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  1. Hi All, I bought a MK1 Audi TT V6 (only 22k miles!) as a personal/family investment for the future a few months back but have now decided i would like to sell it on. I am pondering whether to buy it through my trade business to maximise profit/sale-ability (even taking tax/VAT etc into consideration) and recoup the money back quickly. First question is this allowed/ok to do so? And, if so do i buy it for what i purchased it privately for, or, can i pay a little extra? - I am not really bothered either way tbh , i am just wanting to be seen to do the correct thing. For context i paid 9.5k for it and its easy worth 15K+ Thanks
  2. Probably a point worth making is that if I've actually bought the car and a fault/issues shows up then my mechanic would be the first port of call no matter what kit I've got. Im wanting something to check for codes when i test drive something before purchasing.
  3. Thanks all, I don't mind spending more tbh (say up to £400) But, it's whether I'd get the use out of it. I'm only wanting to know if there are any apparent major faults . I can't imagine myself resetting stuff etc, I'd be scared of breaking something!
  4. Hey All, Its probably been asked before but what's the best tool overall for checking cars? I am a part time trader and had just been winging it with my own judgement and visual checks. But, i got to car sale 34 and have had my first issue that's cost me with a dodgy engine on an A4. Ideally looking for something straight forward to use for up to or around £200 but could go higher. I had noticed the icarsoft pro, I don't know if that's any good Thanks in advance and all the best for 2022
  5. Not I'm my own experience at all but appreciate it might be different for others.
  6. Yup I get what your saying. But, I've dealt with plenty of nice people through these methods. And, come to think of it most of the Messer's I've experienced have been on the phone. No matter what the channel of contact you can pretty much tell when someone is wasting your time and act accordingly.
  7. Yep marketplace does have a higher percentage of timewasters. However, I have arranged plenty of sales through texts, messenger & email without talking to customers until they turn up to inspect/buy. It is the way of the world these days and I suspect some of you will be missing out on sales down the line with your stances but appreciate it's your right to do business how you choose.
  8. Plenty going on Facebay and Gumtree!
  9. Thanks so whats the difference between 'qualifying' and 'non qualifying' as there is examples of 20% and 16.67% there?
  10. I am a part time trader remember and look like i will be hovering around the 85K mark in my first year of trading, although with things slowing down over xmas a little i should be ok this year if i continue to stock <4k cars. To confirm is the VAT rate for car dealing 16.5%?
  11. Thanks, So i am guessing you can claim back VAT on purchases from other VAT registered businesses or auctions. But, all of my car purchases are from 'Joe Public' so i am guessing i can't claim VAT back in that scenario? On holiday until the new year but i will be cheers Yup starting to think that but i either 'stunt' growth or just go for lower value cars. I am buying around 3k and selling for 4k at the moment on average so not sure id want to go any lower!