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  1. That’s a new one.We never showed punters the reg doc,they were kept in a safe.We would show them the history and a copy of the doc which we kept handy.You could always blank out half the ref on the copy.If they are unhappy with that you will know there is a ‘ rabbit off ‘.
  2. Can you prove how many miles your wife usually does.For example my wife averages about 3k, year in year out so there would be no advantage applying a ‘haircut’.Can you not find out from Merc Dealer who leased the car from new,it could have been an airport taxi.Plenty of them go through Blackbushe for instance.You have to contact BCA for an explanation and show them the Merc report.The buyers fees indemnify you with mileage discrepancies and taxi use so don’t give up.
  3. When online buying was introduced I tried to argue with BCA that excessive odours should be part of the description.As I recall they would not correspond about it and I got the usual ‘ thank you for your feedback ‘ reply.No matter what you do,even replacing the trim,but bad smells always come back.You have to find the best punter,like a farmer.
  4. Daves your man,expert witness.I would suggest sending him a grand for starters,you will get it all back when it’s settled.
  5. Have you got the original service history.Alternatively pay a fee to a Merc dealer to track the mileage.If you can prove that the mileage was tampered with before you purchased it,I would insist on taking the car back for the purchase price and supplying a newer similar one free of charge.You can then notify BCA to get their response. We had a similar situation with BCA about 10 years ago but with a far cheaper car and were awarded a lot of damages in the Small Claims Court. You don’t want your punter talking to Trading Standards because they might prosecute you
  6. Worth having a look at a very helpfull post by Law Jaw March 20th explaining the very same thing.
  7. It might be OK and maybe not a taxi.We have a punter who buys the same basic estate with about 100k and brings it back 2 years later with about 350k and keeps it really clean ? He is not local to us and we don’t ask any questions although we do wonder.
  8. Ha Ha,I am not biting Rory,go and sort out your black alloys as Nick thinks they are shite ( podcast )
  9. I might be old but I am not bitter and I am not a bastard.If you had a long established business with a lot of footfall and you were forced to close up and furlough staff for 3 months you might be of the same opinion.What makes it worse is that there has been repeat customers bringing in stuff to repair and sort out that they have bought from doorsteppers during lockdown because our guys were closed.
  10. Your idea might work in California but not Consett.14 miles from us and it is a Polar climate up there.I think the idea is rediculous.Why not call it Base Camp 2.They are plenty of good punters up there so why not do it properly.You need a full timer to watch the pitch and keep them clean,fed and watered and off the button at all times.You will need a full time valeter /gofer aswell to work between the 2..So your overheads will probably increase by 2 grand per week but it will work if you can replace the stock and fix them at a reasonable cost....Good luck
  11. Maybe he was referring to the doorsteppers.They appeared to profit when flouting the rules last lock down when my old pitch was forced to close for 3 months !
  12. I knew there would be someone who did well with them.There is good profit in unfashionable or problem stuff if you are prepared to take your medicine on the bad ones.It was the same I think with the early Lagunas,I know a retailer who bought loads of them at the block as they were for nothing because the trade hated them.He would reblock the bad ones.
  13. Good luck with that.Espace’s are not that old but they must be virtually extinct by now,that’s how good they were.My experience with them was that they were a nightmare and the punters for them were just as bad.Did anyone make any money on them ?
  14. Beautifull South Martin appears to have migrated !
  15. Are you saying you want to operate 2 pitches on your own ?