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  1. Can't believe today's report in car dealer magazine I was in the pub last night and all the screens had grown men bashing a shuttlecock in what looked like finals Everywhere it said cazoo so they must have been the sponsors. I explained to the wife who they were and what they did and how they wanted to break a working product so got a lot of money off suits who got the money from your investments in isas etc And then today I read this news we've all been waiting for Margaret thatcher will have got it lighter when these boys finally light the touch paper Wouldn't it be nice if in time we had a proper investigation into this business
  2. A 10 minute try out might be even better, this happens in the states, give it a good ride and so long as all the squeeks and moans are in the report you then accept it or reject I might be willing to test this out depending on age and model
  3. Knowing my luck I would end up with the saggy bottom boys Or a clapped out marina from Kent who speaks broken inglishk
  4. Good to know Do they come with service history and is the first service free
  5. Cazoo now online to sell your car for you
  6. Got to say we used the Mercedes truck place at Stanningley Leeds these last 5 years, what a fantastic place, they had anything and everything in stock offered proper trade discounts and the service puts most other dealers to shame Couldn't even get a discount from the Peugeot and Vauxhall place, joke Say it again I'm glad I'm out
  7. Yes bought them repaired and welded them and if needed gave them a blow with sadolin with white spirit added, to be fair it was easier buying ford's Vauxhall and bl though as there were more dogs available in the line up Friday night at morley We traded from a lovely old mill, not
  8. Datsun 100a Now they were bad We got one tested one Saturday morning and it passed, the tester had been to a party the night before We got I back and realised it wasn't his finest hour as the inner wings weren't attached to the chassis rails We spent 2 days welding it up
  9. boss man took the hump
  10. Been out all day quafing ales in Durham and came home to read that the wicked witch is DEAD Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  11. It's actually disgraceful how many businesses are classed as private to get round the draconian one way ebay has become Shame but I suppose you can't blame them the sellers The new deal is Facebook marketplace but boy how are hmrc going to keep up on there
  12. I told all my customers they were getting 7 days or your money back but didn't use it these last 10 years He is clearly a moaner and I have to say he would have failed my attitude test and the car he wanted always got a major problem seconds before he came for another apraisal just before he said it will be cash you know or we took a deposit on it only 10 minutes ago sir sorry about that, you must have passed him on the way in Life was too short to help the cares in the comnunity If they show signs of pissing you off today then they will definitely be back if you bend and show weekness to them before during or after the sale Some people live to create problem's Currently in the club watching the snooker and enjoying retirement Remember you are the captain and all customers need permission to board your vessel
  13. He does right to retire early, I've worked the last year the govt stole off me and to be honest by 4.00pm most days I was wacked, hopefully he will indeed find lots to do because everyone this year has been saying what will you do once you go, well I won't have to get wet freezing cold and always chasing that sale will I, will I miss it? Yes but there comes a time when whilst you still feel reasonably fit to walk away and take the kings shilling