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    The other side of the coin is do you blame them? I don’t & certainly wouldn’t trust many in this trade selling cars - those that aren’t barefaced liars usually couldn’t appraise a car accurately . I see the trouble as being the government’s pisspoor direction - even the police say they don’t have a clue. I know, because I sold a car to a copper yesterday
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    My experience with women leads me to believe she’ll be wanting something bigger Loads of absolutely mental idiots emailing looking for; mega discounts / free delivery / assurances of no rust on 12yr old 4x4s / shit trade ins / alleged “trade deal mate” / cambelt? / service history details/ a life / a chat with a strange man / anal sex (possibly). I don’t know what on Earth has happened these last few days. I’ve got a handful of cars but every loon, chancer, desperado, liar, bullshitter, big talker & gimp (probably wearing a rubber mask) has taken to the Internet. The last time I got so many non-enquiries was last Christmas Day when a £600 p/x BMW hit the Internet & every decent, respectful & hardworking Romanian in the country bombarded my email & FB account. Truly delightful
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    As someone who has recently started and could only buy online, I have to say it was daunting at first, well, still is. Especially watching bids on vehicles without images! I can't understand, how, why you would bid on something with no images. I'd like to think if it does become a permanent way, then at the very least they could provide a video with the engine running, rev'd. Then again, that would cost time and money, and looking at the prices as they are, the clearly don't need to do anything extra, especially if it could lead to lower prices. It defo helps being able to view, bid on more lanes, however the risk does increase not being able to see, more importantly, hear the car.
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    Only 10 years? In my experience some punters buying a 10 yr old car expect trouble free motoring for another 10! Questions such as “It will pass next year’s MOT, won’t it?” always warm the cockles of my heart.
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    Yup Looks like something that Flipping Cars would knock out. Do yourself a favour, protect both yourself, your business and your customers, invest in a new MOT and a proper PDI check sheet for EVERY CAR, regardless of cost.....£500 shitter to 50k curtain twitcher. The MOT will cover all of the dirty bits under the car, the rest is easy to do. The Lawgistics PDI, whilst not flawless, is a very thorough product.
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    Just checked both and its not looking good. No doubt they will blame covid
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    Hello, I had a similar case, and bought a bomb from Halfords,it was about £10,and you fill car with aerosol,with widows up, engine and fan running. Meguiars Air Re-fresher 208584 It worked!
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    Main agents around here will still be open, workshops as normal, sales for click and collect.....can't see much changing to be honest. MOT stations open too. Only go to work if can't work at home Sort of a 'dry' plastic lockdown then.
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    This is it in a nutshell, left trying to sell a bag of sh!te we'd never normally touch with a barge pole and 9/10 we have to give to much for them to begin with! Then in my experience if you buy an absolute lemon you'll have to live with it as BCA and the vendor were oblivious to the glaring faults. "how can people bid on 10 year old plus cars with no appraisal? " if you get very close to your screen and study hard on the "beauty shots" (BCA's own term for photo) you'll be able to notice all the bad paint, scratches and damages and bid accordingly. Then you just need to use your powers visualisation to get an idea of how it's going to smell,sound and run when it arrives
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    My god that's just one for the memory bank , Stupid woman
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    Or like the lady last week trying to tell me the EML being illuminated meant "everything was ok with the engine"....mine was off so apparently had a problem worthy of a £700 discount and "take a chance" .....FFS I thought I'd heard it all but, the Joe Public will never cease to amaze me
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    Sometimes the images are in the condition reports / surecheck Manheim are great for this get some bargains
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    I had to read that a number of times to get it Haha She your tech now then clever girl I love that question
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    Cheaper stuff eg sub 4/5k stuff is hard to buy , we always had a few cheapy stuff on stock , now that's almost a thing of the past as we cant see them . how many of us found a little gem at a physical auction when there in person , the meaty stock is easier as its less miles , newer , though the grading as we know is shite a lot of the time and not consistent between auctions sites either . miss the buzz . miss the chatter , but hey oh life moves on , soon be a story only about when people actually went to live auctions and bought cars live wont it . I collected a car from Notts BCA the other day and saw one of the auctioneers , hes as pissed off as we are , loved the buzz he said , didn't know how much till he got a screen to look at all shift . What a year 2020 has been hasn't it , not the best one ever .
