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  1. wtf is anybody still using BCA?
  2. Lol, I've heard all of the above, but since lockdown it's the offer of cash/no px, no finance that has been most prevalent I love the dealer one; I get that asked quite often whilst the punter is sat in my office looking over 150k of cars (albeit in a rural storage facility). "So is this this full time for you or just something on the side?"
  3. "Whats your best price for cash? I'm a good customer, don't need finance and have no part exchange, so what's the best price?" Any more cringe worthy opening lines about at the moment? :-)
  4. I suspect Facebook, like eBay and Car Gurus is fairly dependent on location. I've been tinkering for some time but certainly haven't found a sweet spot; just a few dead-end finance applications. I have associates in other, more densely populated areas that do sell a few so I think you need to suck it and see. Sadly, AT remains king for me by a country mile.
  5. Found this out when I briefly considered buying a newer Shogun for a towing vehicle that I could lug the tribe around in. Couldn't believe the corrosion on the things. Junk.
  6. £200 to prep a grade 5? Jeeze I'm doing something seriously wrong
  7. Because the rogues/driveway/cash traders aren't paying a penny of tax on their margins like the rest of us do.
  8. I think people brushing this off as 'no different than flu' are pretty damn ignorant - the only reason the current numbers in China are as they are is because their reaction has been so extreme - so far from the current government we've seen very little action; like allowing passengers on flights from the far-east, Italy and Iran etc through unchecked. We're about 10-14 days behind Italy. Dismissing this is probably as stupid as suggesting Brexit is going to be a bed of roses.
  9. Or send HMRC to investigate punters at car auctions
  10. Just thinking aloud here; what are AT actually gaining by undervaluing cars? I've just added an older Golf to my stock list, AT have put it £400-odd behind CAP retail, I've added the leather interior option which AT tells me was £1700 new and the price has increased by £143, so still well behind CAP retail. Some would argue CAP is way behind too. As we all know it's difficult to source anything decent in for CC atm.
  11. Morning All I've got a part exchange arriving tomorrow with a private plate on it which the customer wants back. Should I first put the vehicle in trade then apply to get it removed or do it whilst the V5 is still in the customer's name? Many thanks 15
  12. Morning All I've noticed Motors (+FB), AA Cars and the free CG package all performing much better over the past couple of months vs AT. With my lowish stock level I'm seriously considering binning AT. Just wondered if their is a way of transferring my 50-odd decent reviews to other platforms? I suspect not but it's worth asking. Cheers
  13. Sorry mate, it doesn't make a lot of sense without the miles displayed on purchase.
  14. It's strange I'll give you that Nick but the fact remains it was reading 97 and 98k 6 years ago and I bought the thing with 60k displayed.