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  1. We use the file b system here B=bin Now trot off
  2. talking cartels,ive just had 4 quotes from 4 different plumbers,they all came within £200 of each other,do they all sit in wetherspoons on a saturday morning swapping quotes about
  3. go on the dvla website,see if its showing as untaxed,if it is then it may well be in trade,this would mean you could go up to post office fill in a v62 pay the £25 and tax it ,this way dvla now promise to send a log book within 2 weeks on their new beta system i read today as i new keepered an owner if not showing in trade then the sooner you apply via post then sooner they write to new keeper then tell you when you will get log book and then they send it out second class,got one last week only took them 10 weeks you could try web chat...........shut down last week or you could try phoning,i phoned maybe 50 times last week never got through goodas luckas
  4. dont forget pigs in blankets
  5. basically same here we also try to put only shell in the truck it might be a little dearer but it drives better and gives more economy
  6. im not paying i do it as a service remember most customers still kick up a fuss when you give them just a new keeper slip so its easier on changeover day to tax it once they turn but here ive taxed it 2 days early to give me a peaceful sleep £30 is a lot of money to lose
  7. Have a car here registered to my business a n d I taxed it for the year with my business debit card I sold it yesterday so went online and cancelled the mid and scorned it. After reading this thread I pooed myself because they want it monday So I went online with the new keeper slip and taxed it for them Computer rejected my card Fortunatey it accepted another card I assume this was because you can't use the same card twice? I was afraid they would have to wait 5 days as this happened to me a few years ago For the record webchat was shut down at dvla Friday at least and I spent all day ringing for another car and I never got through Dvla...... Spit......
  8. what annoys me about the emperors new clothes is all my experiance of valuing cars is now worthless
  9. showing as taxed but no log book means you need to fill in a v62 and attach a cheque for £25 wasting your time attaching a v890 sorn as they bin them,make sure if its going into your stock to sorn it when log book comes,be aware this can take 3 months sometimes the cat n one showing taxed means owner or insurance company havent advised dvla of its current status so again you would need to apply to dvla for a log book via v62 untaxed one apply at post offoce pay £25 fee ,pay for road tax and customer will get log book very quickly as bhm says phone dvla to confirm status of all cars ie are they in trade? if they say yes you can go to post office this status can change ie not in trade today but in trade tommorrow so only you can decisde whether to apply by post i tried web chat today for the exact same reason and theyve turned it off 4 weeks ago they turned their phones off great organsisation not
  10. Get off your hoss to metcars this fred seems locked and your private massaging is turned off so here is my message to you hi i dont know what ive said wrong as i was quoting john waynes catchphrase so i agoploise if i upset you or did i miss a yoke
  11. Managed to find some diesel Now should I sell it on ebay
  12. No petrol or diesel in my local garages Need to collect a car and waggon hopefully has sufficient go go to get there and back I see the usual deplorables were in the queue s waiting to brim their ex builder mega mile t5 pieces of junk with the chrome mirrors and still wearing shorts Mummies with glasses on their heads and very very busy who dropped off chloe at pre school and also needs to dump her crapski in the middle of the pumps as she desperately needs a plastic coffee latte from the garage drinks machine even though her own kettle is 200 yards away I've had a customer cancel an appointment because they haven't the fuel to come and view Might as well go home This job could turn one to drink
  13. Now come on be fair you heard the noise of doom but just hoped it wouldn't get worse
  14. Keep all conversation logs email etc in case you get taken to small claims but seeing as unauthorised repairs have been carried out assuming vehicle came with warranty and terms ie no unauthorised repairs without selling dealer consent You would be clear But you haven't stipulated what package came with van if anything so it's possible he could say fault was at time of sale and he tried to have it rectified at his expense but failed so looking to you for compensation So not clear cut im afraid How much to throw him a gearbox?