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  1. You said it Del Boy is that Freddy the frog other secret love child there .
  2. We said that last week my mate bought a used car from a main dealer last year and there around £1500 more for the same car just now much the same age and mileage ..
  3. I renewed my mums online her previous licence was a photo card did it for dad too who was also before he gave up a couple of years neither had. A passport and didn’t even send an updated photo hope u get sorted .
  4. At this rate it will be a classic now and worth a fortune in the trade in twice what you sold them if for .. lol
  5. I often ask the same question a while back tried to buy an Audi for 16k at mainheim it made 17 k the exact same car was online at the Audi main dealer for £18900 before it went off to auction and that same car ended up in a car supermarket for £21k madness
  6. There’s always one good egg MrC
  7. Very true money is the route of all evil especially among families from my experience
  8. Put the reg into we buy any car your self uk car group is we buy any car at bca auction or simply just ask most people will tell you there offer or show you the email good luck with it all .. good to have you on board if I have any car wash questions I know who to look up ..
  9. Ask the wife brigade like that
  10. Likewise and to the family David