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  1. Has anyone on here actually tried this link?
  2. Similarly, I've noticed quite a few going through regular car auctions as well.
  3. What about having a circus event at our pitches? We should be able to nail it very easily.... Customers want us to jump through hoops, make their problems disappear, run around like headless chickens, see into the future and do mind reading.Also pretty sure that we've all employed plenty of clowns as well. Roll up,roll up.
  4. All the best and here's to a healthy and wealthy 2022.Thank you to everyone who has posted on here,it really is a great forum and there is plenty of expert advice to be had
  5. email V5 and your purchase invoice to they will send you any service history that they hold google mercedes spec check ,that should give you a few pointers.I normally use the m decoders website,its free but it often boots you out if you do too many checks
  6. 100% agree.Spend a bit of time on you tube searching for photography tutorials.I much prefer a digital camera, then a quick photo edit to crop the pic, play around slightly with the colour, contrast and sharpness but not enough to make them look false. Takes me about 30 mins from taking a load of pics or getting them on the advert. Most cameras will come with easy to use photo editing software that even i find easy to use.That said i know of traders that get great results with a camera on the iphone but i've got fingers like cows udders so digi camera works for me.
  7. This is an extract from a document produced by the competition and mergers authority, used to be called the monopolies commission. I also think that it might be tied in with CRA 2015. Section 21(pasted below) seems quite relevant. 21, A term in a consumer contract is unfair if, contrary to the requirement of good faith, it causes a significant imbalance in the parties’ rights and obligations under the contract, to the detriment of the consumer. 22. Transparency is also fundamental to fairness. The Act requires that a written term in a consumer contract is expressed in plain and intelligible language and is legible. This sits alongside a more general requirement that consumers are given a real chance, before entering a contract, to see and understand all terms that could operate to their disadvantage (see paragraph 28 below). 23. The CMA considers that the Act’s effect is to apply in substance the same tests of fairness, and of transparency, to both terms and notices. Perhaps getting the CMA to force BCA and others to change the auction caveats to make themselves even slightly accountable would be another option, we as customers of the auction houses need recourse from this situation as it's becoming a huge burden that we should NOT be expected to shoulder. CMA is not some toothless tiger government body they wouldnt't shy away from a battle with any company regardless of size.In the past have took on JCB for price fixing, also exposed a price fixing cartel with multi national concrete companies that can and have resulted in those guilty parties being fined up to 10% of their annual turnover.
  8. My take on things is. The fuel shortage was just a news story that went viral and perfectly illustrates how easy it is the get joe public to do stupid things ,in this case queue for petrol, at the start of the pandemic is was bog roll and the mind boggles as to what we may next nearly run out of. Although hopefully its Audi A4 cabrio's as i've got one hanging out of my arse. We run 15 large hgv's and eat through masses of fuel. All of our fuel suppliers contacted us to say it was " business as usual" and to ignore the hype. The wagon driver shortage is also not far away from a non story as well. Although i do think that certain sectors of the haulage industry struggle to source and retain drivers, this is mainly (in my opinion) due to how those guys are being treated and demoralized at large mega warehouses where they are almost dehumanised told to wait in wagon, not allowed to go and have a brew in canteen,its only just been forced through that it wasnt lawful to stop a driver from using the toilet whilst waiting on your premises. Then the constant risk of finding an asylum seeker in your wagon who will 100% fight you for the right to hide in your wagon. There was and might still might be a £2000 fine per stowaway found in your wagon if you're seen to have not taken enough precautions at thats for the driver by the way! Overnight parking is a total lottery with facilities being more often than not complete shit holes. More investment is needed in improving the facilities and this will quite easily solve many issues that are at play here, offering big pay rises doesn't work longer term, this will be only cause inflation to rise. We have all our hgv's mounted up and a waiting list of guys to start, thats not because we are good at what we do its because our guys get looked after and shown a bit of respect and courtesy. Providing a clean toilet, a rest room with free coffee and tea isnt rocket science FFS. By biggest worry is the impending change in fuel regulations whereby red diesel/gas oil will not be able to be used on construction sites. Meaning that all heavy plant will be running on white diesel/derv. I can only imagine at the amount of site theft of fuel that will now occur. So we are now looking at buying a fuel truck to fuel our on site plant rather than keep fuel on site. Security guards and camera's will have to be the order of the day wherever we've got heavy plant located. I got notification this morning that the aggregate suppliers are putting a cubic metre of concrete by £11.00 in April 2022 to cover the fuel uplift. Anyway, hopefully those that have read this far have found my ramblings insightful. All of a sudden paying well into CAP clean seems like a piece of piss. Just got sell this soft top Audi now and a well earned piss up will be on the cards.
  9. XFS,is bang on with his summary.Just to add that you might find more benefit in visiting youtube and watching some tutorials on how to take better pics.Personally i use a Canon camera for car pics and then load the SD card onto the laptop for editing and uploading to an advert, as i find the software easier to use than fiddling around with the phone.My first camera was second hand and still performed well for many years of general abuse. Good lens's are the key and are readily available on ebay.I have 2 go to lens.10-22mm is great for tight spaces when you cant get far enough back to get the whole car in the frame but can tend to distort the car from certain angles, so mainly i use a 24-105mm lens which is just about perfect for my needs.
  10. My intention would be to contact all staff members to see who wants to return to work (subject to not getting a return to business as normal date from the government).If all employees wish to return on the same day i will then create a skills matrix that would include skills,length of service,adaptability etc etc .Just in case any body gets grumpy and harbours thoughts about a constructive dismissal case. I can foresee that getting guys back to work for only a perceived 20% increase in pay is going to interesting.
  11. Given the high prices that piss poor car seem to sell for at auction,maybe sell them through the block ? very little hassle for you and keeps your pitch from getting clogged up with low return headaches.
  12. I will probably use suction pads to place the trade plates inside the of windscreen .One of my concerns is that if i encounter a jobsworth who starts spouting off about rules and regs. I've actually had a visit in our haulage yard from the DVSA who issued us with a PG9 ,which is a roadside prohibition ...........or 'crime' was for the wagon driver having a number plate with his name on it,it was placed against the windscreen at the back of the clocks.Apparently part of the plate was in the sweep area of the wiper arc , the DVSA said it was causing restricted vision,driver removed the number plate ,we were then issued with a PG10 which then allowed us to carry on with our days work. Very annoying and very petty .I would hazard a guess that the same rule could also be used against a car driver with plates in the window.Just a thought...........
  13. My trade plates finally arrived today.Im wondering what you guys are using to display them? 1.wedged in dash with a rag? 2,suction cups? 3,trade plates in a housing with rubber straps(might be better if the rozzers stop the car then at least i can fix them outside the car)? 4, clip on brackets over existing number plate to allow trade plates to be displayed clearly,directly below existing reg plate.Although i would guess that there are quite a few cars with recessed plates that will make this impossible. A ever your thought and ideas are welcome. ps,as this is my 25th post i will be in the lounge soon,where hopefully there will be a monster piss up ongoing!
  14. Hi Mr Bob, After reading some of the replies to your recent used car buying experience,i feel that some of the unhelpful comments just go to show what a shower of shite most motor traders actually are.I think its actually because they are all making so much money that they close ranks to protect their own kind, on average they make at least £2000 cash on every single car they sell,this money gets spent on beer and tabs.So to stop them I think you should buy a new motor every time and remember that most new car dealers have nice coffee and free wifi.
  15. Pistonheads is a very varied site,covers many different motoring and non motoring subjects(Interestingly enough there is also a lot of cars for sale on the site) the point i was making is that there are threads on there that use the 'sticky' concept.