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  1. On the face of it,it appears to be an ‘on premises’ contract but CHR 15 is wide ranging and Small Claims Court Judges ( who are not fans of used car dealers and tend to side with claimants ) may interpret the law in different ways.Who did you invoice,was it the son,his mother or her brother.Would you be able to prove to a judge that the brother ( a close connected party ) inspected the car on your premises and made the contract after contacting his sister.Also did you establish what qualifications the brother had in order to carry out an inspection.For instance anyone trying out a car on my pitch had to give their name and address and provide their usual signature and if they were ‘ in the trade’ to state where they worked. ( I got caught out on that one once )
  2. Cazoo down 24% today to 22 cents …….to quote Kenneth Wilsonholme ‘they think it’s all over etc ‘
  3. 2 months,that’s not bad for DVLA ,try registering an ex MOD vehicle !
  4. Brings back memories of cashing in tax discs
  5. 20 grand more ! No wonder Stratstone are apparently quoting £2500 to service a Range Rover
  6. I was at my old pitch today and they were discussing trying to replace a mechanic who has left to earn a lot more money at a main dealer.As adverts rarely work,such is the scarcity of good all rounders,it is apparently better to poach another one if you can.However I am told signing on fees of 2 grand are now commonplace.Has anyone else come across this ,we are in the North East,it is probably 5 grand in the South East.
  7. Spot on, I think it is called ‘ protecting the down side ‘. Also if you want to make any money retailing older stuff,unfortunately the reality is you have to do the lions share of the prep yourself.
  8. Kwik Fit ! There is the answer. There is probably little wrong with it.Anyone who has been in the trade for a while has a Kwik Fit story.They are worse than the main dealer free health checks.Unless things have changed,Kwik Fit fitters have daily sales targets and get paid 10% of jobs and if they miss their target ,they get bollicked.Kwik Fit should be able to tell you the mileage if they think they will get work.They may have done a lot of miles,so you could refund them less at least 40p per mile and charge for any paintwork ,a valet and probably collection.
  9. It might well need discs and pads.We did our own 12 month warranties and occasionally we would investigate claims especially if the customer was from out of our area.I recall one guy claiming for a turbo on an Astra 1.7 diesel estate that he only had for a short time.His local garage confirmed the job so we gave the go ahead . Replacing turbos on those Astras was not uncommon but for some reason I sensed something was not right.I checked where he lived on Street View and he had a bloody great caravan parked on his drive !
  10. I doubt you are getting the true story.The car could have been purchased for his partner or ex or ‘ bit on the side ‘ and they don’t want it or might even have fallen out.Have you spoken to her to establish who she is.At the point of sale did the buyer state that it would be used far away by a third party covering long distances.I think that is material information a dealer should know when selling an older vehicle.Firstly and to cover yourself,I would email informing him that as the car has been inspected and having stated as being unroadworthy,the car cannot be used on the public road.If he wishes to process a claim under CRA 15 he or his partner should promptly send a photo showing the current mileage reading together with copies of the said inspection reports and their receipts.He should then arrange to have the car trailered to his home address which he provided at the point of sale.That you will then collect it and your engineer will then promptly carry out a CRA Post 30 Day statutory inspection.If this is not to his satisfaction he should then contact his local Trading Standards Dept. who will then usually contact you with their observations. if he has been telling you Bullshit,in my experience he won’t cooperate.
  11. How far away from you is he located.
  12. You might have to become part of the LGMGBGT or whatever community .But if you actually saw a GP,you did well.A lot of surgeries now don’t answer the phone but a message says that you are first in the queue and 20 mins later you are still waiting so you hang up which is what they want you to do.Their websites now just say ‘ please don’t bother us if it is not urgent as we are very busy ‘ and if it is urgent dial 101 or whatever.You can’t speak to them about an elderly relative you might be looking after because of ‘ patient confidentiality’ As for prescriptions,it takes 3 days here to get one and chemist shops now appear to be closing up,I think Boots are closing 200 shops.Everything gets harder,an ex trader friend described how he changed a headlight bulb on his 66 A4,it took him 4 hours and had to put it on a ramp and drop the front bumper .
  13. It might mean that stuff at auction with a ‘ no docs ,get your own ‘ description will be a lot cheaper ! With a finance repo with no docs and still reg’d in the previous owners name,it could take months with DVLA to get a new reg doc !
  14. I wouldn’t risk buying older stuff with no description online.With physical auctions you get a close up feel of a car .In the distant past ( when cars were cheap to fix ),I would often buy non runners but only if the opening bidding was quick which usually meant they had been doctored.It is worth finding a physical auction with good main dealer vendors even if you have to travel long distances.
  15. Nothing changes.For as long as I can remember,there are usually a few quiet weeks at this time. I was at my old pitch today which sells plenty and they are also quiet .It’s like the early to mid November window when prices usually drop and you can stock up .Good luck with your new pitch.