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  1. Hi been using bca for some stock. Seen a car go through and sell , then went straight to buy now? Anyone she’d some light as to why this happens . Also has anyone got more info as to which vendors to avoid ect .
  2. Thanks for the reply’s , will keep the ones from main dealers as an option from now on. Hopefully get lucky lol . I’m mainly looking for cheap cars that need paintwork/ body work but mechanically are ok.
  3. Hi what’s everyone’s experiences with cars with no mechanical report on bca. Are they all scrappers or is there another reason they haven’t had 1 ? . I’ve found the ones with the essential check are way off anyway as if they’ve checked another car .
  4. Exactly what I’ve been told , thought he was talking out of his , was hoping someone would say that before having to take fords lol. It is a mk7 been driving myself last few days and seems fine now though gonna drive myself for a while keep an eye on it. Thanks for reply’s
  5. Fiesta mk8 been sat up for 2 years. Can’t see any leaks been bled once which helped now starting to get spongy low brake pedal again . Anyone else had experience with this?
  6. Hi , got my traders policy 3 years ago was bout £1500 a year, broker said that was expensive because first year on a traders policy, is now £1700 on second year third year coming up . Has anyone actually had their price go down ?
  7. Thanks earunder, was charging bout 100 panel but asking round guys I know they’ve been charging 200 plus at the min
  8. Hi was just wondering how much you guys are paying for repair work. I do a few jobs in the side and materials ect have all increased and was wondering what would be cheap / expensive at the moment for repairs? I’m in the north west .
  9. Hi my father is currently of bad health and has 2 classic cars which were restored 25 years ago sitting in the garage that he is looking to sell. 1 is a 1972 MGB 1.8 l with 15000 miles the other is a 72 Mercedes SL 450 done 86,000 miles finding it hard to get a good value on them and wondering where the best place would be to sell them , the mgb needs a little work not much and the Mercedes’ is in good condition. Any help would be appreciated. We are based in Liverpool. Tried to put pics up here but saying files too large .
  10. Hi was thinking about starting to use a warrantywise and was wondering if anyone with some experience with these company’s could answer a few questions. Any help would be appreciated. I mainly sell cheap cars (under £3000) . If I sell a car and something goes wrong within the first month, will they automatically send it back to me or does warrantywise deal with the customer. Also if I sold a 12 month warranty and 10 months down the line there’s an issue do I still hear about it or do they deal with the customer themselves? Thanks .
  11. Funny you say about fees, I don’t get how they get away being so secretive over fees , does everyone on the same card pay same fees or have some people managed to get theirs lower ?
  12. Sorry, other side. Drivers coil spring, which also snapped anti roll bar linkage and passenger side top strut mount . Now noisey but took a while to notice as only noisey at low speeds. Fine driving to from garage but noisey while parking up .
  13. Hi bought a bmw from Bca , a coil spring has been snapped in transit by the looks of it. Made claim and now got it fixed , now driving car noticed steering noise , which was also clear on bca assured. However car has now done bout 90 more miles taking it to get fixed and bringing back pitch. Sounds like strut mount prob also broke in transit . Will they accept this claim?
  14. Sound, sent email hopefully save me a few quid . Thanks
  15. Ye thanks for reply’s, came today from bmw Corby , seems like the front coil spring/ anti roll linkage have been snapped in transit . Says on assured report suspension ride height correct . Can I claim on this?