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  1. Thanks umesh I’m looking for something cheap and one off payment at the moment but you’re right I’ve heard good things about dealer5
  2. Has anyone used Or can anyone recommend a company that builds low cost websites for a small car business? Thanks
  3. Morning everyone, A couple of days ago I was about to bid on a car from BCA but I run the HPI check and it showed as having outstanding finance. I called the branch, they carried out their own check and said they’ll retract it from sale. I was under the impression that all auctioned cars should have no outstanding finance but I’m new to this game and still learning. Does this happen often?
  4. Hello everyone, I would also like to take the opportunity to introduce myself. I have started a few months back (only part time for now) after reading a lot of useful information on this forum. First thing I did was to buy the digital magazine, an excellent read. I also went to CDX in Farnborough where I met a lot of knowledgeable people. Then I opened a LTD, bought insurance, got trade plates, warranty booklets, registered with auction houses, bought a couple of cars and advertised them at a reasonable price on different platforms. To date I haven’t sold anything and they’re both 1 owner full main dealer service history and new MOT. I’m sure they will sell sooner or later but I must say 60 cars in 4 months is a good going in this extremely challenging and competitive industry.