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    “That f***ing c*** I’m sick of the sight of” does perfectly well here
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    Big thank you to Rory for this weeks podcast all about lockdown part 2
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    Plant pots we call them .. or shed padlocks
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    Hi Mate, Hope you are good. I've often struggled with E class coupes. I think they are a decent car and quite good value but problem is they just aren't hugely desirable. Your pictures could be a lot better. Silver is hard work but I would put some effort in. See on your pics the bumpers look like its a different colour. They all do on silver but try to hide it. Also the chrome window surrounds really could be better cleaned up so they don't look all TFR marked. A bit of peek polish. Do some pics with windows up, windows down. Try and find somewhere better for the pics than the side of the road just a nice open car park or something. When a buyer / prospective buyer is online they have 100s / 1000s to look at don't they so you have to get the first image to be what I think of as a thumb stopper. A really good eye catching shot that makes them stop what they are doing and click into your car. If its not gone after 30 daysI would probably chuck some window tint on it and then black or grey wheels and maybe even a cheap ebay rear lip spoiler and put the price up 500 just to cover cost and then get it gone, but then again 99% of my stock looks like that. I can't stress enough that video sells cars and is the best selling tool. That car will look miles better with a video. Probably 75% of the other cars you are up against won't have a video so you will automatically be better and you can show the various bits and pieces working. A couple of vids/ pics of e class coupes done by the lad we have doing them if it gives inspiration.
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    Agree with the above, few things to add. Only 20 photos? Is this the limit when you don’t have an AT package, if not add more. Double the amount to at least 40 photos especially as people can’t physically view right now. This may be more relevant with people buying a high mileage older Merc than a small Honda Jazz but your company has no online presence. You don’t have any Autotrader reviews as you aren’t on a package but also no Google business page with reviews or a website that I can see? I found a LSP Motors on Facebook but there’s no reviews, photos or any posts. The sort of punter buying that is likely to check you out online first and if they can’t find anything they are going to go on to the next advert who has 5 star reviews etc. The car itself has a nice service history and the advert description is good so I can’t really fault that too much. Hopefully that doesn’t come across as negative but just constructive advice. For years I didn’t have any online presence and for the cheaper stuff I don’t think it matters but at that price bracket and that car it will. Best of luck
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    No but I guess you’re referring to Flash not being supported by Adobe after this year? My computer is an IMac & that seems to have sacked off Flash already (although it could be my incompetence) so to listen to the auctions I have to get the daughter’s Windows laptop. Overall I guess the world will just move onto the next video player.
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    Car should be fixed today and back to customer, then will get my hands on the ECU you never know under the tape it might show some information that could be helpful ...... I'll then have just about as much info as I can gather and will then give it my best shot with BCA and Mercedes. Will let you know....
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    Was offered a px 1.0 Ecobroke 2015 with 100k up it this week, lovely nick, all the history but, bottled it. Drove fine, sounded fine but...... Problem, as I see it, is simply that the coolant sensor is located too high in the engine and, just ends up measuring air not coolant when the engine springs a leak....similar to Stag, Dolly Sprints n TR7 for the old farts amoungst us
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    Supposedly recon exchange engines from ford are £900 + vat?
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    No not at all just buy the cheapest car you can find it’s usually the best!
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    Being a door stepper and value of the car have nothing to do with prep' standards
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    Not being a D*ck..... but if you’ve put your accountant to such detective work ... why don’t you ask him to find that question out too?
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    Good way to get them out now just offer a test drive with a customer and they will descend upon you in minutes.
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    Really bad for water pumps
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    Dip the clutch.....if it stops rattling will be gearbox....assuming you've checked the easy stuff hence the request for help. While not common, I've had two Yaris over the years with u/s boxes and both sounded like an old Mini A Series with bad drop gears.
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    Just a quick note to say thanks for pulling together these podcasts. I tend to listen to them when prepping cars and for a newbie like me they are very informative. Now if only I could find one entitled, ‘Tips and Tricks for cars that are not shifting’
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    Wow and wasn't you the lucky one , phew so close , clever mum
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    I’m hoping for a full stop!
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    Don’t tell Trump
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    Good listen guys! Got a chance to listen in the truck on the way back from delivering 2 cars. Good to hear a few different ways of thinking about things regarding distance selling.
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    I think any of us that buy ex lease stuff are buying clocked cars. Its just facts. We had one from BCA and the dickheads had left the mileage blocked in the glovebox. How thick can you get.
