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  1. Ha Ha, ‘ If they appear on the used market ‘,only an amateur would say that........I’m out !
  2. It’s the franchise’s who will have to sell them and take them back in.I expect there will be SFA profit in them.I was making a light hearted observation comparing it to The Howard.Ever heard of the Bond Bug and of course the wonderful Sinclair C5 which was going to change the world..I have to say,if you haven’t got a sense of humour you will never be a successful car dealer.Apologies for the grammar,left school at 14
  3. Did I not wish him luck.If he can make millions retailing RS stuff,he must be a clever guy and I suspect clever than you.I see you appear to rate the new Citroen ‘Howard ‘,that about sums you up.
  4. Do you trade AIM stuff ? I did until Black Friday wiped them all out as they were unsaleable.Still got the share certificates.Penny shares are a penny for a reason.Now let’s here your views please on the advantages of trading AIM shares and your share tips thank you.
  5. Ha Ha,good luck to him with that.That market is fraught with danger, it is unregulated Wolf of Wall Street stuff.
  6. In the 70’s if you had a top car where we are and it got nicked,a third party would quickly contact you about getting it returned provided you paid the ransom and they usually did.Nowadays it is probably better for thieves to forget stealing cars and just steal the keys.For example I think the latest Bentley key costs about 7 grand and is encrusted with diamonds.
  7. AT directors will need to come up with something to protect their share price and their bonuses.It hasn’t moved yet so it could be fake news.AT might want to lock dealers into longer term contracts in return for bigger discounts for increasing stock.On the other hand Google have the firepower to offer dealers free introductory advertising providing they drop Autotrader.We started using AT mag in 84 ( I think) and it was far cheaper than local newspaper advertising and it was brilliant for nearly 20 years before being sold and the rates then gradually went up and up.I do agree with the Autoraper tag as they have been netting 70% of their t/o for several years when the trade find it difficult to net 2%.
  8. CD mag news reporting that Google are test marketing their own platform which they intend to be global.I think that would be good news for the trade.Apparently there is no way they would be charging anywhere near Autotrader or it could even be free from the outset.
  9. Going off topic,it reminds me of our helpfull family run PO from long ago.We were taxing stuff every day but because the PO was so busy and you had to queue up,it was quicker to leave the docs and make 2 trips.The postmaster suggested we just left an open cheque made out to the Post Office and he would complete it on a weekly basis.Months later I checked to see that the PO calculations corresponded with ours for mostly 3 month and the odd 12 month tax.It didn’t and we had been charged for a lot of 12 month instead of 3 month taxes.I asked them for an explanation and they invited me into their house.They said they used the PO computer system to calculate the weekly amount and they would never steal any money from us.They were very nice people but of course I didn’t believe them as there was thousands of pounds involved.They repaid us the money and we never used them again and the PO later closed up.Now reading about hundreds of cases where the Post Office had forced Post Masters to admit theft of thousands when all along it was their faulty computer system.Many of them had their lives destroyed ,went bankrupt,got jailed or died of ill health caused by the worry.I often think about our PO people because there was no way they would be ripping us off.I think it is a huge scandal especially the Post Office Cover Up which has taken years to uncover.
  10. That’s what I thought.However their last set of accounts state they had a SEVEN figure cash balance and no debt and had been producing excellent net profits since they set up.How good is that !
  11. I was thinking ‘ another one bites the dust ‘,how wrong that was. Found their accounts out of interest,what a cracking niche business.
  12. Look forward to episode 2.
  13. Good for her.There is no doubt when you email quoting their specific T&C paragraphs and subsections plus BTB online regs,they take you seriously.
  14. I have used a lot of the smaller independent auctions in the past.The best one by far was WOMA or West Oxford,family run and nice people who have long supporting dealer group vendors.If I was buying older stuff online,I would have no problem using them.