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  1. £40 cheque arrived today. Why is different? surely should be the same for everyone.
  2. Good January, good start to February. Prices are quite strong at the sales but we are still managing to buy bits to keep stocked up.
  3. That would of hurt and worrying as they may come back again once replaced. But aftermarket cats don't work on some cars as they flag up an eml.
  4. Its a BMW 116i 2.0 petrol 2009 I avoid buying mainly Japanese petrol cars and now petrol BMWs, anything else the thieving b@stards mainly target ?
  5. Another car we won't be buying again, BMW petrol, the thieving b******ds have stolen the catalytic converter off a BMW 1 Series off our forecourt, didn't know these were so dear. A pain in the @ss, especially after we have just done the timing chain. Anyone point us in the right direction to get a replacement, aftermarket ones flag up eml, genuine new are about £1600 = vat. Are the later BMW petrol cats in demand aswell?
  6. Volvo XC90 - prime example. Earlier Freelander 2 heavy on road tax than the 2010 or after. But they still sell.
  7. Did I read somewhere, test drives are allowed with an upfront deposit.
  8. Customers/Consumers whatever you like to call them can do chargebacks on visa debit aswell as credit cards. Only reason why I've kept the card machine is just in case I'm out and our staff can take payment and not worry about calling me to ask if the money has come in.
  9. I have been with World pay formerly streamline 20+ year. Just got all rates reduced, they will talk and negotiate fees.
  10. What has come to mind is that alot of car dealers are becoming van dealers. More people want a slice of the cake.
  11. I make 1.5k to 2k on a caddy without doing all that. :-)
  12. Just sold a Transit Custom 65 plate, 45k for £12495 plus vat. That's almost 2k more than a 17 plate 10 months ago. Customers aware of the price increase, they need a van and they are happy to pay the premium.
  13. Bought a Transit Custom 17 reg with 64k in excellent condition for £8500 including fees (plus vat) back in May 2020, I have not been able to find one that low priced with a similar story. Bought a few customs since then. I bought one mid January 2021, 65 reg with 45k grade 3 with little body damage for 10500 plus vat delivered to the door. That's 2k above the 17 plate a year on. Bought another custom on Wednesday 15 plate with 49k for 8600 plus vat which was a little more sensible Autotrader reccomend £11994 retail plus vat. Only thing is I've risked it and bought a grade 4, on photos only one bit of body pointed out that requires paint osf wing. Fingers crossed the rest of it will be ok. Also been buying Caddys they are about 1k to 1.5k from about 10 months ago.
  14. Had 2 today, BMW X3 advertised £4995, attracting alot of idiots, first email " best price collect asap" i replied £4995. second email "would you accept £4000?" Didn't bother replying. From 2 different email addresses.