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  1. Thought we were just going through an unlucky patch... Guess not just us!
  2. *UPDATE* Thanks everyone for your great and valuable advice. Thankfully our customer has been really cooperative and genuinely did not know about the mileage discrepancy. He contacted the dealership that the car was originally purchased from and they agreed to purchase it off me for the P/X price that was originally given. We are very lucky to have had this sorted out with both the customer and original dealer being good, honest bloke. Moral of the story is check MOT history manually as a discrepancy will NOT show on a HPI check.
  3. Good morning all, Hope you are all well. We have just had a customer come in with a P/X, We checked the car with autotrader Experian vehicle check and got a report that declared all checks passed so we purchased there car. I have now had a look at the MOT history and noticed a major mileage discrepancy of circa 20k miles being taken off. I have contacted the customer who has told me that he had no knowledge of the discrepancy and had bought the vehicle from a large retailer a couple years ago who did not disclose the discrepancy. Im really not sure now how to go about this as do not have a huge margin and do not in any case fancy selling a five figure car with a mileage discrepancy. I would really love to hear any advice which you may may have on how we should proceed? Warm Regards, Samuel
  4. Hi all, Hope you are all well. Been very slow this May, anyone experiencing the same? Random other questions. Are red cars hard to sell? TIA
  5. Good morning all, Hope everyone is keeping well. Ive just had a vehicle delivered to us through a third party with a massive stone chip in the windscreen which the driver admitted happened in transit. In the past other companies have agreed to pay for the repair however this company are saying "We are not paying as stone chips are out of our control". Am I right to assume they should be held responsible? Was wondering if anyone has had an issue like this before and how to proceed. Thanks in advance!
  6. Most cars going 2k+ above CAP today. Am I missing something?
  7. That sounds like good value. They have just offered me the same contract for 447+VAT for a calendar month! Am I being robbed?!
  8. I I think majority of the time its the auctioneers bidding off the wall. Then again there are some strange Dealers around. On that note can anyone explain how a dealer with every single of his 25+ reviews being 1 star manages to find capital for 60 cars?
  9. Haha Yes, seems like they have are arriving by coach. What makes these animals wake up and think let me spend my time and fuel going round tyre kicking? Its frustrating to say the least, especially when my cars are prepped well beyond average and all show a clean mot history . Any one have any good ways of calling them out without being too aggressive? Ive been using “what would make you take it now” which tends to shake them up a bit
  10. Diesel sales have really slowed down for us the past couple of months which I guess is to be expected with the robbery going on at the petrol pumps. However some of these cars should have been gone within a week yet 2 months down the line we’re still sitting on them with prices at rock bottom. Is everyone experiencing the same?
  11. Ive been getting badly burnt recently with the BCA stuff all with clear reports. Anyone else noticing anything similar?
  12. Hi all hope all is well. Have had a vehicle in stock for a bit of time and was wondering if anyone knew of a way to make it look like a fresh ad on dealer portal. Thanks in advance.
  13. Take your pictures in the shade where there are no shadows and spend the extra money on having your vehicles fully valeted
  14. Hi guys, Hope you are all doing well, several dealers near us have been saying the past couple of weeks have been very quiet. Is anyone experiencing the same? I suppose its a time of year thing?
  15. Good afternoon guys, Ive noticed that all cars that are purchased from UKCGR come without any invoices for work carried out which is a shame as some that we have purchased have appeared to have been really cherished. Is the due to GDPR or is there a way of getting hold of it? Thanks in advance.