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  1. He's trading AIM shares full time according to his Twitter.
  2. Exactly, his facebook page had such a following he only had to take a picture of a car and it sold ASAP before listing on AT. Seems they had enough momentum in the performance car market that his magic worked on other manufacturers too. I don't get it..
  3. As per title, COVID as an excuse doesn't seem plausible given car sales boomed over the period. It was a nice business model rotating cars amongst enthusiast members and never seemed to struggle to move its stock. Just doesn't make sense ?
  4. Share price based on revenue multiple. Revenue from the auctions is from buyer fees / sales commission. Revenue from Cinch sales would count the the sale prices of cars as revenue, therefore much greater than standalone auctions = £££££££s Doesn't even have to be that profitable for the first few years
  5. Thankyou all, was really just wondering if anyone could confirm such a low rate. Seems mad to me
  6. Hello, just wondering about how available were stocking loans made to relatively new traders in the past few years. I heard about traders getting 500k at 2% which would explain a lot. What would have been the conditions or requirements ? Cheers
  7. Does that include the wet box in the old shape Mondeos / S-Max / Galaxy ? Cheers
  8. I'm not watching 17min of video but scanning through, he literally has signs stating 'BINCA RETAIL' on the walls Therefore RETAIL rights should apply
  9. The name and logo imply trade sale to me
  10. I assume you will be buying RFL for all your cars in trade Good luck with your neighbours
  11. Don't forget car emojis and the big green ticks
  12. Huge demand in the Caribbean and ex colonies for EV and Hybird - keeps prices high Not that cheap when you factor in what it costs to land one here and register with all the fees
  13. Lots of used Prius coming through - I do wonder what the margin is after competing with worldwide buyers + shipping etc