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    Sorry for all this. And thanks to those that bought it to my attention. Any spam posts can be flagged and we'll instantly ban them. We'll also look into how they got in the first place! I'm on it.
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    I do exactly the same, The pictures are your shop window, its the only thing your customers have to see what it is you have, I say it is worth the 20-30 min to presnt your car in its very best way possible I have to upload them from the phone, Then crop them and re size them as you do, It just the way it is
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    No petrol or diesel in my local garages Need to collect a car and waggon hopefully has sufficient go go to get there and back I see the usual deplorables were in the queue s waiting to brim their ex builder mega mile t5 pieces of junk with the chrome mirrors and still wearing shorts Mummies with glasses on their heads and very very busy who dropped off chloe at pre school and also needs to dump her crapski in the middle of the pumps as she desperately needs a plastic coffee latte from the garage drinks machine even though her own kettle is 200 yards away I've had a customer cancel an appointment because they haven't the fuel to come and view Might as well go home This job could turn one to drink
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    Mind you, perhaps I should add my stock is far from being in the first flush of youth or indeed performance orientated. I think a couple are so old they don’t even have engine management lamps
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    Whats next the fruit pickers, cleaners doctors nurses teachers, Brexit went well then.
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    I think this scenario sums it up. Phoned a private seller with a Fiat 500, nice late model with 6k miles. He was asking £8150. It was a bit over book but we need stock. Car is still available he says, but may not be for much longer. He had tried WBAC who bid him £8k, then dropped to £7800. However, since he had paid to advertise it on AT, they had upped their offer from £7800 to £8500. So the reality was that I couldn't buy the car that was for sale at £8150 in AT, even for the advertised price, let alone have a discussion on price. Every time I see that tosser Schofield or that goofy berk Rylan on the tv adverts I'd happily throw the remote through the screen.
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    It’s got to crash at some point, there’s going to come a time when joe public are simply going to find it cheaper to keep their current car running than pay these stupidly inflated prices of recent times. As already said it’s only due to supply and demand at the min, no other reason. As soon as new car production it back up to speed and new sales are back up used stock will be fed back onto the market and the prices will come down. This is why I’m being very careful with what I buy at the min. It’s feels very much like dealing with stocks and shares.
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    “We’ve sent it in the post” is AH code for ‘Fuck off, you can’t prove different, we’ve washed our hands of you. Crack on!’
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    Definitely not "the last idiot" there are quite a few of us.
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    I seem to have actually picked up a bit of stock this week and now it's gone quiet , which tell me , as usual , I was the last idiot paying over book and it's peaked
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    My take on things is. The fuel shortage was just a news story that went viral and perfectly illustrates how easy it is the get joe public to do stupid things ,in this case queue for petrol, at the start of the pandemic is was bog roll and the mind boggles as to what we may next nearly run out of. Although hopefully its Audi A4 cabrio's as i've got one hanging out of my arse. We run 15 large hgv's and eat through masses of fuel. All of our fuel suppliers contacted us to say it was " business as usual" and to ignore the hype. The wagon driver shortage is also not far away from a non story as well. Although i do think that certain sectors of the haulage industry struggle to source and retain drivers, this is mainly (in my opinion) due to how those guys are being treated and demoralized at large mega warehouses where they are almost dehumanised told to wait in wagon, not allowed to go and have a brew in canteen,its only just been forced through that it wasnt lawful to stop a driver from using the toilet whilst waiting on your premises. Then the constant risk of finding an asylum seeker in your wagon who will 100% fight you for the right to hide in your wagon. There was and might still might be a £2000 fine per stowaway found in your wagon if you're seen to have not taken enough precautions at thats for the driver by the way! Overnight parking is a total lottery with facilities being more often than not complete shit holes. More investment is needed in improving the facilities and this will quite easily solve many issues that are at play here, offering big pay rises doesn't work longer term, this will be only cause inflation to rise. We have all our hgv's mounted up and a waiting list of guys to start, thats not because we are good at what we do its because our guys get looked after and shown a bit of respect and courtesy. Providing a clean toilet, a rest room with free coffee and tea isnt rocket science FFS. By biggest worry is the impending change in fuel regulations whereby red diesel/gas oil will not be able to be used on construction sites. Meaning that all heavy plant will be running on white diesel/derv. I can only imagine at the amount of site theft of fuel that will now occur. So we are now looking at buying a fuel truck to fuel our on site plant rather than keep fuel on site. Security guards and camera's will have to be the order of the day wherever we've got heavy plant located. I got notification this morning that the aggregate suppliers are putting a cubic metre of concrete by £11.00 in April 2022 to cover the fuel uplift. Anyway, hopefully those that have read this far have found my ramblings insightful. All of a sudden paying well into CAP clean seems like a piece of piss. Just got sell this soft top Audi now and a well earned piss up will be on the cards.
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    Same, we have no shares in Shell but from bitter experience in times gone by with EML's triggered by crap fuel we strongly advise customers to avoid supermarket fuels and use Shell which is the dominant main brand in our area. Thankfully our customers take on board the advice no surprise very few incident's of fuel triggered EML incident's, those we have are supermarket fuelled. You get what you pay for as they say.
