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  1. Hello all, Thinking of buying from Wilsons Auction in Dalry in Glasgow. If you have any good or bad comments please? Thanks in advance
  2. Very hard work listening to the geordie accent. Apart from that sounded like fairy stories selling 40 police cars a week. If he sold so many , why not now. What's name of his garage? Talks bull
  3. It's an open auction but the bidding doesn't go up in increments, you have to put a figure in yourself. Which might mean paying way above the the last bidder .
  4. Hello everyone , Hope your all well. I have been buying from Brightwells Auction in Wales for a long time. Since lockdown they have introduced times bidding which seems like a con/fraud because you cant up your bid from the last bid but have to enter a higher bid which could mean paying silly amounts over the last bid. I personally think this system is rigged by Brightwells because they can see all the bids going on and you just bid blind hoping to buy your car/van not actually knowing the last bid from yours. Eg the price showing is Lot 28 present bid £5000 . Its inviting you to bid any figure over £5050. So I bid £5100 the next bid came in at £6200 with 12seconds to end of bidding. This person has bid with nothing inbetween , so is being ripped off by Brightwells. Brightwells are not playing fair like BCA etc What's your thoughts exeperience? Thanks for reading
  5. Thanks for your time and kindness. Stay safe
  6. Thanks for reply. Just thought there might be some small independent auctions, if anyone knows which ones they are ? Thanks for your time.
  7. Good morning folks, Hope you are all well in these difficult days. We used to buy Ex Metropolitan Police cars from WOMA auction in Oxford. But they dont do them anymore. I know Brightwells do in Wales . But does anyone know any more auctions for just Ex Metropolitan Cars eg BMW X5 etc. MANY Thanks and keep safe guys
  8. Taz

    Car Gurus

    Tried it before and it's OK, sold car every other day. Not bad considering the monthly outlay. Hope it goes great for you also.
  9. Just gave buying ex police cars a go. They are very hard to shift. Wont be buying again
  10. My adverts keep fluctuating now, maybe time to give AT a big miss. Greedy twats they are
  11. I just got the advert pop up, so thought it might be crap myself. But, hey , got to ask before I buy it myself.
  12. Hi , just got this advert appearing: Cadevot scratch remover £14.99 Is this any good?