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  1. I guess we will have to join the advanced area as the garbage out here is becoming untenable. New posts are rare but then I guess we are all concentrating on our respective business's, recovery was always going to be more challenging than the Pandemic however, we do like a challenge in the motor trade don't we folks.
  2. We don't buy from BCA walked away around ten years ago when they introduced online handlers trying to deal us on undisclosed damages, increased fees and webuyanycar. So far we have survived and indeed prospered. Venture capital vampires only wish to dominate the market and suck the life out of independents and indeed the motor trade in general. Apparently BCA have bought an airfield to fill with cars for Cinch, control the market is there mission me thinks. Stop buying from them would be a start however, the motor trades biggest failing is that we don't stick together and when stock is so short how many would have the balls to walk away from BCA?
  3. BCA I think will be diverting the premium stock from webuyany car to Cinch. MFL and lease companies extended many contracts during lockdown, those cars will not appear until next year and only if there is adequate new car supply. So many cars in the public domain have done very little miles in the last eighteen months therefore a large proportion of punters will keep hold of their current car for some time yet. There are also a number companies who due to homeworking are rationalising their company car policy in other words not renewing fleet. Prices of stock will be high for some time to come.
  4. Yep, even as a dinosaur old trader and digital fossil realise that. Comment was more of a "heads up" to the administrator's of the forum to delete this continuous nonsense that sends many of us into valve bounce.
  5. Why are these clowns on here surely it is supposed to be a professional car dealer forum? Jeremey you should do as BHM suggests.
  6. If you have four cars and find it difficult to gain consumer confidence buying from a smaller site, selling warranties may also be a difficult call. Lawdata and Lawjistics offer printed warranty books at reasonable cost with detailed terms and conditions so you can self warrant your vehicles with protection for the consumer, you and your business. Preparation is key however, a proper full service and fresh mot is a good starting point, cars unfortunately have a habit of throwing us the odd curved ball, but that's the motor trade.
  7. Trading illegally surely not! Asif is clearly a good citizen paying the vat on his margins and declaring his income to HMRC and paying the tax due on said income. Doing the right thing to contribute to repaying the tax payer coffers that have helped our society thus far through the pandemic, and I am sure as a responsible trader he is selling his car on fully serviced with full mot and at least six months warranty.
  8. Yep, dealers put up with a lot of demands/crap but hopefully made decent money along the way. Times are a changing fast the franchise model as we knew it may well be about to be disassembled very soon.
  9. It is just Possible that we currently have a sport fest going on Wimbledon, football etcetera. Therefore the publics minds may be elsewhere right now, so many people also away taking the breaks they would have normally have in April/May. For now powder dry keep is our policy, by the by cheapest may not be best strategy in our opinion.
  10. Agree David it will not end anytime soon for the reasons we all know, however, all good thing's come to an end and this will eventually. Good times right now though and well overdue!
  11. What sort of price range are you selling?
  12. Really feel for the guy's who are having a quiet time right now we are not on fire but steady enough with some of the heaviest retail priced stock in captivity. Keep peddling guy's if it's slow now your turn will surely come to make hay, hopefully before the bubble bursts.
  13. The guy's point at the start of this thread was that the car in question had a clean sheet in January and has since covered some 700 miles.
  14. This we know. However, point DCS01 made was that the test in January was 100 percent clean sheet no advisories.
  15. Had this car come in to us I would not hesitate to report.
  16. Absolutely right. Sadly when furlough ends for many people that may be the case. We as businesses may also find that the recovery in the short to medium term may be more challenging than the pandemic.
  17. Mr Chesterman is without doubt a very clever guy who will personally trouser a fortune from the venture, what a salesman. As far as I understand (might be wrong I often am) his modus operandum is to build a business and move it on, which I think will be the case here. Blockbuster and the housing market were ripe for online disruption however, used cars are a different ball game altogether, particularly in the UK.
  18. Same. Cars are rather different to tins of beans or t-shirts online has a while to go yet with used cars. Many of us guy's the supermarkets and the franchises are in the same online space with similar offerings and established physical sites with good reputations.
  19. Occupation: Therapist Self Employed Business Name: Gladys the spanking nun I kid you not it was passed and funded.