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  1. You definitely knows somethings off, when the main selling point is ''HALF A TANK OF FUEL'' in block caps
  2. Low biting point is very very common on every model of Hyundai. Just fit a new clutch which are very reasonably priced in LUK at eurocarparts. However also check where the clutch master cylinder meets with the clutch pedal itself, on the 2015 i30 this is made from plastic and wears, so the hole becomes elongated and therefore the shaft into the master, isn't getting full travel, If so sort this first.
  3. Did you check the bonnet hinges? oil them as they can be heard inside the car if they are making any noise
  4. Thanks David. yes well explained and something I was aware off. Just thought I'd missed out on something from meetings with my accountant. I have a tendency to listen attentively to sentences containing the word profit(s), get alarmed at any sentence containing the word(s) loss, and generally just day dream through the rest
  5. We put all our stock through the workshop: Tyres with less that 2.5 mm are replaced Full service to everything which hasn't been done in the past 3,000 miles 6 months. Those that were serviced recently still get air/fuel filter check. Brakes with 30% remaining, or less, get the bin. We didn't always do this, but over time we have learned its best practice. Biggest problem I see personally is fleet cars with FSH. Had a 2016 A6 in recently with 79,000 miles, impeccable service history, checked fuel filter, never ever changed (dated back in 2016) Air filter was original from factory also which was totally black and full with leaves. Had this ended up at an independent garage down the line, it would have come to light it was never properly serviced, (yet showed FSH most from Audi) and giving us a bad name. Don't know what's going on, are apprentice mechanics too lazy to do a proper service, or are they taking the filters home to sell on eBay or what?
  6. As you're probably aware in passenger cars its usually in the spare wheel well. In commercials it can be inside the fuse box cover or other such covers in the rear quarter etc. If you want to PM me the reg ill get my local motor factors to bring it up on their system.
  7. I'm guessing they got tired of it. It was obviously getting more difficult to source good stock at a price that made it worth while. The calibre of their stock meant you couldn't just buy 5-10 units per week. I'm sure they struggled last year. The guys are obviously perfectionists too, as the detail they put into prep was astounding. Its a tough game as we know, so I hope they are moving to selling luxury yachts in Dubai or something.
  8. I have sold at least 20 of these time bombs with no issues whatsoever! First I never buy them with more that 70,000 miles and always with FSH. From my personal experience the main issues are leaks on the coolant pipe returning from the turbo to the expansion tank and also the coolant expansion tank itself. The tanks themselves just fracture on the underside from the excess heat of the coolant resulting in all the coolant leaking out. I change the tank and pipe on EVERY car I sell and tell the customer to change both again every 2 years. Never had an issue! If Ford had the cop on to fit a coolant level warning, or even offer a retro fit option they would have saved themselves a lot of issues
  9. Seems DVLA have upped their game. Just received notification (within 2.5 weeks of submitting an application) that they are to issue my V5 next week. Hopefully they have got on top of the back log and back to somewhat normal processing times
  10. 7 weeks it took for me to get my last V5. Just not good enough in 2020. Keep checking on and one day it will show it has been issued then expect it in the post a few days later
  11. Agreed. As said above, mileage too high or possibly over age profile
  12. There was an article on here regarding this some months back;
  13. Most stuff at auction is there for a reason. 1) Either it’s mileage is too high. 2) Body is too tatty 3) Mechanical issues 4) No service history 5) A proper car (just seller needs out quickly for cash flow reasons) I pretty much buy everything with FSH With the exception of Audi (have digital service history if at all) Proper servicing with correct grade oil and 10,000-12,000 mile intervals is essential to the modern car, especially diesel. If I buy something low mileage with FSH, firstly I have some degree of reassurance it will not give me or the new owner issues with total engine failure, or other nigly issues related to poor servicing. I find people generally ask or I will always mention it in the advert, together with images from the service book. However as mentioned a car without SH doesn’t necessarily mean it hasn’t been serviced. Service books go missing or get left at dealerships or at the last owners home etc.
  14. If its diesel there is a tiny pipe at the back of the head that needs removing, it is clogged with carbon. You either replace it with a brand new pipe, or burn the carbon off using a blow torch and fish some strong wire through to make sure its clear. Refit, clear codes and bobs your uncle Link here to video:
  15. These guys make my blood boil. I normally reply by saying: 'oh ok then I'll take your offer, but you need to call today or otherwise we're sending it to auction'' It will go either of two ways 1 You never again hear from them (most likely) 2 They turn up in person, and you tell them you just sold it 10 minutes ago and let them have a look around it
  16. Only they could afford those state of the art turntables, anyone know where there is one for sale, cheap? Want to make a merry go round for the kids!
  17. Have one but only use it on Focus's, (we all know how they love to let in water) Still think nothing beats the car heater. Maybe I need to rethink my sense of generosity Was never good at multiplication at school!
  18. Every car I buy seems to be more or less running on air, no matter where I buy. Every car we prep gets at least 50 quid of fuel to cover our testing, drying after valet (its that time of year again) test driving and run to MOT centre. Hopefully its near enough half when customer drives away. I think anything less is down right mean looking. When we point out to some its got a half tank of fuel its met with.......... 'what about the other half''?! Cant win!
  19. If you had Googled the reg. of the Prius it would have led you to a series of Manheim links.
  20. UK so. Would consider them more desirable if anything.
  21. Are we talking Northern Irish or Southern Irish? Big difference!
  22. Don't leave us hanging!.........What time did he arrive at?