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  1. Sound, sent email hopefully save me a few quid . Thanks
  2. Ye thanks for reply’s, came today from bmw Corby , seems like the front coil spring/ anti roll linkage have been snapped in transit . Says on assured report suspension ride height correct . Can I claim on this?
  3. Been waiting since 8th of June for delivery, hasn’t turned up today. Pretty new to bca , is this unusual?
  4. Hi , I’ve got a diesel fiesta that came with a photocopy of the front page of v5. Is £30 a year to tax . Can I pay for a year tax then sell using that photocopy? . I suppose I could ask new owner to tax at end of year?
  5. If they are supplying cinch makes more sense to me, more the thought that they can basically offer what they want as most punters don’t have time to and are never going to bother selling privately. Also I don’t know why they give quotes that high then chip of ? Why not just offer close to what they’ll give rather than pissing off every customer when they get there .
  6. Thanks highline . Has actually come as a surprise for me how much they offer. If they are giving close to cap average for each car , surely they can’t be making much after all their costs . Maybe they’re branches are going through a shi*t ton of cars, they never look too busy to me .
  7. Lol, actually interested in what I should have offered ? 2009 fiesta , think had 67000 miles had a ding drivers rear quarter few other scratches, not terrible condition prob needed a tyre . Didn’t have alloys and was the style with the vents at the front, no fog lights in light blue . I actually said £1200 would go to £1500 let me know what they offer .
  8. Never used them, I always thought that to pay rent on their locations, wages for staff, transport to and from BCA they’d need a decent margin . Thought they’d offer at least £500 under cap clean. Assuming most go through auction close to that don’t see where they’re making much money. I’ve always just bought at auction and sold so pretty naive when it comes to this side .
  9. Ye , just put through site they’re offering £2500 , so they knock a load of when you get there? I don’t get where they’re making their money?
  10. Thanks, for reply’s , will try using their site but have to put an e mail address in , maybe will block after so many searches ? , had one in yesterday Ford Fiesta 2009 65,000 miles said he was taking to we buy any car. I know cap clean is about 2600 ish so said I guessed we buy any car would offer bout 1500 and knock money off so said I’d give him 1200. Havnt heard back so maybe they offered more. Was hoping there was an app with their valuations or it was cap clean minus a percentage.
  11. Hi I currently own a carwash and sell a few cars from there. Every now and then we get customers saying they’re about to sell their car to we buy any car ect and that’s why they’re getting them valeted. Was wondering where to find out what we buy any car are going to offer for their cars so I could buy of them instead and put up for sale . Also what checks do you usually make when customers trade in their cars ? Only looking to buy the cheapies . Any help would be much appreciated thanks .
  12. Thanks for reply’s, got the v5 today, Said they sent it 28th sept dunno what’s gone on there, why took so long .
  13. Bought a car from copart, they said they had v5 on file, never received it rang them and they said they’ve sent it out. Take it it has been lost so gonna have to pay £25 for a new 1 . Wanted to apply online to get it sooner but I think they need the previous keepers address to do that way, and I don’t know it .Have I got to send through the post and wait bout 4 weeks for it?
  14. Ok so when I put new keepers details in to cancel the tax , use the trade sale option . And make sure I pay at least 1 months road tax and all should be ok . If I understand correctly. Thanks for your help David .