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  1. Hi, I am looking for a finance company so that I can offer my customers the option to purchase my vehicles through a finance company. Can anyone recommend a reputable one? Thanks
  2. Can anyone recommend a broker or insurance company for motorhome trade insurance? Chees Jimnibob
  3. Hi, I have been recommended Warranty Wise as a warranty company to use to offer my customers warranty. Does anyone have any feedback of them or other recommendations? Cheers Jimnibob
  4. This might sound a bit of a stupid question, but in terms of providing the customer with a sales receipt is the one supplied by the RMI all that I need to give the customer when selling them a vehicle (other than the obvious stuff like the V5c part and service log book and MOT etc) This is a link to the RMI sales receipt/invoice - http://imgur.com/GB7oEEz
  5. Just to throw my two peneth in. I am trading in high value vehicle and small turnover, and viewings are by appointment. I rent a virtual office at a local business centre and meet customers there for the viewings. I use this as my business and mailing address and can also 'hot desk' from the premises as well. I simply meet customers in the reception where I can offer them coffee and use a desk in a quite corner of the main foyer to do paperwork. I then show them around the vehicle which I have brought with me and parked in the car park. Never had an issue yet. I am open and transparent with the customer if they ask about my trading arrangements
  6. Hi, Just in the process of doing all that fun stuff when starting to setup a new business. I have another businesses, but this is the first motor trade business and so whilst I am OK with generic things such as tax and accounting, there are many new things I have not come across before. What Paperwork I am sure I am going to sound a, "Right plonker Rodney" when I ask what paperwork do I need to provide a buyer, but I would sooner feel a muppet than get it wrong. Obviously I am going to provide all of the vehicle related paperwork, but in terms of a Sales Invoice/Receipt is the example in this link adequate and all that I need? http://rmiwp.co.uk/product/rmo048-new-used-vehicle-sales-invoice-pad# Do I need anything else? Cheers Jimnibob
  7. Promotional staff. Knew I had forget something
  8. Thanks S and B What are the benefits of lawgistics over FSB?
  9. Cheers for taking the time to respond. What documentation do I need to supply a buyer. Obviously a sales invoice, but does it require specific wording/declaration or is anything else other than a sales invoice. Have been looking at the example forms on the RMI website Thanks
  10. Hi, I am sure this has been asked many times, but can anyone please advise what things I need to have in place to become a motor trader other than finances and a strong business plan. I am thinking of the practical things and have identified the following, but is there anything else; Business addressMotor trade insurancePublic liability insuranceMotor trade plate licence(s)Business stationaryWebsiteTerms & Conditions of SaleVAT registeredDeclare business to HMRCVehicle warranty provider optionMembership to professional association such as Federation of Small BusinessesIs there anything else I need or need to consider? Thanks