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  1. We struggled a couple of weeks ago to get a clutch for a Hyundai i10 1.2, none of the local factors had stock or any idea when they would get any either. We got one off eBay on the end it was just under £100 and we had to wait a week for him to get the stock in. He’s now advertised them for £119. We are also struggling with headlamps, ended up getting a set for a Q5 from Audi, we ordered them with euro’s but after about a week they canceled the order as they couldn't get the pattern ones. The bonkers thing was the new ones from Audi were cheaper than 2nd hand ones on eBay. It really is strange times!!
  2. I hope he said thing about the caddy
  3. Either that or just incompetent.
  4. Seriously you can’t and shouldn’t try to please everyone. If you ask me you did much more than you should have and have dodged a bullet. Dust your self down, put it down to experience, learn from it and the next enquiry will seem like a walk in the park compared to this joker. You’ll get better at spotting customers that really are going to bring you nothing but grief and point them in the direction of a main dealer, who have more than enough process and power suits to put them well and truly in their place and likely fleece them at the same time (that’s if they really have the money of course)
  5. So have things improved ?? ……… really hopeful that it has for you , as it’s gone from mental to insane down here.
  6. Terrible news….. let me have the blokes number and I’ll take them off his hands In all seriousness I’d give them a go, diesels will sell just as quickly as most petrols. People have cottoned on the the fact that the going green is far more expensive and most of the population is being hit with an increase in the cost of living all round. Which means they have little choice but to live for the here and now, where cost is king and let’s be honest from an environmental point of view, the cars we sell pollute a damn sight less than some of the old bangers they part exchange.
  7. Same nasty forbidden page. TS is right about Cazoo’s purchasing Cazana, so time will tell. Last time the function disappeared it did re-appeared again. Although this time they may need to charge for it as Cazoo’s share price has tanked 58%.
  8. If only!! I’ve got a couple of grey squirrels in my back garden that they are welcome to!! It was the £10 each or 2 for £35 that made me lose it completely, haven’t laughed so much in ages.
  9. Don’t know how true this is but omg
  10. That was a superb scheme for Army personnel normally based in Germany. Nearly all of car manufacturers gave very substantial discounts on top of the 20% VAT saving. There were thousands of cars going over thought this sales channel. The manufacturer I worked for gave 18% discount and free LHD headlamps in most of their range. I was supplying over 150 cars a year. As you only had to keep the car 9 -12 months, most changed their car yearly as nearly all made money from the scheme and I would get really clean year old low mileage cars to sell on. Normally the cars were only driven short distances by the wives while in Germany and most of the mileage was normally done driving them to Germany and then back again to swap for the new one. They where good times
  11. Yes, I’ve sold a quite a few over the years, no real issues as long as it’s uk spec, you just have to change the date of reg on the Autotrader advert back to 2012. Most customers are absolutely fine with it when you explain it to them and to be honest if they start to get funny about it the they are probably not customers you would want anyway. There was a car super market nearby that used to bring them over by the transporter load and re-register them, they never had any problems selling them. Motab even went through phases of offering free delivery over to the uk to shift them. If it’s a nice straight car, with history I can’t see a problem and you might be able to get it a little cheaper if your lucky due to the re-register.
  12. Is it a uk spec car? could be an Irish ex motab car.
  13. We’re the opposite, Jan’s normally a slower start to the year, always put it down to people over spending at Christmas, this year the month started well and has just continued, no pattern as to what’s selling, Petrol/diesel/small/big. I’ve even managed to sell some oldies that have been hanging about for far too long. We have been really firm on our prices too. I have noticed we are getting a really good enquiry level from Autotrader, noticeably higher than normal in fact, so might be worth a look if your not already using them. It’s all swings and roundabouts, so I’m sure give it a couple of weeks and you’ll be flying and my sales guys will be sat around telling me they could earn more money stacking shelves or driving HGV’s
  14. I have cover with my bank current account which has served me well so far.
  15. That’s very kind Casper, people are still buying cars and we’ve evaded Covid so far, so really cannot complain. Hope you and all your family and well and you've got a good Christmas planned.