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  1. After much homework I bought obdstar f101 and a new chip to clone last year to make a spare chip up for a toymota I failed
  2. Thats what happened they brayed on his door 2.30 am to get him out of bed to arrest him,he showed the paperwork where it clearly showed he had p/x it in the days before and to whom This is why we are saying paper trail always always,no trouser jobs
  3. Its ok , ive had the jab I should add i reckon many customers are going to say this just like before they said its ok I've had covid
  4. Wait till, the police come banging on your door in the middle of the night because a car you sold was traded on and was involved in a bad accident Didn't happen to me but I never forget it as it was a family member all he had done was p/x the thing in at a main dealer
  5. Now I've had time to find my way round faceplant i find every trader has a plate thrown in the window yet not registered on the mid These same people will buy off you and mug it an hour later for £50 notes profit and walk off from the meeting place So don't depend on this,I know a trader who's used a plate for yonks and never paid dvla its a rear one as well
  6. The sale of goods act and supply of goods act still applies You need to make a watertight invoice before selling this as unsuitable seeing as they have advised you its intended purpose Surely you can find a better customer?
  7. Paper trail as said I would rather not bother rather than selling to someone I didn't know was in trade as the hassle can be negotary as they said in convoy Never thought to advise dv but then what's the point really when each and everyone of them has a different script
  8. I reported an ebay seller who had too many parcel shelves for sale He worked as a transport driver I'm confident he was sacked as the problem stopped Its was getting to be a joke where everyone was missing from this marque
  9. I think some of you are are forgetting that the majority of buyers under 30 don't give a shit about the car so long as it has street cred a good communication set up for their overpriced phone and they can meet the payments The ones that come kick the tyres see if the buggy goes in the boot and last but not least look under the bonnet get less weekly The futures not bright Who would have believed autotrader the mag would one day not be printed
  10. Just listened to this and it was great Just listened to darragh and blown away with his honesty Thanks everyone., great listenings
  11. Some people seem to take delight in stealing these at the auctions At least that little pleasure has been removed lately I've never bought a dealer replacement as sapper says I order a new set off eBay or just buy 4 standard lugs rpto replace the removed lockers Thing is lots of these modern lockers are garbage and been done up 18 months ago with a windy gun on full belt so the tool you've just bought fails anyway Just my input being very old and not part of the ignorant boorish younger generation look at me im Mr big
  12. There is a strong possibility that if you try and update it if it is a clone it will get corrupted Can't answer your question but the last launch I bought it updated perfectly and at the time the British overpriced in my opinion importer was kicking off that it wouldn't Aliexpress is full of launch now
  13. Absolutely I always gave them a wide bearth and reading this thread still do
  14. The best staff are already working You need to find where they are and tempt them with shosigers and things Mot station Local car wash Etc