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  1. Many thanks much appreciated
  2. Where can I find Martin the tax mans details
  3. There queuing up outside Poundland here no even joking
  4. Just like to say thank you for to David for his podcasts and of course every one who has appeared as I’m sure many of us here would very informative. Really down to earth sound guy with a lot of decent traders and motortrade people on loads of inspirational traders inc David as my local mot tester says every day is a school day and I recommend the podcasts to anyone old or new traders trader starting out or those who have been in the trade years be nice to see them getting more reviews etc and the recognition David and the podcast deserve hope everyone is well stay safe and well
  5. Great thing my mate got one for his dog. ..
  6. As you say in my opinion Id almost guarantee many the car dealers here will still be trading long after carzoo
  7. Why have a dog and bark yourself lol
  8. There very good .. I really should take notes though I pick up a bit of advice or an app suggestion then forget which podcast it’s on
  9. Did the manufacturers not do something like that before I remember buying a few Peugeot’s for my dad from the local dealer which had been registered to the rental company although I’m not sure if Peugeot just bought them from them think Vauxhall and ford did a similar thing
  10. I’d probably use a decent local garage .. speak to the guy who’s retired see if he can put you on to someone he trusts
  11. This I did this with the last few
  12. We used to joke tht h beam cars bought more than the rest of us .