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    most stuff we read / see / look at /or sent to us online on the news is untrue , exaggerated or complete bollocks so it well be true what a lorry drivers tells us Only true thing going on is a Volcano on Las Palmas and we don't hear about that , unless its Brexit or Boris's fault cant believe much at all from the media can we . just read , blackouts , no turkey , no sprouts , no lights ,, no kids toys , no carrots , spuds are short , no crackers and no petrol at Christmas , Cheers Happy new F######ing year hope it snows us in till Spring bet Santa is banned too .
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    Interesting because I’ve never had a single issue from using supermarket fuel & cant think of anyone who has. By the sounds of it it sounds very much like the problem is with the storage of fuel by your local supermarkets, or by their supplier.
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    Asda petrol is shite at best . had a mini cooper s , daughter took it to Asda instead of Shell , EML light as she came out of the forecourt . Auto i10 , filled up at Asda , EML light end of road . I have a Motor bike , bit sorted so a bit hot , Asda petrol it wont even run to get to shell or BP Octane levels are bare minimum , Morrisons are same , driving instructor friend filled up with Morrisons , two days later EML light and he had a test cancelled we cancelled the lights filled up elsewhere , all ok , so not a coincidence we think guy over the road has no choice but to use Morrisons Diesel , L200 he does moon miles , 5 services a year and we change the fuel filter 5 times a year at 9,000 miles , or it goes into limp mode . But he has no choice because of the fuel card Fuel filter is clogged to death . Service customer , a chef , SLK 350 on Asda petrol , pooped its self twice , told him to fuel at Shell , Asda is cheaper , second time rings us , where are you as hed broke down ASDA he goes , cost him injectors and fuel pump as it was full of shit and water . Shell for two years now no problems . Cheap fuel is the cause of lots of dealers headaches , everyone here gets told , DONT use Supermkt petrol its not warranted and we can check . youve been warned i say
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    Tell me about it, I've been waiting months to get a pp taken off a Discovery I bought for the workshop I want to put that one on retention, (won't allow it on line), then transfer one of my own plates that came off my old workshop van, but the existing 3 letter 3 number plate is worth £2500 - 3000 so I wanna keep it and sell it on ....................... So meanwhile I've had to tax it on it's naff pp that means absolutely nothing to me or my business, whilst I wait fuck knows how long for the retards to sort it out .................................................. I've had to send an 80.00 cheque, the V5 in my name, and some other form to put the reg on retention, still not heard owt, no point trying to phone and the chat bot is absolutely useless Fuckin shambles so it is
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    Like starting out again , isnt it , Find myself looking at we buy car like a new starter . Autotrader figures for retail and the like . have to be armed now days with what px expectations will be in a customers head , wild numbers at present ive had , My cars worth this , haha would be if you had looked after it , its now £400 I'm only selling my car because its worth more money , haha go try sell your A3 120 k shit box yourself then . We buy any car are offering 3k for my car what discount do i get off yours for cash then like they say , Haha buy it at this weeks price not next weeks is my deal
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    To be fair, it doesn’t travel in any direction!
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    My old dad is one of the idiots falling for the media hype around petrol shortages, he does maybe 10 miles a week in his year old Honda Jazz. Panicked over the weekend as he only had half a tank so queued up at local Sainsburys for an hour to put £7 in!!!!! I really need to get that Power of Attorney sorted quick
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    So all positive then! Chin up fella, I was pretty upbeat about the job prior to this, now think I need a lay down in a darkened room.
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    Online I see what I’d consider to be scrap (or at least I’d offer £150-200 scrap money as a p/x) making £500 on the hammer. What the fuck they do with it once the AH fees are added & the MOT tester has cast his eye over it I’ll never know. Half-decent £3-5K cars (trade money) all seem to be about £1000 (give or take) into book at the moment. I’ve never prayed for shitty old trade-ins as much as I have recently
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    I think you need to take some legal advice on your obligations as a motor trader
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    I think that time is now (at least in the sub £5K market). Punters are buying because they HAVE to (their car’s fucked, written-off or the MOT tester has condemned it). It seems to me that EVERYONE knows secondhand prices are up & at the lower levels a man with £2-3K in his pocket soon realises that he’s now in the position of looking at cars that would have been £1-2K pre-Covid. Every week I get punters on the phone thinking they’ve got the whip hand, I pity them if they get the same response elsewhere as they get here. Ultimately it’s a market & the market determines prices.
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    I may be wrong, but we are heading to a winter of discontent: - Energy prices rising - Shortage of CO2 - Wage inflation - Shortage of goods (empty shelves) - long NHS waiting lists - Possible re intro of lockdown All the above likely to affect used car prices negatively IMHO.
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    No legal requirement for any warranty to be given but the consumer has rights on any car bought from a dealer. Understanding the CRA2015 is one of the many things we need to know in this job. It protects the customer but also us sellers so get your head round it. In my opinion selling cheap px cars through your business is just a headache. The article below gives a good summary and should answer your questions. https://www.thecarexpert.co.uk/rejecting-a-car/