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  1. How’s everyone doing? Business has gone quite for us up north. We’re not getting no where near as many leads as we were getting back in February never mind last year. How’s it going for you guys? Selling stock? Getting more stock?
  2. I was thinking the same as well as you. Is it ever going to go back to normal or what? Lol. I miss them days badly lol. Thanks for confirming what I was thinking.
  3. Hi what’s your opinion? I’m thinking bca are not stocking nowhere near enough stock as previous years. I’m sure they used to have nearly 7000 cars a day for sale and the prices are rocketing SKU high as well. What experience are you guys having?
  4. I know the feeling. These next few months are going to be scary!
  5. How you guys finding the auctions? I personally think they ain’t got enough stock to sell compared to last year/year before. Are leasing companies extending contracts on used cars or something? This could be because they’re struggling to get newer stock or something?
  6. Thanks for your reply guys. We stock mostly 4x4’s, small cars and medium sized cars. This time last year we were smashing it but this round we’re so quite it’s unbelievable. Currently got 20x decent cars in stock which are not selling. We’re the cheapest on the autotrader so god knows what’s going on!
  7. Things are going slow for us here in north west Manchester. How’s everyone else doing?