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  1. Nope no diagnosis, having read a bit of the recall it says there if there is loose wiring from airbag it’s not earthed correctly and could possibly set airbag off. I think Mercedes just put a clock spring in and that’s that. Buttons don’t light or work also horn doesn’t work. They did manage to send me a ‘health check video’ trying to flog a load of shite that didn’t need doing . Gonna complain see if it gets me somewhere. Don’t know how they admit fault , and then refuse to actually fix the issue .
  2. Wife bought a Mercedes from Mercedes main dealer, we got a letter through the door saying her model had an airbag fault and if you bring in they’ll fix. She rings up and they say as long as airbag light doesn’t come on its fine . Last week airbag light came on and her steering wheel buttons down work. So I ring up Mercedes and they say they’ll look. Hour later they say oh we’ve done what we were meant to your airbag/steering wheel is still faulty didn’t fix anything . That’s not our issue . Can I pursue this further with Mercedes or is it not worth it ?Took to my mechanic and he says it needs airbag squib, so 280 for squib and whatever he wants for fitting . Is there any chance Mercedes will admit fault and pay for squib or am I just gonna have to get my guy to do it and pay?
  3. I take it it’s a smart repair guy and he does a few jobs in the same day for you BHM ?
  4. Thanks appreciate the reply
  5. Interested in how much traders are paying for paintwork in the north west. How much for buffing, bumper blow ins? Ect .
  6. Thanks justina gonna try the grade 4 5’s from bca. Just out of interest how much are you paying for a bumper blow in ?
  7. Had a ford ka which has same engine, if there isn’t enough power in battery stop start won’t come on, you’ll get that warning yellow light. Also it should have an actual stop start battery or will run the power down pretty quick .
  8. Live in Liverpool but pitch is in St. Helens , thanks I’ll give those a look
  9. I was thinking that, the cars I’ve been fixing up hav’nt been making a incredible amount as I’ve been selling and advertising at cat n prices and doing paintwork ect myself . If I’d payed someone else to paintwork there would be next to no profits. To be honest as long as the cars pay me for the work on them I’m quite happy for the moment, so would Mannheim haydock be a good place for £5000 and under cars ? Would be interested is seeing the difference in price between the cat n and non listed.
  10. Oh I’m used to dealing with the public , had a valeting / car wash business for years , so I’ve had these same problems but people complaining bout valets I’ve made about a fiver from. And have started painting for dealers the last few years. So basically was hoping to start buying non listed but with enough bodywork issues to put off a lot of dealers . So basically any auction?
  11. Thanks for reply’s, always bought from copart online, and repaired cat n cars. Never really had a look round many other auctions . And been closed due to COVID. Just had a spray booth built and was looking to get more into the selling cars as I’ve always preped repaired for other people.
  12. Hi based in north west, any recommendations on where I should go for cars with bodywork damage that are not listed ?
  13. Thanks Matt , ye good point prob worth paying for a warranty just to push through the sale , give them someone else to ring before me complaining .And if I have to pay for the repairs it’s hard luck .
  14. Thanks for the reply, just starting out and have 4 cars up at the pitch , only selling under £5000 at the moment just trying to get my feet under the table. Finding customers are really hesitant to buy from a smaller site and will pay a lot more for a car with warranty. Don’t want to be offering to fix things for them as I’m sure they’ll be ringing up every time they get a flat tire or their washer fluid needs topping up. Had quotes from warrantywise which seem reasonable but was wondering if they’re actually any good or if I’m gonna have to pay for any issues anyway.
  15. Hi looking to start selling warranty’s, has anyone ever had trouble with the firms paying out because the car hasn’t had correct service? Does an oil change and new oil filter suffice ?