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  1. It's getting overrun now and with seemingly no moderation or efforts to ban/remove offenders, I think the time has come to move to pastures new. Fun while it lasted though. Cheers all, it's been emotional.
  2. Like +1 Seriously, are we nearly 3 years on from this legislation being introduced and still stumbling across 'dealers' who are clueless as to their responsibilities in law? As Judge Dealy says, with the evidence you have presented, you have no defence. It sounds like you've sold a car without any kind of prep or thought as to required paperwork, taken the money happily and now seemingly want to swerve around your legal obligations because it might have a fault. Sorry if I've misread it, but, speaking on behalf of those who spend time, money and effort doing it right, don't be upset if you get little sympathy on here.
  3. Although you can't fix everything - it doesn't mean you shouldn't fix anything... Just saying.
  4. Loving the irony. I think you'll not find that it isn't not an oxymoron (one word by the way; as an oxy is a pain killer, your two-word version is both wrong and rude). I would suggest that double negative isn't the term you weren't looking for.
  5. 2 calls on Saturday afternoon: "You've got a black Peugeot on your forecourt - is it for sale & can you Email me some pictures" Me: "It is and I could, but it's not been cleaned and prepped yet" "Never mind, send me some pictures if you can, as I really need a car and I think it is just what I'm looking for" Me; "Will do" So dropped everything and took some pics in the pi$$ing rain and sent them to him. Email arrived at 19.30hrs: "Thanks for those.... I'm away all next week so I'll ring you when I get back. Nice. Phone rings while I'm with some punters: "I'm ringing about the Merc you've got advertised" Me: "Excellent. How can I help?" Him: "What can you tell me about it?" Me: "Have you read the advert, looked at the pictures and watched the video?" Him: "Yes". Me: "Can't really add much, but I've got some customers sat in front of me, so I'll ring you back in a few minutes and we can chat about it". Him: "You shouldn't have answered the phone if you couldn't talk to me" Me: "Eh? You would have preferred it if I ignored your call?" Him: "Yeah. I want to talk about it now." Me: "You've lost me" Him: "and you've lost a sale - you shouldn't have answered". Me: "I'm inclined to agree with you now....bye"
  6. You're not hardcore unless you live hardcore
  7. +1 Really guys, its the CRA2015 - I find it amazing that we're still asking questions about this. There is no excuse for not knowing how it works by now. First 30 days - customer has to prove the fault existed at time of delivery AND to be entitled to the Consumer Rights Act remedies, the fault must render the vehicle not of satisfactory quality, not fit for purpose or not as described. Day 31 - 6 months - you have to prove the fault didn't exist. Moral of the story: Get your paperwork right or face the consequences.
  8. And if you can find an identical spec/mileage/condition/price, you're guaranteed to still have it in June.
  9. Tbh, I don't 'know', but it has always worked with random digits for me. Maybe DVLA have tightened it up a bit now. Either way, your method of trial and error will work just fine. At least they haven't introduced a 3 strikes and you're out system.
  10. Don't even have to do that - the first digit is random, so just pick any one; it will work. The lesson here I guess is don't give any V5 details to anyone unless they've already handed over the cash. Preferably when sitting in front of you.
  11. Did you actually give him your business card? If so, my money's on him being a Be-back Bus ticket collector.
  12. Bought some of these earlier this year They work just fine on most cars (except those with bigger than normal plates), although a bit fiddly on some and you have to be really careful with the edges on the paintwork.
  13. Or... You sound eminently sensible and are looking at it in the same way that I probably would. To be fair, your reasons: 1-8 Can't argue. 9 Probably influenced by 1-8. Fwiw, we would be more than happy to allow you to become a customer of ours! What are you looking for?