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  1. I’m a keen amateur photographer anyway. But as you say it’s easy for anyone to get excellent results with a little effort.
  2. Agee with the above. You need to put every effort into producing professional high quality images of your stock. Photography is now a huge part of the job and is always Time well spent!
  3. Its not heavy going, it’s just stating the obvious? I’m surprised they needed a university professor to tell us that HGV drivers need better incentivising? But, hardly surprising from a magazine that services the logistics industry?
  4. Sure, I don’t personally know any HGV drivers. As far as shortages go, I just go by what i see.
  5. So the reports of a massive industry wide shortage of HGV drivers is untrue?
  6. The only motivation issue is the lack of it from foreign HGV drivers to deliver our fuel?
  7. I thought it was the Wild West, but a new sheriff just rode into town!
  8. To be fair, it doesn’t travel in any direction!
  9. Those Polish lorry drivers must be really excited at the prospect of coming back to all the hate!
  10. I thought only teenagers thought electricity was free!
  11. Yeah I understand completely. The price volatility affects all of us? I wonder how niche markets have been affected, Supercars, RS/ST etc?
  12. Regardless, he is correct. Tough times are coming.
  13. And don’t get me started on those soft focus images that make scratches disappear! And special low res pictures on images with bodywork!
  14. I would be shitting myself that prices might slump back if I had a site full stock like that!