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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, Just in the process of doing all that fun stuff when starting to setup a new business. I have another businesses, but this is the first motor trade business and so whilst I am OK with generic things such as tax and accounting, there are many new things I have not come across before. What Paperwork I am sure I am going to sound a, "Right plonker Rodney" when I ask what paperwork do I need to provide a buyer, but I would sooner feel a muppet than get it wrong. Obviously I am going to provide all of the vehicle related paperwork, but in terms of a Sales Invoice/Receipt is the example in this link adequate and all that I need? Do I need anything else? Cheers Jimnibob
  2. Just spotted this article / warning on ATM Community - just in case some might not have seen it ! Not sure how this can happen but obviously a big concern for all . "Anonymous - December 2013 SCAM: Wanted to let everyone know, so hopefully nobody else gets stung. We have been "scammed" via the internet this week, to the tune of £49,000. The scam goes as follows: We bought 3 vans off genuine suppliers, over the phone and by email. They then emailed us an invoice & bank details for payment. In between the email leaving the supplier's computer, & arriving in ours, the bank details have been changed. If you email the supplier to ask if it's right that the bank details have changed, the "scammer" emails you back (as them) saying its correct. We've lost £49,000 this week. The bank doesn’t want to know, as our bank is secured, we've basically just paid the "wrong" people. Local police not interested, pass you onto the National Fraud Team, who are dealing with 2000 of these per day. Please share so nobody else out there gets scammed."