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  1. I’ve been getting deliveries from bca the last few years. Wanted to share the opposite side which I found interesting. My mum needed to sell her car. Can’t drive it anymore. normally I’d have sold it but due to family crap I couldn’t touch it (I’d be accused of a rip off whatever I paid). I send her to wbac. After the inspection guy priced it at 6300, calling the manager it’s 6660. The best price. this is a Tuesday. With their free payment (they want more money if you want the cash quick) the cash will be in the account Monday. by Thursday it’s on bca. Sale is Monday. Goes for 8200. Fees on top. they’ve been paid for the car by the time they have to pay for it.with a nice £2k it’s now on autotrader for 9999. I’m in the wrong game lol.
  2. That’s good news. I was hoping they were just quoting people 3 weeks to get them to come and collect.
  3. Just bought something damaged, need it delivered. holy crap, 15 working days, ie 3 weeks until it’s going to arrive. (Bca truck). Last month was 7-10 days. Anyone know the wait times for other branches in the south? Ive always used bb.
  4. Did anyone see what the repo’d Bentley went for today? I missed it. flat tyre. Engine light. Suspension collapsed. reminded me of this phantom I saw a while back Think it was at measham ?
  5. Did anyone see what the repo’d Bentley went for today? I missed it. flat tyre. Engine light. Suspension collapsed. reminded me of this phantom I saw a while back At bca online
  6. 99% of the cars seem to have missing map disks. where do they go? I assumed sticky fingered dealers at the sale, but they’re still all missing during lockdown. had this recently. L322. Missing the whole changer from the boot. Plus map disk. And the clarion cd changer cartridge. Someone must be going home each day with a boot load of disks. who in the chains taking them all???
  7. Cheap and I’m already on voda. thanks!
  8. Anyone using a portable tracker? Like hide it in the boot of whatever car someone’s come to look at. I’ve been looking but can’t find much. Maybe it could just be a phone that gets really good signal Hopefully I’ll never need it.
  9. I though maybe as I was using a phone the button was off the screen r something. As mattr said bca didn’t press the button to give me access. Sorted now. Thought it was me being a donut. Cheers
  10. I get that. I’m silver card trade and they sent me an email telling me I get access to the valuations. Are they supposed to show up as a button next to the mechanical report etc?
  11. I’m looking at the cars and I can see the mechanical and condition reports. The email bca sent me say I get cap and glass valuations free. Where are they ?
  12. The buyers insurance will only be valid if it’s had an mot since being catted. Trades fine. It’s insurance not government related
  13. You could put the “cherished plate” on a retention certificate about £180 from memory. Only if it has mot. They’ll reassign a age related plate to the car. You send them the v5. Cheaper probably
  14. Hi all. I’m getting back into home dealing after a 10 year break. I used to buy copies of cap black book on eBay every few months. I don’t turn over enough to justify a new one every month (never did really, but used to subscribe.) do they not do physical copies anymore? whats my options? Glass’ from the newsagents??