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  1. YouTube has a lot to answer for in this respect. Maybe it’s just me, or my area, but FB marketplace is crammed full of cars on the hit list. Usually sold by a guy using his girlfriends account? These are cars that have been bought to repair and sell on. But they sell because it’s all about the price. Nothing else matters until things go wrong. These guys don’t use autotrader for some reason?
  2. Does anyone know what the latest is regarding viewing lots prior to sale at BCA. Do they only allow you to attend site for collection of purchased vehicles? Thanks
  3. This whole thing is just to gauge interest. They offer tickets so they can judge how many attendees. I had a peep on simulcast and was expecting a rugby scrum but it looked a bit quiet? But, if you want physical auctions to open again I’d suggest you guys support these test openings? Or, as I suspect they’ll stay online. Maybe have the odd special event. I’d also imagine BCA are watching very closely.
  4. So..... anyone going? I was watching the ticket sales and there’s still just under half still available at Colchester tonight. I thought it’d be crammed with the usual local suspects but?
  5. Any chance you could get Mr ‘CAP’ or Mr ‘Glass’ on for a chat?
  6. I think they’ve chosen specific sites to confirm what they already know regarding staying online?
  7. Manheim did say this was a ‘bench marking’ exercise, which implies they have their own criteria for opening up (or not).
  8. Had an email from manheim. A few selected sites are opening after July 19. Apparently it’s a benchmarking exercise to help them understand their role in ‘future strategy’
  9. I was following some mk7 fiestas on BCA weeks ago. One had a rusty drivers door. I noticed it sold and then tipped up on autotrader, at a dealership. Still had the rusty doors? WTAF?
  10. You can’t fail to notice that, at least in my area, the FB marketplace is awash with ‘cheap’ copart rebuild projects from guys using their girlfriends accounts living in caravans?
  11. +1 i think those two are a ‘double act?’
  12. I understand they are still shipping Eastern European pickers over! Laying on special planes? £20 per hour is fine, but the commute is tough, unless you live in a van? GB news? Seriously? Our ‘TV’ usually unpicks this stuff forensically. Funded by wealthy elites who believe there’s a gap in the market for programmes railing against cultural elites who impose their views on ordinary Britons. Its main backers include the US TV group Discovery, the Dubai based investment fund Legatum and the brexit-funding hedge fund boss sir Paul Marshall? OK if you like that sort of thing?
  13. According to the media, all of us dealers are upping our prices? So fill yer boots!
  14. I wonder if there’s any football on?