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  1. Thanks for your advice and patience. If you see a spam thread please report it - these come directly to me and a colleague and we always act on them.
  2. Sorry for all this. And thanks to those that bought it to my attention. Any spam posts can be flagged and we'll instantly ban them. We'll also look into how they got in the first place! I'm on it.
  3. We got bored over Christmas so started a Car Dealer Podcast. You can find it on the usual Podcast places, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts, by searching for 'Car Dealer Podcast'. In this one Rebecca and I chat about the stories that caught our eye in the Car Dealer headlines. Let me know if you enjoy it
  4. Thanks for the questions – I asked some of them in this video interview: https://cardealermagazine.co.uk/publish/car-dealer-live-auto-trader-ceo-nathan-coe-on-why-ad-giant-wont-be-selling-cars-direct-to-consumers-online-car-sales-and-its-new-launches/209038
  5. Morning all I'm interviewing the CEO of Auto Trader today for a Car Dealer Live video - what do you want to ask him? Post your suggestions here and I'll see what I can do. Cheers James
  6. Sorry it took a while! Glad all ok now
  7. Apologies for the downtime on the forum. We hope they’re now back up and running properly. Let me know if you experience any problems.
  8. Thanks all. We’ll look into this ASAP As an update we may have to take the forum down for maintenance. It’ll be back ASAP
  9. Morning all, thanks for your emails and calls about the forum issues. I noted the strange different user name I was given when I clicked on the site today. However, when I went to start this post, all seemed fine. Are people still experiencing problems? Are there any more extreme than that? If you let me know here we'll investigate. Apologies for the issues.
  10. Hello all Sorry I’ve been quiet. It’s been rather busy in the car dealer world and it turns out it’s not as simple to fill the internet as it is a magazine every month... Anyway, I’ve just been surfing the World Wide Web (I know, very dangerous) but it got me thinking (again, dangerous) about a feature on what used cars car dealers would avoid - so come on, hit me: what used car would you never ever buy and why? My starter for 10 - a Land Rover Freelander. Not only pretty rubbish but unbelievably unreliable by all accounts. What’s yours? Hope all well with you all too!
  11. Alright alright. Calm down all. Been a while since I’ve had to intervene on here. Let’s keep the language civil and act like professionals. That is, after all, what the motor trade is. Don’t let the side down chaps
  12. This is shocking... Please pass it on to friends in the trade https://cardealermagazine.co.uk/publish/car-dealer-issues-bounce-back-loan-scam-warning-conman-nearly-tricks-80k/197520
  13. These are superb - thank you. Will probably write this on Saturday so any more would always be appreciated
  14. Thanks for all of these so far. Really helpful. Please keep them coming!
  15. Morning all Following the success of the last post, I'd wonder if you'd be so kind as to help me with you top tips on what to look out for when buying a used car? Any help or advice you could share would be hugely appreciated. I hope you're all well and enjoying being back at work James