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  1. Definitely not "the last idiot" there are quite a few of us.
  2. So there is something good about the Austin Maxi after all
  3. These guys clearly should have better conditions for sure, the industry should step up and ensure drivers have access to decent facilities.
  4. Yep we have a few drop tops around at the moment, optimistic that they will be out the door turn of the year
  5. Hi Folks, Interested to hear how everyone is finding the job at the moment retail wise?
  6. Great post Sir! Very enlightening.
  7. Same, we have no shares in Shell but from bitter experience in times gone by with EML's triggered by crap fuel we strongly advise customers to avoid supermarket fuels and use Shell which is the dominant main brand in our area. Thankfully our customers take on board the advice no surprise very few incident's of fuel triggered EML incident's, those we have are supermarket fuelled. You get what you pay for as they say.
  8. Feel your pain Arthur, sort of a rock and a hard place. Small claims you will possibly piss them (BCA) off but then with the volume of vehicles you seem to buy they may just compromise. However it plays out Arthur, wish you the best of luck going forward.
  9. Agree. Although pinch point may not come anytime soon, there is apparently a shortage of other components other than chips. Can see a possible dip in demand come December as folks feel they lost Christmas last year therefore this year Christmas could be on steroids and focus on other things rather than used cars. We have no Tsunami of used stock due anytime soon and if March plate delivers my guess is that stock that filters through will be readily absorbed by the trade. We may also have the bonus early next year of those who have deferred changing due to not covering many miles through lockdowns. January through March I am optimistic that the job will be good, with prices stable, but once new car production ramps up who knows? We indeed are in unchartered territory.
  10. Snows until spring David clearly you are already prepared and stocked up with 4x4's . As for the so called fuel crisis we have been down the coast for last four weeks and not paying too much attention to the doom and gloom news, that said I noted there has been much made of driver shortages. Never been one to subscribe to conspiracy theories but what news we have seen the supermarkets and fuel suppliers have been banging on about driver shortages. Seems to me they could be trying to put pressure on government, after all as far as I understand this so called fuel crisis started with BP stating they had 20 sites without fuel. Did BP introduce an overtime ban? Who knows? In any event my blue rinse customers wont be changing anytime soon as they have filled their tanks to the brim which will last them to spring bless them. Frozen turkey sales though the roof bet shelves are bursting with turkey's come Christmas, thanks media and the gullible British pubic (Not a typo). By the by I have 1,000 tone of sprouts available should anyone concerned for their Christmas dinner, book early they are going fast! Lol.
  11. Then why continue to deal with BCA? Seems to me like they have a different model going forward, WBAC feeding Cinch seems like the long term priority methinks. Leaving the scraps to go through the halls, we dropped them years ago, good company once upon a time when BCA was purely an auction and we all dealt at branch level. Maybe save yourself more grief going forward and buy elsewhere.
  12. Good call. Clearly they are well aware of the issue as many dealers have descended into serious valve bounce over the spam, yet Car dealer mag chooses to ignore the frustration dealers are feeling. Begs the question do they give a flying **** ? For what it is worth I shall msg James as suggested.
  13. Clearly my warped sense of humour doesn't travel so far South
  14. So all positive then! Chin up fella, I was pretty upbeat about the job prior to this, now think I need a lay down in a darkened room.