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  1. We always find it best to service and mot stock, ideally before advertising, it hasn’t got to be a full service just a warranty/multipoint inspection and lubrication service (oil change) and stamp the book accordingly. Put in in your advert and it can only help sell the car and stop the purchaser taking it to kwik-fit for one of their cheap services and finding £1000+ of exhaust/brakes/battery/suspension issues that you will then have to argue about and potential end up with a nasty review
  2. I’d give these guys a ring and see if they can help. I’ve used them before for Merc and BMW key repairs and found them to be very good on quality and price.
  3. Good luck all! Will be interesting times. We’ve been operating by click and collect since January and I’ve been stunned at how many customers have been happy to buy cars this way, my salesmen who were dubious at first, now don’t want it to go back to how it used to be, they call it the take it or leave it close and love the ease and simplicity of the process now they have perfected it. I can’t work out, given that we have probably had the best start to the year we’ve ever had, how much pent up demand there will actually be? The serious enquiries we’ve had this week, have been dealt and taken out of the market and we only have one appointment booked in for tomorrow for someone who would commit without a test drive, we are expecting some forecourt footfall this week but worry that a good proportion could be very bored serial test drivers/dreamers. Would be interested to see what predictions you’ve all got for re-opening.
  4. I just like being able to keep stuff in my car and not get a talking too if it wasn’t full of fuel and cleaned every day.
  5. The unique could be........they could loose more money....more quickly? Your spot on, they likely never will, in all my experience with manufacturer management are they are only concerned with shifting new metal, they really are missing a huge trick, I know some do try and manage short term daily rental stock but are really missing a trick with some of the 36/48 months lower mileage PCH cars
  6. I wouldn’t feel to offended. I’m sure Mr Chesterman would say pretty much anything to try and float this company. It will be interesting to see it’s value in 12 months time. I’m amazed some of the manufacturers don't all get together and insist on buy back contracts when they offer big discounts to the lease companies. They could direct the prime stock through their own dealer networks and in effect restrict the supply to these start-ups. I don’t trust customers
  7. Spot on, threads where fine but the head of the bolts where noticeably swollen and oversize.
  8. It’s just like in the good old days in the auction hall’s the number of bids those walls used to make!
  9. Sounds like an easy way to get a few years free servicing out of a dealer
  10. We had an issue with a Freelander 2, nearly every wheel bolt had swollen in size, so much so that we had to get replacement bolts, I thought the workshops were on the windup but went down and that had all ballooned in size, never come across it before so don’t know how common it is?
  11. Must be legit with a name like Doris!! But seriously if it is genuine it’s a steal, you’ll have to let us know how it goes.
  12. Another great listen, no doubt Craig will go far and did laugh at death row. Why do we all do it to ourselves!
  13. Wife gets a nice car to slowly destroy and I’ll drive any old p/x with fuel in it
  14. I don’t think they want to make more money retailing, I think it purely about creating a brand and an infrastructure that can be split from BCA and sold off for big money. They would have looked at Carzoo and thought, if they these people can create a brand (that BCA was helping to stock/prep anyway), which can be built up and then potentially floated for a frankly obscene figure then so can BCA!! I could not agree more and you don’t even get great service for that money!
  15. I wouldn’t worry unnecessarily unless it fits into the vendors used car stock profile. It not uncommon to dealers to fund part exchanges especially coming upto plate change months, they need to carefully control their cash flow and with manufacturers taking full payment for a new car as soon as they are taxed, the dealer will potentially have to wait for the part exchange to have private plates removed, auctions to collect, be lotted, selling and then add a couple of days on top for them to receiving the proceeds from the sale. Its not the end of the world with a handful of cheap p/x’s but if a dealer has plenty of lumpy cars sitting around they can get themselves into trouble very quickly.