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  1. Agree, this is what I’m doing, have the luxury of doing it whilst still holding down another full time job, so it’s maybe not possible for everyone to do it this way. Started 2 years ago with £10k and 2 cars, business now worth something like £90k with 8 cars. Not saying this is a good performance, feels pretty slow actually, but I own it all and owe nothing to nobody. As you say David, it’s gathering pace now as the more cars you have the more you sell.
  2. I’ve had leather panels replaced, and you could not tell it had been done. I’m told, but I don’t know for certain, that changing the seats can be a headache, as the airbag modules etc are coded to the car. I’m also told, that seats with airbags in the side, the stitching is especially designed to split when the airbag deploys, so whilst it will probably never be an issue, it should really be done properly with the correct stitching to replicate the OEM spec.
  3. If you put in the effort, more often than not some history can be traced.
  4. As everyone else has said, it’s a pain in the arse. I’ve done it a few times, and it wasn’t worth the hassle. People only want to go this route so they can get more back for their car, which ultimately squeezes your margins, yet your still doing the same work and taking the risk. The upside though is you have an opportunity to make a margin, which you otherwise wouldn’t have had (if you couldn’t have afforded more stock). It can also cause an issue with part ex’s, because once your SOR car has gone, you have to pay the customer in full, whilst still having the cash to buy in the other customer part Ex. Maybe not an issue for the big boys with plenty of cash, but I’ve found I’ve had to pass on a couple of opportunities because I couldn’t afford to buy the part Ex.
  5. I’m small, 5 cars and selling from home. I’m selling at least 5 a month, strong margins, buying is definitely harder than selling
  6. He must think it’s like buying a TV, just a display model
  7. I started like you 18 months ago selling 5-6k cars from home, now selling it 10-12k cars and it hasn’t made any difference, they sell just as easy. Even sell the odd £20k car, no problem. I live in a nice area, so maybe that helps a bit. What you lack in customer confidence of having a professional facility, you make up for in the fact they feel reassured they know where they can find you - not that I’ve ever had an issue in that respect. Only thing I would say, is don’t jump into more expensive cars unless you can no longer physically fit any more at home. You are better having more lower price stock - more opportunities for sales. More expensive stock doesn’t always mean bigger profit margins either!
  8. After a bit of help here if anyone is able to assist... Got a Juke Nismo here with a broken daytime running light, lens broken and not illuminating. Nissan want over £700!!! Tried the usual eBay, breakers etc, nothing come up so far. Anyone know of anywhere that might do an aftermarket one? Thanks
  9. Had a customer come by today to see our 68 plate, 4,800 mile Abarth 595. He was less than complimentary about a new and well known online car supermarket, who delivered him an 18 plate, 6,000 mile Abarth 595 yesterday. Apparently the car looked like it had done 20,000 hard miles. Anyway, he sent them packing back with it, demanding his refund. Came and saw my car, very happy an bought it. I wonder how they are getting along generally, maybe this is an isolated incident, but didn’t sound very good from them.
  10. Thanks all, that’s what I thought, gave it a miss!
  11. Found a car privately advertised on AT, background checked it, all ok so went to see it, on the check it said last owner had it 4 years, I asked the chap “you’ve had it 4 years?”, no 1 he said. Checked the V5, not in his name or address. He said he put it in the trade to keep the owners down, but not a trader. He had service receipts in his name from Oct 2019, but no proof of purchase. Furthermore he said it had full nissan main dealer history, it was part nissan part Indi - not a deal breaker but just another reason to doubt the guy. Would you have bought the car in these circumstances? Trying to gauge if I’m being overcautious. Thanks
  12. Is it just me, or are the people that say I’m not a messer, the biggest fucking messers
  13. Exactly this, because of the type of stock I buy, I’m normally paying over book, but my margins are pretty decent, that’s what matters
  14. Thanks for the feedback guys, shall just crack on with these plates then, doesn’t seem like it’s going to be an issue
  15. I establish what a realistic retail price is, then I take off my costs and the margin I want, that’s the maximum I will pay for it.