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  1. Use myself an older car,which Vw said would be fine. Vw transporter auto.1995. Haven’t used it for a week,and it took 15 goes to start. Ok then,and have put the super in,£7.00 a gallon.
  2. Isn’t it just the shift lock not actuating from stop lamp switch?
  3. Hello, I had a similar case, and bought a bomb from Halfords,it was about £10,and you fill car with aerosol,with widows up, engine and fan running. Meguiars Air Re-fresher 208584 It worked!
  4. Oh thanks, the other BCA seems ok will use that.
  5. Is it me,or does anyone else find searching for cars very slow? like 3 minutes. Thanks.
  6. There is a reed switch on the petrol cap that sticks open or shut. You can’t repair it but from inside car,cut or disconnect wire from switch. job done!
  7. Thank you all for help,think I will have a go myself. Have got used to not paying business rates,so getting ready for the end of free time.
  8. Was contacted by company who say they can get business rates reduced. They.go by the name of ‘check challenge appeal’ £995 upfront then 1/3 of reduction.Has anyone used a company to do this,they can recommend? Is it risky,they could go up?
  9. Anyone found WBAC app not working?
  10. Is 'Dealer Trade' worth looking at at all? Wondering about signing up.
  11. Think everything is going quiet,brexit talked about a lot more frightens people, plus school holidays.
  12. That was a tricky trick! Thanks for hyphen information.
  13. Thought I'd have look this morning, and it's sign up for £99 per month.