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  1. Gentleman, Thankyou to those that responded to this post , to that man about buying blind online ,,, Yes I do as a daft or stupid and reckless that is, A very good call from a lovely lady from Manheim just now to say they have decided I shouldn't be left in this position , please drop it back to my local depot. I cant believe this ! so happy, Not all bad news from these guys at the auctions Happy Christmas to you all
  2. I was only curious , as I'd seen a post earlier in the year about EML covered on a car purchased from manheim .
  3. Hi , I read a topic about a car purchased from Manheim, having the EML covered up, Last week I bought a Fiat Fullback from Wimbledon Manheim online from the lease company Leasys. Bought from these before from other sites no problem, This car didn't feel right in performance not revving out. My mechanic spent a day servicing it and then realised the engine management light was not coming on at all ! Took the instrument cluster out to find someone had put black tiger seal over to hide it. Not just on it is flashing !, and the ECU has been tampered with security bolts damaged and loose Long story short, they have said can't help not their fault. sure check said I was out of the 7 days, How did you guys end up with them, its under handed behaviour . don't expect this from a vehicle direct from lease company sure check is a joke. They need to be educated that they must see the engine light come on aswell as go out . not interested when I suggested this , Thankyou for your time Greg Scriven