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    Good luck to those who will reopen tomorrow who have been closed all this time.Make sure to emphasise to prospective buyers the potential risks of buying blind from those online only operators who advertise on TV.Remember their advertising is aimed at discouraging buyers from using the likes of us.
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    What has 800 legs, 3 teeth & stinks of piss? The queue outside Primark on sale day.
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    I tried that one , she was having none of it . just had another lady on now . Do you buy cars , Yes we do if you have what we sell 14 Kia Ceed 90 k on clock , only we buy any car are shut and i want to sell it . Anyway she starts rambling about how cars are hard to buy for us so she is in the trade and knows it books at £3,600 apparently , due to that problem we have she wants no less than £4,000 , Its a petrol Ceed in red , two weeks MOT and it was serviced when she bought it I said have you seen that Dragons Den Show ? Yes she said . " Well I'm OUT " was my reply
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    From SMA Birtley (Now Wilsons) .... the auctioneer (little man from Leeds) announced "Ive been talking to the lady that used to own this car, and i can confirm that she likes a bit of leather on her arse!"
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    This young guy just arrived from over 100 miles away , no call , just turned up . rang the number on our door , " Hi I'm outside come to see the Golf you have " So we lets him in , there's the car , he wants to test drive it . Need a deal setting up first my friend I say , as hes mentioned a PX outside . 56 Plate 112,000 miles Zetec S in white , Bit Rare he goes so don't look at yer values on this one , I want decent money for it . " Wont be buying the Golf then one thinks " HPI /Experian reveals his car was born BLUE then changed to WHITE in 2010 , Its also got 14 previous owners , all odd tyres at 2mm , MATT Paint , Wrapped Bonnet , Kerbed wheels No History , says hes had 3 years but he'd had it March 2020 . What do want for it then i says 3k mate he goes I printed CAP and autotrader out for him £270 & £295 came out , so how do you value it 3k then , Cos i need that for the deposit on finance . Its not how it works though , tried explaining but he didn't actually get it , had zero concept that his car had a value based on ,condition , service history ,Provenance age and miles . He argued the fact that he wanted 3k for it based on the requirement of a deposit to get the payments down to what he could afford . Plus he had driven 100 + miles to get the golf . But you cant afford it I say based on what i can give you for the Fiesta . Its not rare , its been to friendly with to many owners , its not been serviced , its changed colour , it wants scrapping . Go sell it yourself . "Tried mate no one rang bout it " mmmmm wonder why Whats best you can do on my car then he asks now realising the reality of the valuation system . £50 i say his mate says that's what that other guy said Hes gone to sell it himself , rare cars those old school Zetec S 's , be zero tread on tyres now as he wheel spun down the road They have NO Clue nowdays at all , I remember being 11 yrs old and knowing cars had values based on condition .
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    Carzo zam inch or whatever they call them selves thought they had cornered the mkt with online delivery . THEN the virus changed the world , BCA even went online , We as independent traders went online too and there's 1,000's of car sellers delivering cars now which has probably diluted the theory somewhat . Now the next change in my head , people will get permission to leave their house to be in a freaky position of actually seeing what buy , Bugger getting it delivered I'm off for a ride & have a look at my next car , buy a burger and a coffee on the way , see it coming cant you . Had two customers yesterday wanting to see the car they want to buy , talk of how does it work is fading fast as of course they want to see a 5 yr old car , feel it touch it sit in it before buying . We and the rest of us independents are set up to go back to showing customers cars of course , see online car buying fading away personally . People are ready to get out . lets see how the next few months go , all the very best to all traders , hope its heading for a good year .
