are doing ish.
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    Then two years later they sit in front us with a strange look and a jaw on the floor , just found they've been shafted two years ago and their cars worth £92.70 instead of £1,500
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    I bet they counted the cash and laughed when Cazzoo left the meeting . You want to spend HOW much , Of course sir , Sit here sir , Let me get you lunch booked
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    May was like pulling teeth but broke even, June so far has been very much better busy start. However, storm clouds gathering It's going to be heavy going for some time to come methinks.
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    Yeah, and flogging them on Facebook forgetting to mention they’re write-offs
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    Can you images the idea’s that must get bounded about in those strategy meeting. It’s like the blind leading the blind….
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    Double bubble
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    Sounds like the DVLA are much quicker than the passport office then!!
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    Moved house , did it online and was back with me in 4 days , astonished . Friend did the online thing for the ten year renewal and was same 4 days . double astonished
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    Similarly, I've noticed quite a few going through regular car auctions as well.
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    I've told him I will recover the car to look into fitting cruise control and fix the door handle - when I get it back I am reversing the deal and refunding the girl all the money less the cost of recovery and the cost to fix the door handle - I havent sent the V5 off yet. After I get the spare key back and anything else then I will make the refund. I don't want or need customers like this. He has said If I wont refund £500 and pay for him to get the handle she broke locally then he wants a full refund with me covering the recovery cost.
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    I'm thinking of buying an old cortina and wondered if it would cope with a 6 berth caravan? I've spoken to trading stundards and they say ask the dealer as he will be able to guide you as its his job any comments welcome
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    No way around it mate that’s the way they’ve been doing it all over lately.