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  1. How are you getting on,have you lifted it yet.These days buying late non runner stuff is high risk and especially if you have been mislead ( or stitched up ). Good luck.
  2. Daily Rentals,I hope their ‘ Assured ‘ descriptions are better than BCA and Manheim
  3. Apologies PH for us ‘oldies ‘ hijacking your topic ‘.
  4. That would be right but mechanically it would have been good.You probably paid £100 for it ! About 25 years ago in a restaurant in Spain I got talking to guy who said he had been the financial director for Datsun UK from day one. They sold thousands of 100A Cherry’s and this guy insisted that the total cost of new car warranty claims on the Cherry in one particular year amounted to under £1000 ? A friend of mine only sold Cherry’s ,he had a small paint shop and having bought them for under £200 he then bodged them ( or resurrected them ) during the day and doorstepped them in the evenings for about £500.
  5. He definitely did ! Do you remember the early Datsun Cherry’s and Sunny’s .They were cheap to buy,plentiful and brilliant sellers although the wings and sills rotted like hell and needed bodging !………..past glories.
  6. Don’t understand the ‘agency model ‘and it doesn’t benefit dealers.It reminds me ( probably not you guys ) of the distant past when new car dealerships held an ‘agency’ rather than a ‘franchise ‘and if they didn’t like something being imposed on them ,they would just tell the manufacturer to find someone else to sell their cars ! I saw it happen once,I was buying stock from a family owned main dealer who had added Datsun ( years later called Nissan ) .The worst model was a 180B Coupe which was a camel and didn’t sell and on this day a transporter pulled up unannounced delivering about 8 of these Coupes .The boss went ballistic and got on the phone and told the then Datsun importer to the UK where to go !……..You couldn’t do that today.
  7. Brilliant !, “ They are transitioning to a pure play automotive market place and exiting fulfilment operations.How good is that for ‘gobshite ‘,you couldn’t make it up.Their proposed platform will need to be free of charge to get the trade to support them.They would be better off getting into the Hand Car Wash ‘ industry ‘ ( Sustainable Net Zero Automotive H2O Cleansing )as most of us started out washing cars and then progressed from there.
  8. Telegraph reporting that Administrators have already been lined up.
  9. If it wasn’t for the severity of CRA 15 discouraging bona fide dealers from retailing decent cheapies ( and paying VAT on them ) ,there might not be a black market in them.Out of interest,it appears that the ex Lib Dem MP Jo Swinson aswell as being the author of CRA 15 was also a Post Office minister in the Coalition Government allegedly encouraging the fake prosecution of sub postmasters ……..and we are regarded as being dodgy ?
  10. In retirement,congratulations.You will find it strange not having the daily aggravation to deal with.
  11. I very much doubt that HMRC are now going to start chasing Facebook ‘ ne’er do wells ‘ or anyone else without assets or funds.
  12. Clearly the guy has issues,he may suffer from Autism.Whoever sold it to him needs to be penalised,it should have been evident to them within 2 mins of meeting him.I am sorry to say but I think the problem maybe that you need to employ ‘pro’ salespeople who are able to qualify your punters better.I started advertising our 7 Day Money Back Guarantees nearly 25 years ago which quickly routed out any difficult punters ……..and it generated a lot more business for us.It was one of the best things we ever did .
  13. Named drivers don’t appear to qualify for no claims discount when taking out their own policy.We had a similar experience having been individually named for social domestic and pleasure on our fairly expensive company fleet policy which we had with the same insurer for many years.When we retired ,we were taken off our company policy and took out a new private policy with the same insurer.They accepted my application which included full no claims discount so I settled up.Sometime later,I was informed that my no claims discount had been disallowed and that the cover would be cancelled if I did not immediately pay the balance they requested.Although I thought this to be very unfair,I paid the balance ‘ under protest ‘ and complained to The Ombudsman. Sometime later The Ombudsman service got back and they agreed with the insurance company that we did not qualify for any no claims discount and we would have to start afresh having been previously comprehensively covered to drive any car by the same insurer for 40 years without making a single claim.
  14. You guys are the unsung heroes of the trade.The thought of doing Scotland to East Anglia twice at the moment …….
  15. I remember when auctioneers did look after you ‘ know what I mean Harry ! “. The best ones of course had their own catch phrases .If Andy did Rothwell I probably bought from him.I hope he does his memoirs,ha ha the millennials will open their eyes.
  16. All the best guys,to,buying well,quick knocks ( can you get them now ),good net margins,plenty of prime chucky,good retail swappers,less comebacks,cheaper prep,spending less with AT,finding good all round mechanics and staying away from EV’s.I have to say that I am pleased I am not involved anymore.
  17. On the face of it,it appears to be an ‘on premises’ contract but CHR 15 is wide ranging and Small Claims Court Judges ( who are not fans of used car dealers and tend to side with claimants ) may interpret the law in different ways.Who did you invoice,was it the son,his mother or her brother.Would you be able to prove to a judge that the brother ( a close connected party ) inspected the car on your premises and made the contract after contacting his sister.Also did you establish what qualifications the brother had in order to carry out an inspection.For instance anyone trying out a car on my pitch had to give their name and address and provide their usual signature and if they were ‘ in the trade’ to state where they worked. ( I got caught out on that one once )
  18. Cazoo down 24% today to 22 cents …….to quote Kenneth Wilsonholme ‘they think it’s all over etc ‘
  19. 2 months,that’s not bad for DVLA ,try registering an ex MOD vehicle !
  20. Brings back memories of cashing in tax discs
  21. 20 grand more ! No wonder Stratstone are apparently quoting £2500 to service a Range Rover
  22. I was at my old pitch today and they were discussing trying to replace a mechanic who has left to earn a lot more money at a main dealer.As adverts rarely work,such is the scarcity of good all rounders,it is apparently better to poach another one if you can.However I am told signing on fees of 2 grand are now commonplace.Has anyone else come across this ,we are in the North East,it is probably 5 grand in the South East.
  23. Spot on, I think it is called ‘ protecting the down side ‘. Also if you want to make any money retailing older stuff,unfortunately the reality is you have to do the lions share of the prep yourself.
  24. Kwik Fit ! There is the answer. There is probably little wrong with it.Anyone who has been in the trade for a while has a Kwik Fit story.They are worse than the main dealer free health checks.Unless things have changed,Kwik Fit fitters have daily sales targets and get paid 10% of jobs and if they miss their target ,they get bollicked.Kwik Fit should be able to tell you the mileage if they think they will get work.They may have done a lot of miles,so you could refund them less at least 40p per mile and charge for any paintwork ,a valet and probably collection.
  25. It might well need discs and pads.We did our own 12 month warranties and occasionally we would investigate claims especially if the customer was from out of our area.I recall one guy claiming for a turbo on an Astra 1.7 diesel estate that he only had for a short time.His local garage confirmed the job so we gave the go ahead . Replacing turbos on those Astras was not uncommon but for some reason I sensed something was not right.I checked where he lived on Street View and he had a bloody great caravan parked on his drive !