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    4 months down the line and the clutch is really a wear and tear item . IF its the clutch plates or a wear tear part , Customer use can cause this to fail . Only you knows if under your pre sales testing the clutch was fine and working as should . Agreed a warranty on 3 months then its 3 months , not 3 and a bit or 4 , as there would be no point in saying 3 months would there , A positive no its not covered and its been working fine for 4 months and how ever many miles the customers done . Maybe they will ring to see if you would , maybe they wont , A firm NO sorry warranty expired 4 weeks ago will be expected . Not our job to let someone loose on a clutch then pay for it . I had a guy buy a small car off me once and moaned about the clutch , I told him straight its your car your problem 5 months down the line , we have a workshop so offered it at a lower rate but when we got in there he had proper ruined it , Ripped the thing to pieces. Dont fold or they will bleed you dry
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    Just had a guy here looking at PX,ing his 2011 80k SRI Insignia 1.8 petrol estate , This car was black at one point but very MATT now , fairy liquid washing no doubt Covid extension on MOT expiries NOV 4th Service history was his brother he said as he's a mechanic , cant turn service light off as he hasn't got one of them Machines he says Then the smell was horrendous of Spaniel and left its honk of fox Shite , mud , hair , and every other filth its ever picked up . Brakes were more than ready for new discs and pads , Rear light was a plastic bag , Gear Box whining its nuts off as that 6 speed bag of shite does does Clutch needed two feet to press it down , Brother fitted it he said " I know what its worth matey he says " Go on then enlighten me i said , Bin offered £1,700 he said but its worth £2,000 We buy any car says its worth £1,600 but there robbers he goes on So i waited for him to shut up selling his scrap to me and said . Well £795 for a clutch , £800 for the gearbox , £400 to resurrect the paintwork , £150 for a back light unit , £200 to service it and MOT it , £350 to get it defumigated , £150 to valet it inside =£2850 plus the VAT =£3,414 , Does that explain why I value it at NOTHING . This post is for the amusement of fellow traders who have seen it all before . ALSO FOR THE PUBLIC WHO MIGHT READ THIS . LEARN FROM THE COMMENTS , If you car is a pile of scrap it will be valued as scrap . Service it , Clean It , Repair it when needed , keep the service records , MOT it on time ,DONT Let your dog take over the car , HOOVER it out , polish it , OWN It for the sake of your pocket . He's going to sell it private he says , £2,000 I'll get he assured me they think we ARE the CROOKS
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    I don’t use Autotrader but you have to ask how on Earth can you expect any advertising platform to know you have put a fancy wax on
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    BCA are looking at opening a very restricted type of sale , one buyer per account & masked up , but its looking like the type of sale thats for the cheapie stuff just one day a week or two weeks . Thats from the horses mouth when i collected a car from our local BCA and talking to the manager , confirmed by another guy same day too . Online is far to easy for them isnt it Less admin people , less cleaners , No drivers. Cars dont need moving , More car park space , The staff arent in uniform , No Vendors to take care of creeping about . Just too easy at present
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    Indeed... tell me about it! We had one (motorbike copper) come to look at a Audi A4. Agreed to buy it. Comes back three days later to collect it. No drama at this point. Next day he turns up on his police bike claiming that when he first looked at the car and agreed to buy it, it had new Continentals all round. But when he checked after getting home they were 'old' tyres - accused us of swapping them! Obvious BS but he argued very aggressively for about an hour. Another one last year bought a 2012 3-series for his wife. Came back after six months because it had developed the classic F30 steering knock. I offered to repair it FoC there and then - lift home for him, valet and deliver the car back. He was very aggressive - wanting full refund on the vehicle saying he and his mates would be "looking out for us" etc etc. I did think about making a formal complaint but decided against in the end. Yet when we had our security gates broke open, attempted theft of a Focus ST - all on HD CCTV with a reg. no. captured, we couldn't even get any of them to look at the video. Bloody shambles! The local area has turned into a cesspit in the last few years - like downtown Mogadishu - there is routine open drug dealing within 500 yds of the police station. Zero enforcement...
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    Sos 4 tht m8 Jesus H Christ thats a lot of stock you are carrying there
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    I didn't know Primarni did a designer range
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    WOW !!!! 2019 Flood damaged porsche, i have got t hear how this all ends up
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    They have probably set up their own WhatsApp group where they can ‘ one up ‘each other like the usual auction ring group of bullshitters of old.I can imagine what it’s like if you post ‘how ya doing’ and in reply ‘ a bit quiet but did 9 on Monday ‘.How about margins ‘ still only netting 2 grand a unit ‘ .Then another ‘ wouldn’t get out of bed for less than 3 grand ‘. You have got to laugh.
