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  1. I’ve had to call them recently, there’s definitely another number that works and there’s only 3 extensions when you call. From memory it asks if you’re calling about disability vehicle, trailer enquiry etc rather than the usual spiel. Best of luck
  2. Provisional tends to be for underpriced cars, not 1k over what they fetch on the trader
  3. We mostly go for ex lease stuff so has to be bang on, we do ours in house but those are just figures from when I’ve asked around… how much are you paying?
  4. Do a short video and send to them where you show the reg, chassis & mileage. Don’t forget to say “is this sufficient enough?” Other than that I would take it up with the MOT station, see what their advice is.
  5. Depends on the repair, if it’s damaged e.g. bogging it depends on the job. I’m in Manchester and there’s plenty of options, but plenty of waits too! I think mid range trade pricing is £150 /panel for scratches etc. Can pay up to £250 for established top notch. You can probably find cheaper but I’d question the materials and finish. all depends on the car too, I bet if you take a banger in they’ll assume you’re not a perfectionist Then there’s always (not-so) smart repairs, try and get somebody experienced who can use the fade out thinners, or it’ll only be good for your wallet & not the car!
  6. I’d recommend using a finance broker before applying for your own consumers licence. You don’t want to be making the quarterly report and the extra accounting bills from the get go.
  7. Has anybody noticed recently more than ever, the auctioneers are running bids up on cars that are so called ‘fetching over CAP’ so easily, but then are often re lotted on another sale or buy it now by that evening? I have cars for sale that are often apparently fetching more at auction, why are dealers not buying from me and receiving a warranty? (Haha) How many times can this be a genuine mistake? If it’s cancelled by the buyer same day why can’t we do that? If it was rejected due to mechanical issues then surely that would reflect in the new assured report? And yes, they are re lotted by the same vendor… So obviously they didn’t get a bid. Whoever regulates BCA surely knows about this, it’s been happening for years but now it’s so obvious and frequent now. No wonder they’ve never allowed videoing in the hall. How long till people gather evidence online. Suppose this is the power of the big entities, who are we to moan