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  1. Afternoon all hope all is well and enjoying the long weekend. I've generally been keeping eye on Cap prices which have dropped by 250/400 depending on vehicle, is this likely to stay were is or would things go back up? Either way we all have to go with the time! Thanks
  2. We are based In walsall. West Midlands. Thank you.
  3. Hi, Guys hope your all well and Safe! Just had a 2014 ford galaxy 2.0 tdci Auto poweshift arrive In px with 30k miles. Problem. In order to shift Gears I need to lift Gear stick plastic trim In order to press down a plastic piece which then releases the vehicle to select gears. All Gears seem fine, and manual mode seems fine in that Aspect. Any help and advise would be Appreciated. Many thanks Adam
  4. Hi, Guys hope your well.... Just need some Advice, I currently have 2017 Ford Focus 1.5 Tdci Zetec. Were in the Process of Carrying out a Full St3 Conversion. My main Question is will a St 3 Exhaust from a 2.0 Petrol Fit My 1.5 Tdci? My Bumpers will all be St3 prior to this installation. Many thanks In Advance, Adam
  5. Thank You for the Update, I will just more likely stay clear, Dealer Auction had any dealings with them? As joining them was a Nightmare and still Not Approves, we are Vat registered, website the lot. It's just our main office is run from home and that was a no. Thanks Adam
  6. Is full Auction worth Joining? As fellow traders have given mix reviews most been Avoid? Many thanks Adam
  7. Hi fair point about thr buy 3/4 and do good with a few. Our buying is on point hence not realy haf much loses fingers crossed!! The high mile units are making stupid money that,s were we nake most of out buck. Thanks Adam Yes quite right! I will sign up to dealer auction see what crap is! Ive had a good run with full Auction they seem ok but have stupid reserve on scrap. Thanks Adam
  8. Very true hence i am just in the process of finding new avenues for decent stock. Mant thanks Adam
  9. Hi we specialise in up to 5 years old, high miles and most are german units. Buy we are open to anything that makes a few buck. Ex fleet also. Many thanks Adam
  10. I am always intrested in stock if you want to move on a few units i can send you my email/ Tel no. I agree there will be a crash its very shady business. But noy losing hope just yet.:) Thank you for your response. Regards Adam
  11. Hi we purchase £5k £10k yes we have a few auction housee within the west midlands. But the issue im finding is prices are shifting between Cap clean and Retail so Margin is not worth entertaining. I will be searching online today for online Trade only sites to join? May be have better luck with that. Again thank you in advance for your reply. Adam
  12. Hi Guys Thank you all for your replys. MOJO121 I am a member of Auction4cars just find there units to be in poor condition. Dealer Auction i will look into them. And JUSTINA3 yes yiu are right alot of good places are fading away! Still not trying yo loose hope :). Tom i would agree refrence to current Auction Prices. Once again Thank you All for you valued input. Adam
  13. HI would be interested. My Email is walsallcarsales@hotmail.com Thank you Adam.
  14. Hi Guys hope your all well! I am new on this site but have been in the Motor Trade a long time. I source my stock from the usual Bca, manheim, and few online platforms. If I'm honest stock is just getting very expensive day by day. I would appreciate any new potential sites to register? We are Vat registered. And have been trading a long time. Your advice will be appreciated. Thank you Adam.