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    You have absolutely made my day dickdv. I personally designed these booklets ten years ago (obviously there has been some updates along the way) and never imagined a day when I would see them sold as a second hand item on eBay – fair play to you. I am sorry they didn’t work out for you, we know hundreds of dealers who have saved thousands of pounds using them. If you have trouble selling them, please get in touch as we would be happy to consider taking them in as a PX against any of our stationery or legal services.
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    They cant add up can they . Next Gear charge so many different fees it confuses people , Seen it mess with peoples heads quite bad Also with stocking funds at low rates from Finance houses , come reciprocal business using their Finance to a level that's quite high , if not reached its a big jump on interest. Only one way i think Start low , Start slow , Reinvest and grow slowly to start and then it speeds up as you go , Benefit it ITS ALL YOURS , some big companies are up the creek without a paddle if they sold up as they would have nothing left after pay back .
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    No Appointments, No Viewings, No Road test, as it says " click and collect - or - click and deliver", the whole transaction must have taken place remotely , so paid for in full and they simply collect!Customers not allowed in the premises. That's the rules, but there are many trying to 'work' their way round it.
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    Three weeks MOT but it’ll pass easily but I’m too busy with work. The ABS light is on but my mechanic says it just needs resetting. It’s been on since I bought the car and it’s never bothered me. Engine light on but just needs a run out. It’s been on since I bought the car and it’s never bothered me.
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    The other side of the coin is do you blame them? I don’t & certainly wouldn’t trust many in this trade selling cars - those that aren’t barefaced liars usually couldn’t appraise a car accurately . I see the trouble as being the government’s pisspoor direction - even the police say they don’t have a clue. I know, because I sold a car to a copper yesterday
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    My experience with women leads me to believe she’ll be wanting something bigger Loads of absolutely mental idiots emailing looking for; mega discounts / free delivery / assurances of no rust on 12yr old 4x4s / shit trade ins / alleged “trade deal mate” / cambelt? / service history details/ a life / a chat with a strange man / anal sex (possibly). I don’t know what on Earth has happened these last few days. I’ve got a handful of cars but every loon, chancer, desperado, liar, bullshitter, big talker & gimp (probably wearing a rubber mask) has taken to the Internet. The last time I got so many non-enquiries was last Christmas Day when a £600 p/x BMW hit the Internet & every decent, respectful & hardworking Romanian in the country bombarded my email & FB account. Truly delightful
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    For what it’s worth I’ll be sitting on my hands, I think cash will be king in a month or so. From the conversations i’ve had with friends and ex-colleagues still lucky to be working for some of the big dealer groups, September didn’t save most of them and sales have dropped off a cliff since (to quote more than one sales manager’s exact words). I think they will be liquidating aging stock/raising money come December. Add that to the delayed finance repossessions that have got to start filtering through at some point and desperate sellers needing quick cash, think the used car market could get decidedly messy. And that’s before you even get to brexit/3rd wave/zombie companies.......
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    You have to remember that the condition reports only state what can be seen from a certain distance away - 1m, 2m or whatever. The problem is we all thought the "m" stood for meters but as it turns out as far as the auction houses are concerned it stands for miles.
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    From what I've heard lately the "blind" would be the twat doing the appraisals
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    To the OP.....you mean you actually trust the gradings/reports
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    For all the lights to light up, could be a battery/alternator issue. Although I agree with the refund, it equally could be something she has done, i.e put diesel in a petrol, damaged some parts. I'd get a workshop to diagnose the issue before parting with any money. Explain to her you want an impartial party to look at it first. If its an easy fix, explain everything to her, pay for the fix and happy days. Work from there....
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    Paint shop backlog due to covid, prices gone up due to covid, mot station back log covid (this I can understand) finance commissions gone down (covid) main agent had a car from february until July (covid) I know it is a major issue but feel like its the new excuse.
