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  1. Try Steve Mealor at Gallaghers Insurance 07879 426446. Very helpful and competitive.
  2. Best wishes to Andy Conde in retirement, Great auctioneer looked after us guy's in the hall over the years.
  3. Greetings and salutations Umesh from an IMDA member. Challenging times for our industry with potentially more to come in 2024, best foot forward guys and stay positive.
  4. Always thought a Cazoo was something you blew hot air into to produce a sound like a duck farting or perhaps the cry in it's last throws of life.
  5. Two bank holidays on the back of Easter peoples heads and wallets are in another place, relax and mint your stock it will come back. As for red if it's mega cheap at wholesale price, take a punt. Polish it within an inch of it's life and you may get a result. Works for us particularly sub 5k retail money
  6. Every day in this job is a school day, fifty years on and I for one am still learning. Clearly you have an unreasonable customer here, personally I would get the car back and refund him asap. Maybe the car does have fuel contamination however, all you have is his text stating the fault occurred once he had refuelled. Putting the matter to proof is unlikely to be easy would you really want to spend your time in pursuing a claim through the small claims court as some have suggested? Your time is better invested in sorting the car and retailing it once more. Don't stress over the odd one that bites you, I am sure you have many satisfied customers we tend to forget the positives when a drama hits us. Smile and wave.
  7. BCA issues aside it would appear you have limited mechanical knowledge, then having been advised by a technician that the clutch was about to expire you then chose to retail the vehicle to a consumer who experienced a failure of the clutch shortly after purchase. Unbelievable!
  8. Careful you might give Mr Chesterfield an idea for a business model that actually works Absolutely sweet deal for Peter Vardy picking up a great site from the man who was deriding the retail motor trade as not fit for purpose! Not all dinosaur's became extinct some evolved into motor dealers and we have been around for a wee while now and will be for some time to come. Grrrrr Mr Chesterfield
  9. Well Mr Chestnut (see what I did there) set out to revolutionise the motor trade, really? So far it seems the only revolution has been to burn money on a scale that no self respecting motor dealer could imagine in my memory. Seems like whoever he has hired at the top to grow the business hasn't a clucking foo. Hopefully the people who are being let go as they say, are reemployed in the real motor trade. Maybe we have reached a point with Cazoo when it's not if but when.
  10. Surely the best stock goes to Cinch. You guy's certainly are experiencing some aggravation, we gave up buying from BCA years ago best decision we ever made. They used to be sound back in the day pre internet/mega corporate age, issues always sorted.
  11. Had a guy the other day called us out, his engine was running rough he had only topped the oil up level to cambox filler cap bless him!
  12. Chan, once you go to court with another party it is a fact that the relationship has broken down. G3 have the right to choose who they deal with in the future, why would they maintain your buyer's account in the event that you may at some time in the future take them to court on another issue? Difficult to comment fully on this post as you have not clarified the events/facts of your grievance with G3, In my experience with any company best place to start with any issue that cannot be resolved by management is to write politely to the MD we find generally it gets a positive result. Should that fail it is prudent to assess the value of your trading relationship with the business concerned and take a view as to what impact court action would have upon your business going forward.
  13. No problem here as yet with tyre kickers. We are based North West and yes it has slowed somewhat however, the customers we are engaging with are in a need to buy situation hence no discount remains our policy.
  14. And they pulled their pants down big time. Welcome to the motor trade Mr Chesterman let's see how you go forward from what appears to be the disaster that is Cazoo. Us little guy's will still be around for some time to come. Smiling and waving. Oh and making a profit, as we know what we are doing ish.