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  1. We are flying the Ukrainian flag at our premise's and have donated to the cause. The Ukraine people need all the support we can give, please fellow dealers join the cause and encourage business contacts to follow suit.
  2. Lloyds business banking has free accounting software for 3 months free, £5 per month thereafter.
  3. " Always treat people as you would wish to be treated " Spot on Umesh and David business should be a pleasure for all parties involved. We never judge a book by its cover. Always remember back in the 60's when I was a lad working for pocket money compounding and t cutting, waxing Ford Prefects guy came into my Dad's showroom scruffy as anything the salesmen ignored him. I'm saying "hello" having a bit of a chat, upshot was he wanted to buy a Zephyr convertible we had in stock. Passed him over to my old man deal done paid cash on the spot. Slightly off subject from our mans original post but thought I would share. Wish I had the Zephyr in stock now
  4. Great post! This is yet another instance when the forum truly pays off, dealers helping other dealers.
  5. You don't need any advice. Seems you were professional and reasonable throughout and this individual was trying to renegotiate your company policy. It is your business your policy end of. Bet he wears his Polo shirt with the collar up!
  6. We have sold a fair few of these and as Halfpenny says "nightmares" even for our own very experienced tech's. After doing all the basics and delving deeper a faulty Dualogic usually ends up at the Fiat dealer, from memory around £1500 trade to sort. Feel for you Zahoor. If we get 500 Dualogic in stock now we only retail with outsourced extended warranty built into the deal.
  7. Don't think Mr Chesterman will loose any sleep though
  8. Do you advertise with AA cars Casper? It's cheap and you're customer generally assumes cars are AA inspected which I am sure would be by your workshop and any apparent issues rectified. Plus consumer gets 12 months free basic breakdown cover, which adds credibility to your business. We used to have all our cars AA inspected big cost to carry, remember loosing a deal due to inspector noting "slight weep from cambox gasket which naturally we would rectify. Customer in their ignorance assumed engine was knackered and walked. Gave up with inspections soon after saved a fortune that was twenty years ago and we are still here.
  9. Sincerely pleased for you and anyone else who is having a good time with the job right now. Here well unfortunately it rhymes with bright!
  10. As SC says we have no worries with diesels at all, particularly as many consumers are concerned about the cost of living going forward.
  11. Not used this but to my best understanding Cazzo bought Cazana some months ago, maybe they are looking to moneytise it?
  12. Great to hear some of you guy's are having a good time with the job. Not exactly sparkling with us trickling along right now, keeping the powder dry with our retail prices as wholesale money by and large is still strong. Re-cleaning and fresh photo's ready for the surge in demand
  13. It's part of Boris's Brexit masterplan, many others have secretly been recruited across the country to cull and recycle the grey squirrel to serve a useful purpose, whilst enabling our native great British red squirrel to thrive once more.
  14. A very happy new year Umesh and to all fellow dealers/traders on this forum, wishing you good health and prosperity through 2022. It is sure to be an interesting year.
  15. Same. Decided to give the our guys the time off till next year, not convinced we will do any good if open in between this time around.