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    Very easy, sent them a personalised video of the car about 2/3 minutes explain how nice your car is and the fact that they need to have realistic expectations of what their budget will buy them. Not a slagging one but just a professional reply! Converted a couple of deals last month but they weren’t being as silly but fi I hadn’t bothered or simply sent silly reply back I’d have lost them! Good luck! Can’t win them all but if you don’t try you’ll never know.
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    That part made take a sharp breathe Martin Work for your self and you only work half a day Just choose which 12 hour shift you are going to do . Think I'm joking ? you will see Good luck and all the best with it . Selling from Commercial premises brings an entirely different set of people Martin , but remember you only need One customer per car , Have fun and the rest will develop as you see fit
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    It will come to you , dont panic , just have to imagine every day is a school day I've been selling for best part or 50 yrs Salt and its always fun in my head , Customers change but their questions and expectations don't , Just learn to tell the truth and be firm , Don't let them rip your heart out , because they will have a go , no morals in the buying public , most rude set of people on earth , but you will learn the retorts that shoot them down , I do actually get off on dealing with the public though , one big competition and I don't lose Stick at it you will be fine
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    Hi Salt You are probably making the usual mistake of stocking cars that YOU like.I would suggest trying different stuff and work on very low margins until you will find out what the punters want.So you might find it is Zafira’s or Dacia’s or Ssang Young’s rather than A6 Avants or M Sport BM’s .The punters will let you know and you can take it from there. Good luck.
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    The average PAYE man, irrespective of intelligence and/or professional qualifications does not understand. If the average Joe Public understood this there’d be no little for the dole.
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    Is it just me, or are the people that say I’m not a messer, the biggest fucking messers
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    "I'm not a messer" "I'm in the trade" "My mates a mechanic/ In the trade" "Can you beat this fake finance quote with 1% APR even though I haven't worked in 5 years and have several CCJ's against me?" "I'm not looking to buy, just to test drive" "So are you a car dealer or just flipping these for a profit?" "Do you take paypal?" "Can I have it next week without leaving a deposit?" "Can I pay you £10 a week?" "Can I take it away now if I pay you half now and the other when I get paid" Take your pick
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    Best one we had, fair play to the guy, asked us for a valuation on p/x so we just sent him WBAC value and said we’d match it. He got offended and sent us back the WBAC valuation of the car we was selling ,which was less than half of retail, and said that was all he wanted to pay for ours then.
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    It’s kind of 6 and half a dozen our bigger truck takes 5\6 cars so if it’s a full load it’s cheaper but that run in the big truck is 2 days due to driver hours and being limited to 56mph, but if it’s just one then we have a single car beavertail which is tacho exempt as it’s under 3.5ton so it can do the same run within 24 hours and isn’t speed restricted. Hopefully going to add a bigger variety of trucks to the fleet as we build our transport side, it’s a fairly new venture for us which we just started to keep our own costs down.
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    For us long in the tooth traders there is no substitute for seeing and hearing cars in the flesh. You develop a good eye for sorting the wheat from the chaff. Online just doesn't cut it. And no, I don't trust the gradings. The savings and efficiencies benefit the auction house, not the buyer.
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    Good on her, these wankers are useless ......................... I have issues atm with them, our village is a 40 mph limit, and every bloody day, more so Saturday and Sunday there are post Covid lockdown zombies coming through here in droves, most are over 60mph, and the bikes, well they are at least into 3 figures. So far 3 pets killed, including one of mine, a fuckin Volvo on top of an E Class through my neighbours wall, and a few years back there were fatalities. We all have pets and children / grandchildren, it's gonna happen one day, I got threatened by a Biker the other day, which even though I'm 58 yrs old was a very very bad move on his part ............. After he had picked himself and his bike off the floor, he fired it up and fucked off narrowly missed getting hit by a Camper van I ran his number plate afterwards, yeah, he was on a 1000cc Blue Yam, plate came back as 1998 Red 50cc Honda,no tax and no VOSA MOT cert ever, meaning it had been scrapped before it's first test !! Took 2 days to get hold of the Cops, in the end I used 999 because they wouldn't answer any other numbers, did they do anything at all ????????????? DID THEY FUCK Myself and another local garage have a plan, currently collecting a few scrappers then we gonna abandon' em in the middle of the fuckin road at peak times Sat and Sunday, that'll get noticed, only we will know fuck all about it
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    My daughter got pulled last week for NO Insurance , Plates in window , Plates on MID . Stupid Copper said plates only cover TAX , NO they don't yes they do argument took place for 20 mins before my daughter called the bloody police from the coppers car Can you tell this twat he doesn't know his job she said
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    Brilliant.Jags to Holland and Yanks back.There was a big Yank pitch near us early 70’s in Newcastle and late 60’s there was a guy from Warren St came up every week to buy Jags.He dressed like Arthur Daley and smoked cigars and just ignored me. Can we have more stories from the golden age please Marcus.The millenials won’t believe them.
