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  1. Good to get the inside take on things and I’ve got a couple of spare convertibles just incase you get a run of panic buyers
  2. And don’t think we’ll even be able to buy pasta. There is a really good article here - about the fuel shortage and it being to do with the role out of E10 rather than driver shortages - they state that the tanker driver numbers have not changed markedly between August and September. (It’s written by a couple of University professors so is a little heavy going compared to a broadsheet). It’s also definitely not spam… not that you will be able to buy that soon either
  3. But they can both rinse you of money and drive you insane if you pick a wrong’un
  4. Thanks Denise, invaluable timely advice, I’ll be sure to look up the AWS as well just as soon as I’ve finished my Tooheys and chucked the barbie in the back of my ute. Can’t wait to clink on the link and give my antivirus a proper test
  5. Where about's are you in the country? I’m sure you have a good stock mix, are they fairly desirable and you advertise is all the usual places? We all have periods where we just seem to have the wrong stock and struggle to shift it. Your doing the right things for a normal market with the price drops but with the market the way it is, as mad as it’s sounds I’d be tempted to put the prices of a couple of your cars, last week we put aome of sour cars up, the ones that had crept into priced low and we’ve sold all of them except one. I can’t tell why but we did.
  6. It’s the motor trade. If there is money in it fix it. If not, get rid and move into the next one.
  7. He didn’t show himself in his best light but I’m sure all will end well and I’d put money in his company sponsoring the skate park!
  8. I believe it’s a very clever move, especially if your listed on the stock market and you afford to do so. Marshall’s Daksh Gupta is a switched on character, and by reporting the paying back of £4m support and the senior management team turning down their annual bonuses, investor sentiment will continue to improve in Marshall’s and lead to further increases in its share price, which is currently at its highest level for over two years. Daksh alone own over 1.45 million shares in Marshall’s so has done very well from all this news!
  9. I’m sure most of the main dealers selling older vehicles will be doing so out of necessity, their sales managers will be trying to fill the block hole left in their budgets from the fall in their new car sales. The reality is once these cars go into the franchise workshops they will be pulled apart, the majority of main dealers tech’s hate working on older and non franchise cars, the only people earning money out of them will be the service dept. I can’t help but imagine that when the tap for new car sales turns on again the franchise’s that have survived will go back to what they know best - selling shiny new things.
  10. Sounds like a bubble fueled on cheap money and greed to me
  11. I was online for most of the day and couldn’t believe how strong the prices where and across all types of stock. I would not have believed the prices some cars where making at auction if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, it wasn’t just the normal German stuff either, it was everything from a 10 plate Qashqai with 80k making £1000 over cap clean to a late plate Lexus with a single digit desirability rating on Autotrader making almost £2500 over clean and all before auction fee’s. Even stuff needing work made all the money, a 15 plate SEAT Alhambra DSG with a declared gearbox whine make over cap clean, they started the lot over £3500 below cap. Seriously you could go online and buy many of the cars I watched today from good independent and franchised dealers for the same money people where paying today all prepped and warrantied. Seems madness to me but I’ve only been doing this for 20 years so what do I know.
  12. the pitch would be safe with Kier, but he probably wouldn’t have sold any cars so you wouldn’t be able to afford another holiday, Boris on the other hand would have sold most of your stock by promising every customer the world and agreeing to a deal at any cost. He is be the sort of salesman that would leave a trail of destruction in his wake for someone less important to clear up and deal with all that detail. Rock and hard place spring to mind
  13. What a shame, that was so useful. Hope someone knows of another site that offers something similar.
  14. Much the same as you Rory, we have been absolutely smashing the numbers, with last month being a record one for us. Things are still moving along really nicely this month but your spot on wondering how long things can carry on like they have, as it does very much feel like a bubble. Having said that, I think it will all come down to what people can spend their money on and as TUI holiday booking are down 69% compared to the summer of 2019 and there are some horrendous lead times from certain car manufacturers and models, with a mate of mine being quoted 9 months wait for a Audi Q3, sure as eggs is eggs the population will spend their money elsewhere especially with many feeling they deserve to as they survived what was a terrifyingly and pretty unforgettable year. Which I feel leaves us in a good position with demand having the ability to balance/outstrip supply. So as long as the economy doesn’t overheat, people don’t start loosing their jobs in large numbers and we can control this shocking virus, we have the potential to sell good numbers of cars and more importantly make good margin.