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  1. My understanding is that selling platforms are now being forced to report back once a cash/sales limit is reached. The bots do the heavy lifting in all this.
  2. Not 100% sure but I heard Churchill’s may consider trade NCD?
  3. So, will this include Facebook? Because, if the devil casts his net there what a catch he’d bring. Seriously, I thought they already had these powers and a little bird told me the auction house report suspicions of money laundering?
  4. “Cozzie life” Previous owners thinking that saving money not servicing/maintaining their vehicles properly was good idea? They wrote the cheques, you cash them!
  5. Professional diagnostic equipment is hugely expensive. Cheap diagnostic equipment just sends sends you up blind alleys. Find a tech that knows how to diagnose faults and let him buy the tools?
  6. Is the damage recorded? Facebook marketplace seems awash with ‘copart flips’ in various states of repair these days.
  7. Anyone else having trouble logging in these days. I notice they’ve pinned a message on their website about it. I seem to have good days and bad days on my various devices. Can’t wait to hear from my account manager! Groan!
  8. There is some ‘customer resistance’ to red. I remember a punters wife once saying “I’m not driving around in a fooking fire engine!”
  9. Rule number 1: Never put a car up for sale that’s not retail ready?
  10. It was a ballsy move to let that car out to a customer like that. Pregnant or not?
  11. Maccess, those were the days! Were those the same Luxury mats that the edges used to curl up?
  12. Seriously. I recently treated myself to a ‘genuine’ set of Ford mats for my smoker and they are NOT what they used to be!
  13. Savage wheel trims! what about those ‘universal fit’ centre consoles with cassette storage you got from Halfords? And those cheap mats that always ended up wedged behind the peddles!
  14. My memory’s not what it was, but weren’t the importers concerned about low spec and dressed them up with wheel trims, stickers and radios.