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    Pendragon online with a BCA description ? Good luck.I would only buy Pendragon stuff if I could see it,listen to it and smell it and it would still be a risk.
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    Love this example for running a business during Covid We are looking for 6 bucket seats for the track cars , estimated cost around £3-4,000 for the lot so not a bad order really is it . Phones this place in Notts to see if we can go out look and collect . Response was amazing , " oh you cant just come I'll send you a text with the information we need " text arrives . we need you to fill in the deceleration of health saying you haven't got coughs , temperature or feeling unwell etc . Prove we have a mask . Use the gloves provided and handwash on arrival omg . Then we only see people at 11am and 2 pm and only one person can come in at a time for 30 mins So I rang back and said I have £4,000 with your name on it , only time I can get is 5pm are you sure you don't want the money . Answer was . There wont be anyone here at 5 pm as we close at 5pm you have the rules so please abide by them or spend your money elsewhere ASTONISHING Be one of those firms in 6 months time that's blaming Covid for putting them out of business .
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    Photograph the listing before you bid on a bca car. Photograph or record the sale if possible. Download assured and condition reports. Photograph auction sheet in 'Your Purchases' post purchase. Notify them immediately if a car arrives missing a spare key/service book/V5. Dont just email claims notify the auction and cc in auction manager and sales staff as well. If I buy a car with a spare key and it doesnt arrive then they are ordering me a new one or giving me the go ahead to get one organised. I can stomach the hassle of getting a new key coded. Theres no such thing as insurance that pays out easily so you have to get the facts to back your case and be persistent until you get satisfaction. On the baldy tyres, an insurance company could argue that you are sending them a random picture of another car. Pull out your phone take a 30 second video, full view of the car and reg "This is KK19OOO, purchased from BCA yesterday with an assured report stating 5-6mm across both front tyres". Get a close up and use a tyre depth gauge if you have one to then show the car that arrived as only 2-3mm as stated.
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    Spot on! Be careful out there. The cracks are starting to appear. Picked up a lovely Boxster today off a pilot. Been laid off. His weekend car and he was desperate to get out of it so we picked it up stupid cheap. Cracking condition, been looked after like a newborn baby.
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    Unfortunately its a fact that the UK economy and UK business has been hit much harder than nearly any other comparable developed country. We also suffered a higher death rate. One thing that staggers me is that £37 *billion* was given to Serco to run a 'Test and Trace' system. Basically a computer system and some call centres - that didn't work. That's absolutely insane! BILLIONS must have been siphoned off. I am also very very nervous about the current direction of the economy. A hugely overstimulated property market and Rishi still pumping money into the economy. It feels like a bubble. Yes, some money has been chucked at us car dealers (and others) but at what future cost?
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    I've been wearing one when with customers since June. Its fine and works as a visual reminder for them to keep away from you. Customer goes, throw it in the bin and put a new one on when another turns up. Theyre peanuts now on Amazon, about £5 for 50.
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    I'm happy to personally take a look at your renewal when it comes up. Drop me a message with your company name and I'll make a note to catch-up with you in December.
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    Thats the life time experience too Pal . Pendragon is all rubbish , always has been always will be .