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  1. I have a sales 2014 Peugeot Partner 1.6 HDi EGC Auto, been driven absolutely fine until I started it today to find no drive, auto light constantly flashing, select Drive, Reverse, Manual but just displays Neutral, can anyone help?? Paul.
  2. Hi All Can anyone advise me on a problem with the rear-lowering suspension, the vehicle is currently in its raised position, there is a rocker switch located on the inside of the rear door, the lower half of the switch is illuminated green when pressed to lower the suspension the pump operates but the suspension doesn't go down, when the switch is pressed to raise the suspension nothing happens not even a buzz from the pump, I have checked all the fuses, wiring etc. Can anyone help please?? Paul.
  3. Hi All I have a 2012 Citroen Berlingo 1.6 HDi, my problem is a steering vibration when turning at low speed or turning when stationery with engine running, it's the sort of vibration you would get if power steering fluid is low but obviously not that!! Can anyone help?? Paul.
  4. Wanted Engine for an Audi A3 Quattro 2.0 FSi 2007 Registration (P8OWL) Low mileage or Engine to rebuild.
  5. Engine cooling fan coming on as soon as I start engine. This started as soon as I put a new battery on. Can anyone help??
  6. Hi Halfpenny Appreciate your advice, any particular model you would recommend, I want something that's discreet.
  7. Hi I'm looking for some advice on a good quality Dash Cam, my requirements, GPS, WiFi, Park mode, night vision, above all must be discreet, small enough to fit behind the rear view mirror. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
  8. I had my Audi A3 remapped, since then oil level has been rising, I have drained oil off, refilled to the mark, only to find after a 1000 Miles the same has happened again. Can anyone help.
  9. Hi All 2009 Land Rover Range Rover oil light coming on when idling, oil/filter and flush been carried out and still the same, no unwanted noises either. Can anyone help?? Paul.
  10. Hi Guys I'm looking for the gearbox code 2009 VW Caddy 1.9 Tdi 5 Speed, where do I find it, there is no white sticker in handbook.
  11. Hi Appreciate your reply, will check it out.