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    2 bomb will be enough to mask the smell
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    I had one today that despite me explaining I’m shut and he went through the click and collect option, came and saw the car and picked it apart like he was looking at a nearly new car. Had a pop at me because I said I should have got it cleaned for him, despite me explaining that the valeters are shut and I was meeting him specially and not going to the garage because of non essential journeys. Really put my back up. Some people are acting like life is going on like normal.
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    It’s slightly different this time. It’s only for 4 weeks, the novelty of furlough has worn off for PAYE men sat at home bored for months, there are less on furlough than last time, there’s no more refunded holiday (etc.) money to spend, it’s winter & we’re heading to Christmas.
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    Also those cars being exported to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the like, Premium and petrol largely 18-36 months old.
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    Clocking is a strong claim to make without any substantiation. However almost the only cars the ‘mileage adjustment trade’ nowadays work on are newish cars by punters well over their pisspoor annual mileage allowance that they signed up to.
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    No problem.....I use a very good Indie.....I'm still awaiting the report from the main dealer - really am hoping they give a date when it was corrected as I now have the invoice for the sat nav work and replacement of Control unit etc... will let you know how i get on...
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    Are you actually sure that this isn't a case of a bad MB dealer fucking up and then using "Tampered Mileage" as an excuse for them screwing up his ECU or whatever Module ? Wasn't a Navi Update was it and now the whole COMAND /Dash etc is screwed up, I've had plenty folks who that's happened to by Main Dealerships, I wouldn't let them near mine, did the update myself Plenty of options here to get to the bottom of it This age of MB will store it's mileage, (well actually Km), travelled in many other Modules as well as the Cluster and ECU, the Navi HDD is a good place to start, hopefully the villain wasn't clued up enough to delete that data Get the car interrogated by an Indie MB Specialist, or a trustworthy dealer who has bang up to date SDS, you'd be surprised at what info I can access, like exactly how many Km the car had done when an event or fault happened etc etc etc ................ Does this car have COMAND with Mercedes ME, if so the figures will likely be stored on the MB cloud, and I think this is a good enough reason to justify MB circumventing Data Protection and thus releasing the data A friendly Service Manager would go a long way to helping here It could well take a few hours to dig through it all but may well be worth it. It is a brave or extremely dumb arsed man who would tamper with the Mileage on a recent MB vehicle HTH
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    It will all depend on the customer type, like many dealers I've had customers buy unseen purely from video, images, reviews etc, they either paid in full and collected or had the cars delivered ( And pay to have them delivered!). Not all customers are will do this as some NEED to see, touch, and they simply will not buy but we have to think there are many that will buy, after all where ever they go they won't have a choice as this is the ONLY way to buy. Or take a deposit and hold the car until after lockdown ( when ever that may be!) last time I had about 6 customers who did that and waited until they could see/collect.ALL collected and had paid in full prior to collection.
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    Doesn’t really make much difference does it. Its still one month free. Plus November’s invoice is deferred to pay in January. I didn’t think they would do anything so I take my hat off to them.
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    Go to the gov site and print off the rates and pin it on the wall. If you need it when you are out of the office take a picture of the wall
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    My daughter got pulled last week for NO Insurance , Plates in window , Plates on MID . Stupid Copper said plates only cover TAX , NO they don't yes they do argument took place for 20 mins before my daughter called the bloody police from the coppers car Can you tell this twat he doesn't know his job she said
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    Hello Everyone. Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Pete, and I look after customer service for Virtual Yard here in the UK. We are an Australian DMS and have only recently expanded to the UK, so although we do have a lot (20 years) of experience with cars/sales/software and advertising, we are fairly new to used car dealer requirements in the UK. To Mark and Grant, thanks for the compliments on our look, but we would like to be more than just looking slick. Would be great to also be slick functionally. We have been working with a few dealers in the UK over the last few months and have learnt and implemented loads thanks to their help. But, there is always room for improvement. I'd be grateful to anyone here if they shared any feedback, what they like, what they don't like, what's tricky to use and what they need that is missing etc and in turn i'd use that info to develop our offering here in the UK with an aim to be a DMS that you guys want to use. We are free for anyone with up to a 100k worth of stock, and we intend to keep it that way. On top of that, we do Facebook Marketplace ads for free for as long as Facebook let us. We also have a new app coming out in 2020 which aims to be the best in market. Lastly, we make pretty decent automated websites. For any more info please visit or give me a shout on here or on ----Shameless self advertising over----