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  1. Now come on be fair you heard the noise of doom but just hoped it wouldn't get worse
  2. Keep all conversation logs email etc in case you get taken to small claims but seeing as unauthorised repairs have been carried out assuming vehicle came with warranty and terms ie no unauthorised repairs without selling dealer consent You would be clear But you haven't stipulated what package came with van if anything so it's possible he could say fault was at time of sale and he tried to have it rectified at his expense but failed so looking to you for compensation So not clear cut im afraid How much to throw him a gearbox?
  3. ive never bothered for 2 weeks now as the place just isnt functioning they've cashed my cheques for out of trade cars but owe me for a car i taxed and then i got an offer i couldnt refuse on it but i never got my tax back i paid in full for the year as i intended keeping it and i saved about $5,55 cents note to oneself use dd in future doh
  4. and? were you brought up in a field? manners cost nothing your sac..d
  6. You ever went away without the problem being sorted,they even had their own here flick to come and check a chassis number on a car I had once,plus they sent out the trade plate checkers and the number plate records checkers,now all gone Whole thing is one big bad joke
  7. i have a nextbase,most reliable one ive ever had,lost a good one in a smash and grab before now though
  8. day 7 still no one to answer my calls
  9. didnt marty have one when the crystals failed to ignite?
  10. 0300 790 6802 if you ring it 5 times in a row it goes to driving licence enquiries,work that one out,i couldnt on live chat owen gave me 0300 790 6807 im not sure if he was going for a leak or what as it goes nowhere that number
  11. Now day 5 How can this be Its past a bloody joke now
  12. we had the ford fusion it was water and water beens with some chicken bits tasted ok chef seemed to think it was a good seller
  13. Its not this simple A friend had to have the photos blown up to prove the chips on the bonnet were not the same car seen on the m1, it really is a case of guilty till you prove innocence Rem ember these people want an easy option to process I had a guy buying a car off me the other week it is a northern Ireland import so m ot history not available e this bloke said no problem my son is a Quote...... Ex police number plate recognition specialist.... Unquote Jobsworths... Be careful out there
  14. Now day 4 One of the major needs of this country is transport What a complete shambles
  15. Fill in all details and make sure you are not committing perjury, return all paperwork signed as director, fleet sakes manager sole trader etc If you have legal protection on your motor trade insurance give them a ring too Allso consider pepipoo online
  16. Webchat can't help Day 3 and there is no one to answer the phone at the dvla To say I'm annoyed may be an understatement
  17. theres more re entries now than nasa made
  18. i think you would seriously need to have issues selling these time bomb cars
  19. its only £25 if you apply to dvla direct
  20. drastic but often as the passenger, open the door as you are driven will often confirm its the check causing the problem
  21. and dont slam it my green ecological smd lights dont like loud bangs