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  1. Always good stuff James, the team working hard to get the latest info fast !! just one observation, we know Cazoo is a hot topic for everyone in the industry but can we have some postive stories fo how good a job ' US INDEPENDENTS' are doing ! #Justsaying jeep up the good work!
  2. Like @Rory RSC and @David Horgan they've covered it well.! We all learn and adapt .. I try not to put too many barriers up but the odd one or two who we think are 100% buyers at the start don't buy! but in reality I belive in giving them all respect and treat them like how I would like to be treated. Have I missed anything Happy selling
  3. Just like to wish everyone a very happy New Year! 2021 was a real roller coaster ride and majority had a fantastic year! All the best to everyone for 2022 Always great to see new businesses start up and the established adopting to new challenges. Cheers all Umesh
  4. Both these highly recommended - mention me / The IMDA ! - Paul Guy Nick McDonald
  5. Think we all know the rules about trade plates on the outside and must be displayed vertically! In reality its almost impossible with vehicles today, The IMDA have spoken to DVLA about this and they are obviously aware of the situation , they also know that most dealers put them inside the windscreens etc, all they keep saying is “the rules are clearly stated of how they should be displayed, but looking into how this can be changed”, as soon as we have an update we’ll keep you posted but we are pushing to get better things in place.
  6. Connected car finance - Highly recommended - speak to Laura Jones / Luke McCarthy
  7. Get it serviced, MOT'd , say it in the adverts and most of all, its ready to drive away immediately when a buyer turns up for it! none of come back in a few days while we put it through ... ! Almost every single car of mine is ready to go today!
  8. Sad to read this! Not sure what has happened but looked a great business and as you say @twerp seemed to move a lot of stock quickly and had a massive following.
  9. Good Value dealer websites speak to Dealer5 Adrian / Dave , Think they start from around £600 per year.
  10. Hi Tom Welcome and good on you to make that move! As already said but defo "Video's sell cars' been saying that for many years - IMO Don't do 'silent movies' or 'Musicals' needs voice over with features of cars etc etc, I promise you you'll see instant results from videos. Pictures I've quickly looked at the BMW 3 Series in white, main image looks good but then the back ground as you move around spoils the effect imo, move the car round so no clutter in the back ground. Good luck! Umesh
  11. No Appointments, No Viewings, No Road test, as it says " click and collect - or - click and deliver", the whole transaction must have taken place remotely , so paid for in full and they simply collect!Customers not allowed in the premises. That's the rules, but there are many trying to 'work' their way round it.
  12. Another great listen ! Nightmare situation with the 'brexit' situation. well done David and Darragh.
  13. Don't belive so as we're in lockdown customers are NOT allowed to view cars only BUY remotely, which means they must have paid for goods prior to collection/delivery which puts it in to DSR.
  14. If the customer has seen/inspected the car prior to lockdown then bought it as click and click its not distance selling. #fact