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  1. Feel cheap ,Parts are expensive, fall to bits at end of warranty,pricey for what they are. depends what end of the market your at but on sub 5k stuff.. fiesta of any variant- slow seller and expensive . Any Ford with a 1.8 engine ...hmm any car with a 1.8 engine. Any diesel unless lots of history and driven by someone who knows what gear to be in
  2. cheers mark - C &D GRANT ring any bells?
  3. Anyone in the vicinity of Glasgow got renolink or clip? Got a troublesome airbag light and need some in depth diagnosis
  4. Onesure are to be avoided. I've had all that crap in the past. Once you fulfill that request the next one is only a matter of time..
  5. just over a month ago I bought two cars that had been owned by someone who had passed away. The executor of will had the old v5 but not most recent. For my own reasons I registered the cars in company name and taxed at post office using v62 . I thought I'd be waiting forever on the new v5 but very surprisingly was no longer than usual. He did write to dvla explaining situation. This proves someone IS dealing with such matters
  6. Someone better tell the NHS 'angels' it's nothing to worry about. sick leave has rocketed in the past few days ‘ I’ve kids to think about’ survival of the fittest....
  7. How could anyone not be concerned? From a business point of view and personal. Seems they call a mild case/symptoms is when you survive it. Can't imagine many car dealers lungs are in tip top condition..inhaled my usual dose of mannol brake cleaner today.
  8. PAYG and not constant. I'm not saying they wouldn't sell on autotrader but they sold through FB before AT had a chance to dip my pockets again. FB was a waste of time in the past but a change of strategy on advert , targeted and posted by my business partner has produced good results. I tend to have young person's type cars kA grand Prix , Corsa stings etc Agree you get a lot of messers on FB but tends to be with the cheap cars on marketplace. Autotrader no longer have the biggest audience....
  9. Last 3 months zero sales through AT previously all sales through AT . Lucky if the younger generation know who autotrader are and if they do there not enticed to look there..
  10. It's a strange world.. Everything has turned full circle. Auctions seem to be the place to buy for a private buyer. Buying Central auctions crap for retail money, when it borders on auto salvage, even the legitimate private sellers lie through their teeth and for sure the car dealer is the most honest amongst men. The unknown to you independent garage hit you with bullshit advisory items whearas the main chains don't.. And the so called liberals use mob rule /mentality to cause chaos . Full circle indeed . Need wisdom in this game...
  11. Try ultimate compound, especially as your new to machine polishing. Doing a full detail is a long long process. I've spent 16hrs doing a valet. Ultimate compound saves time as you don't have to go over it with polish, the compound breaks down in to smaller less aggressive particles and polishes while it's worked. M105 will cut more but you'll need to follow with m205 to polish. As a beginner ultimate compound is ideal! use a medium pad. Claying is something I try my best to's a horrible time consuming job. Petrol and a microfiber is far quicker , white spirit even better but depends on car/paint condition and youbdon't want to leave it on the paint longer than necessary..keep the hose nearby. VonHaus DA polisher is good value for money and comes with red pad for removal of scratches, yellow for swirl marks and a black pad for polishing. Huge money in detailing products IMO most are unnecessary...
  12. In Scotland you need a license to sell second hand cars. This is a good system - if it was enforced! I've lost count of the times I've seen undeclared cat n cars, sheds straight from central auctions etc etc on facebook. It makes the job hard ,especially if you trade in sub 3k cars. The people who get duped by the plastic trader vow never again and they become PCP Arnold Clark slaves.. Some auctions ask for more than a trade insurance policy ..they all should!
  13. you can't upload video's on PAYG. I usually mention I have great video of car in advert and to message me for the link. It's far from ideal but it's better than nothing.
  14. If your at the sub 2k cars then I don't see much difference between auction v private buying in terms of issues. The private usually been to garage and they've told them to sell it.. New mot on a private sale is usually a bad sign in my experience. I get best deals by buying a rattly corsa at market or a ka that won't go in to gear. A rotten rear axle is a blessing to me too. The aforementioned is relatively easy fixes. Know the car your buying the end of the day it's not where you buy but the price you pay. Private sellers want a grand for a fkd car n so do auction houses
  15. Me and a pal I had from Skye used to go down to Rotherham to buy cat d . He was experienced ,worked in coachworks. trying to repair cars and make profits wasn't as easy as it sounds. Europeans are either better at it or don't care as much. A 35k 63 plate Clio on fb for the princely sum of 800quid's cheap for a reason..