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  1. cheap cars only sell to cheap people who want them cheaper have quality cars at affordable prices
  2. I think the news briefs are very good
  3. I think we should have tams opinion
  4. It had a vehicle inspection and the engineer found it had been nailed together
  5. I wanted a van bringing down from glassgee yesterday and my truck went up empty too, I Never thought of asking if anything wanted taking up so good call asking this
  6. Pinocchio bought a car but it wooden start
  7. Very quiet The tumbleweed keeps getting swept up so I'm keeping busy
  8. This is quite true if you had been paid in conkers but in this case we are dealing with another party in the middle and the old adage do I need them more than they need me is always my first thought, before firing both barrels and shooting myself in both kneecaps
  9. So minor issues Therefore car has behaved and the problem she has now is not related to these issues has been used for 11 months and x miles The problem is more zuto than the small claims threatening What do zuto say
  10. Do you have previous dealings with this car or is this the first mention of problems Ie Did you do warranty work and these repairs are now possibly recurring
  11. Might have had a tank of diesel that's worth £500
  12. Are you feeling lucky Punk
  13. Take a screen shot print it off Write down everything you can remember a n d back it up with dates and times Put all copies of all paperwork in o n e file dedicated to this car Keep us updated Are you a lawgistics member?
  14. Lawgistics recommend 45 p per mile but this is only a starting point (dated 5 years ago) As you have accepted the car back I would assume you have negotiated a fair price for both parties? Get it all in writing and get it all signed off So many if buts here it might still be wise taking legal advice