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  1. I've just come off the phone, I've been ringing for 10 hours and no reply, disgusting, it's like they were all in bed
  2. This would be my faraway diagnosis too Hopefully my cheque is in the post
  3. I went out with a gorgeous blonde photographer Great legs, knowledgeable, always paid her round at the bar Great woman Had to walk though She was full of negatives
  4. The other problem is parts I'm not a great user of euro but its like they have nothing in stock and it has to come from their main despatch area Oil gone up 20% I've found this month I dont blame brexit
  5. Ha ha I've got one too,just spent all day poncifying it up,ive even put original wheel trims on it I've had it 14 months now Cracking car but nobody wants keep fit windows anymore
  6. I was so looking forward to gb news but what a car crash from the moment it started Sunday evening Even Boris at 6 last night the sound didn't work
  7. If it had had an inspection ie a pdi prior to taking for an mot all this wouldn't be fact
  8. If it wasn't for those pesky kids he would have got away with it
  9. Stuck in paradise To be honest I always found gateshead..... ... .....
  10. read about debenhams if you really want to see how to asset strip it isnt in the daily mirror mind
  11. if you watch kevtee on utube you will see why EOL takeback is not really feasable as a business proposition down there
  12. Its not oil though is it Its diesel Get it sorted TOMORROW or it will run on its own juices and go wizzy bang
  13. This post is so accurate it should be a sticky whilst i don't do 60 miles in my cars we have a set route of 12 which covers as much as we can,this is tick boxed on our pdi but does not get seen by the customer unless they ask you have to be in the trade to understand how a non new car drives, my old favourite is it drives like a 3 wheeled trolley jack,so we wont be retailing it experience is king if not selling out of the box, shiney shoes don't find faults pre sale regarding shite on the dealers forecourt i honestly thought they had learnt from this after 2008 but looking round the greedy bastards haven't