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  1. Speak to Howden's ( Formely Aston Lark) speak to Jem 07850 322592 mention me and #theIMDA !
  2. 2023 has been a real roller coaster ride for us all. A challenging year for most. I’d like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and the very best for 2024. I’d also like to add this, if you’re finding things tough and need to have a chat please feel free to contact me or BEN -The Automotive charity, the independent world can be a lonely place and not everyone is merry at this time of the year.#ItsGoodToTalk Umesh
  3. Enquiries are very slow from most of the IMDA dealers are saying, all you can do is make sure the pictures, adverts, videos are all the best they can be, and all cars prepared to the highest standards! So, when someone is searching your cars will stand out and have a lot better chance. Do you post anything on social media? Facebook( not market place - your own business page) , Instagram, Tic Toc, X (Formerly Twitter]? all matter of keeping your name in front of people.
  4. umesh


    This is how The IMDA Works for it's members, thanks to @Jack Williams and Car Dealer Magazine for covering the story. The Independent Motor Dealers Association has praised the DVLA for its response to ‘nightmare’ delays which left dealers ‘pulling their hair out’. In the summer of 2021, IMDA boss Umesh Samani told Car Dealer that the agency was ‘absolutely horrendous’ and accused it of making dealerships ‘like graveyards’. At the time, industrial action at the body’s Swansea offices had caused huge backlogs, with some dealers left waiting as long as five months for V5 documents. Back then it seemed like the relationship between independent dealers and the DVLA was at breaking point, but two years on things couldn’t be more different. After reading Car Dealer’s article, the DVLA and the IMDA opened dialogue on how the two firms could better work alongside each other. That has resulted in a complete transformation of the relationship and Samani has now praised the body for its work. Among the changes has been a dedicated team being set up at the DVLA which holds regular meetings with the association. Samani told Car Dealer: ‘Back then it really was a nightmare for many dealers. However, thanks to the stories that Car Dealer Magazine ran, the IMDA and DVLA made connections to see how they could help and improve their service. ‘They were pleased that we had reached out to them to explain the situation that some dealers were facing. ‘From that, the DVLA now has a dedicated team that holds regular meetings with the IMDA. ‘If any of the IMDA members have issues, we can contact them directly and the matter is dealt with very quickly and efficiently as to avoid long backlogs.’ Samani’s glowing comments come just days after the DVLA was placed under review as part of a wider government programme aimed at assessing the effectiveness of public bodies. The investigation is expected to last until the winter and will judge the agency’s efficiency, efficacy, accountability and governance. A DVLA spokesperson told Car Dealer: ‘Our user groups provide a valued opportunity to work closely with a wide range of stakeholders including IMDA, and support us in delivering services that work for our customers.’ Jack Williams Story here
  5. Click Dealer - Highly recommended ! but I guess it's all down to how much you want to spend? Many others out there, 67 Degrees, Spidersnet, starkwood media +++
  6. Highly receommed Aston Lark insurance, Speak to 07850 322592 - Please feel free tp mention me. Have a special offer for all IMDA dealers, which is very exclusive cover.
  7. Just like to wish everyone on here a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Hope you’ve all had a great 2022? Let’s see what’s in store for us all in 2023. Keep smiling, keep having fun! Umesh
  8. As already said its not just women, over the years stopped and help many change wheels, both men and women. many have no idea where to start. .. But if you think about it even if you don't know would be easy to watch Youtube and attempt if you were stuck, but they are just not interested and will wait for hours to be rescused ( thats when they have a spare in the boot) ..Don't forget the 'locking bolt' .. times customers tell us in the workshop they've left it at home safe ........ a 2 minute job tunns into a nightmare/ abort job or re-book back !!
  9. No problem at all , Regular as clockwork!
  10. Had a customer a few years back trading his Mondeo in, we couldn't do the cherished transfer sent it all off to be told the car has a 'export' marker on it from. DVLA had taken RFL money and it was MOT'd every year. the customer had to prove he'd owned it in the time it gained an export marker. It took 3 months plus to resolve it all. Luckily wasn't an issue as it just sat round the back and wasn't of big value.Guess you may have to check the dates /ownerhsip change etc.Good luck.
  11. Always good stuff James, the team working hard to get the latest info fast !! just one observation, we know Cazoo is a hot topic for everyone in the industry but can we have some postive stories fo how good a job ' US INDEPENDENTS' are doing ! #Justsaying jeep up the good work!
  12. Like @Rory RSC and @David Horgan they've covered it well.! We all learn and adapt .. I try not to put too many barriers up but the odd one or two who we think are 100% buyers at the start don't buy! but in reality I belive in giving them all respect and treat them like how I would like to be treated. Have I missed anything Happy selling
  13. Just like to wish everyone a very happy New Year! 2021 was a real roller coaster ride and majority had a fantastic year! All the best to everyone for 2022 Always great to see new businesses start up and the established adopting to new challenges. Cheers all Umesh
  14. Both these highly recommended - mention me / The IMDA ! - Paul Guy Nick McDonald