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  1. Guys looking for help. Purchased a 2019 VW Tiguan as a non starter from a car supermarket. Was told communication has been lost between key and car and that it was a non starter. Advised that hand break and steering lock could be released. Sent a guy round to collect only to find hand break and steering couldn't be deactivated. He didn't have a tilt and slide or rollers so had to return without it. I'm told a regular lock/ key specialist cant work on it. and it needs to be VW dealer level software. Anybody know anyone with this gear, who's near enough to Warrington Cheshire who does a mobile service or do I have to bring it to VW dealership and get my pockets emptied
  2. They more than likely dont need the car any longer or it doesnt suit their needs, or there has been a new addition to the family (child or dog). They may have tried to sell it, but not getting near what they gave you, and possibly had some tyre kickers out complaing it needed new brakes etc. Your probably not be getting the real story. I've been here before and people will find every excuse when they want their money back. Sometimes its the only way for a stress free life. You could also take it back and have the issues sorted, but there is no garantee they wont be back again in 2 months time with something else.
  3. If its just a regular Zetec or similar spec, then it has drum brakes in the rear. The rear shoes self adjust, or should do more like. If they don't or the drums are full of brake dust then you will get a lot of travel between the shoes and the drums. This travel is taken up by the brake pedal obviously and leading to what might seem like spongy brakes. You'll need to remove wheels and adjust shoes either through hole in the drum or by removing the drum altogether, cleaning down with brake cleaner and adjusting. Also check front discs are not lipped, another cause of brake travel. Also check pins that the front calliper slides on. If these are stuck you get issues also.
  4. Really not necessary if there's at least one or two pads on the opposite side. Don't see what all the fuss is about!
  5. First rookie mistake you made was showing the car with a fault. Any fault, however small should be rectified before you ever advertise or show to a potential customer. Another mistake is telling the new customer what parts have been fitted. He has lost confidence in the car as it looks like it’s has/had numerous issues in a short space of time. My advice is pop round ASAP to his house. Be polite and co-operative. Do a diagnostic scan and if it’s a small issue, fix it quickly and you might regain his trust. Otherwise refund, move on and always remember they’re called BM Trouble You for a reason.
  6. EV's when 10 years, will be well and truly at the end of their lives as regards their batteries. The cost of a new replacement battery will determine then what they are worth. Selling used EV's will be a nightmare, I have experience of it. Even as they sit up on your pitch the batteries will degrade and they will need to be kept charged somewhere between 20 and 80 percent at all times. I for one will NOT be in this trade when it goes 100% EV
  7. Had my cat stolen in broad daylight. Thieves didn’t even bother taking to it with a grinder. Just repeatedly shouted her kitty kitty till it walked into their arms.
  8. You have to find the source of the smell. No good masking it, it will return. I recently traded in a 2022 Berlingo which was used to transport Greyhounds. Having a decent factory bulkhead I imagined the notable dog odour was just confined to the cargo area. However, on closer inspection I noticed the dogs had been urinating against the sides of the cargo area and it had run under the front seats. Had to remove the front floor covering and foam insulation, wash with odour destroying chemical, dry and then spray down with vinegar to neutralise the urine.
  9. There has to be a law against this surely. IF THERE IS PROOF that is! There are laws for every other form of cheating. Be that match fixing or coughing to the correct answers in studio on 'Who Wants To Be a Millionaire' Its time it stopped, and time we started making profit from cars, not BCA and the sellers taking all the pie
  10. Poor-Trader. Thanks for your input. I think this is where the confusion lies. Is the VAT on these imports calculated as it is on a commercial vehicle or a VAT qualifying vehicle. Maybe somebody here can answer before I run it by my accountant. I understood that this is how the vat was calculated : Example car purchased outside UK £10,000 car cost inc Duty £2,000 VAT @20% £1,000 prep cost £2,500 profit £15,500 sale price £2583.33 Vat on sale minus £2000 already paid at point of entry £583.33 owed in additional VAT Correct or incorrect?
  11. No I am charged VAT at point of entry and this is subtracted from vat total at time of sale. If we can return to VAT margin there is hope of making some profit
  12. I've a question for all the VAT experts on here. Surely somebody knows the answer, because my accountant isn't giving me concrete answers. We are buying high value cars from Japan and once they arrive on UK shores there is duty. Then VAT applied under the vat qualifying scheme. Once we sell them to a customer we must collect vat on the full sale price and hand it over when doing our VAT returns. Problem is, it is virtually impossible to make any decent profit for ourselves and we are essentially just an underpaid tax collector. From reading from the following link: Motoring expenses (VAT Notice 700/64) - GOV.UK ( I see it is possible to put vehicles under ''Stock in trade'' and then the vehicle goes back under the margin scheme and vat is only paid on our actual profit and not on the sale price. I'm wondering if there is a limit to how often one can do this, or can it be done with every vehicle? What are the limitations? Any help from someone who has done, or does this on a regular basis would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!
  13. I find they are, but again if not serviced, or serviced with 'Crisp n Dry' instead of Castrol there may be issues
  14. Dead, nobody at all enquiring for the bigger 15-20k stuff. Everyone looking for the cheap crap we don't dare sell