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  1. Don't slam the door on the way out Ha, we are all still here working as usual, giving service and customer satisfaction to each and every customer the old fashioned tried tested and approved way.................
  2. I wouldn't do the deal as I insist prospective purchaser sees the car and l would then need a deposit on paper you have done a distance sale that might be difficult to prove otherwise I had exactly the same a few weeks back, a prospective customer was asking daily for a car I had but I was waiting for log book for, she offered full money for it unseen and told me she now lived 100 miles away, I declined any money and indeed she never completed the purchase I think she was trying to get a distance sale out of me by deceit Sound familiar?
  3. Just had a chap looking at a car, he wanted to look at all the details so he can send them to his son so the son can inspect them, oh I said, what does your son do? He's an ex police number plate recognition specialist he said So I guess he got kicked out of the police and is now on gate 3 checking waggons in I don't think I will be letting one of my beautiful horseless carriages go to those muppets
  4. Ha, about 25 years ago I bought an isle of man car, even the manufacturer a small company called Vauxhall didn't know how to supply me with a certificate of conformity, I was back and forth with the dvla so much they remembered me, can't remember how long it all took but the tyres needed a dam good pumping when I finally got to be able to sell it
  5. You just couldn't make this crap up could you, I'm now awaiting to see if according to car dealer magazine I might have been overpaid Meanwhile a log book came this week, it only took 2 months
  6. Beauty I've also remembered it was a v10 you nailed the tax discs on for the free dosh
  7. I had forgotten about doing that
  8. Just received a cheque for 35 smackers Apparently I overpaid between 21 and 23 Anyone else got a refund? Or am I special
  9. My mot station are a mechanic down and lost the last one to a main dealer who offered 20g more to join them, I still can't get my head round that pay increase I had to have the front ball joints replaced on the merc truck last month.,i didn't fancy doing them, got charged 400 nicker, I could have done it for 70, so we know who's paying these eye watering charges
  10. But you dont Give each and every car a fresh mot at point of sale by an independent mot station so no mates rules Sort out any issues so car has no advisories for customers or trading standards to nit pick on unless obviously it's something like slight corrosion to brake hose ferrules or slight corrosion to front subframe, you wouldn't change these items but you would underseal or protect them Have each and every car go through a comprehensive tick box pre delivery inspection Have each and every car go on a 10 mile drive to confirm no problems Do all this and you cut problems down by 99% If you do then get a visit by trading standards or heaven forbid you go to the small claims court you can prove you did everything possible to sell a proper sorted car prior to sale and this goes in your favour because it shows you keep records and show due diligence to the trade we are in Remember everyone loves us as they buy a car today but tomorrow if they even hear as much as a squeek tomorrow you are their enemy Finally always keep business and pleasure separate if you like a nice quiet pint
  11. Bit confused you say car went with fresh mot then say its due april Did you mot it in April and it was then stood till you sold it in july If so discs could well be past their best and pads could delaminate if low The customer either can't afford to run this car or is indeed frustrated by the issues raised, most of the cars I've sold this year sell for even more now so if it was one of mine I might just bite the bullet make a reduction for the mileage done since sold and arange a collection new pdi full service fresh mot and sell it again
  12. I do buy this type of stuff if availabubble and yes often have to ring after the 5 weeks and then miracously it turns up 5 days later mmm I'm currently waiting for a log book sent out by the dvla on the 4th and it's not arrived, I have visions of another trader being given it and he's thinking ha he can't sell that then This is why I use the PO if they have been put in trade but this little luxury is about to be taken away Oh well soon be out of this job and feet up
  13. Thanks I don't watch the telly box but do follow the news so somehow I've missed this I agree UK plc is firmly down the tubes, I even had to self diagnose to my doctor to get some much needed tablets last month, only thing is I'm now growing boobies as I told him the wrong symptoms
  14. Just been to the post office to tax a car and asked for some v62, s I got them but was advised they are struggling to get them from the dvla because taxing at the post office is being stopped in april I am awaiting a log book via dvla now 6 days overdue which is why I confirm some cars are in trade and then tax them for customers at the post office What's going to happen come April and how come I found this out via the post office and not mainstream knowledge? It's bad enough phoning or using webchat to get through to the dvla now as most of them are still working from home Comments please,
  15. This has always been my principle Years ago a team used to go to my preffered auction early and doctor the stuff they wanted and nick any service books, I knew these were the cars to buy so always outbid them and back at work a quick search of the car had the fully stamped books found and the bonnet opened with a long stick They never knew that I knew Sad thing is I found out only a week ago that 2 out of 3 of them aren't with is anymore, nice guys too So take life as it comes