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  1. Let me go to trading standards. I bet he doesn't!
  2. MrC


    Just to resurrect this post, John from Premier Insurance got in touch and came to see us at our premises. I do have to say John is very knowledgeable and seems well connected. What John doesn't know about the insurance industry and most importantly trade (Combined) policies isn't worth knowing. Long story short we have taken out a policy with Premier Insurance, the price came in slightly cheaper, but what is important to me is a really feel like we'll be looked after In a world where good service seems a bit thin on the ground is refreshing find a good business, John is definitely worth having a chat with.
  3. MrC


    Happy to get a quote off you, ours is due 10th December. I'll PM you my number
  4. Offer an item for free on Facebook market place! It's a whole subculture you never knew existed.
  5. Is anyone else having problems loging in? Im just getting a Error
  6. OMFG is that guy serious, Im lost for words. WTF does he expect from a 12 year old Range Rooney
  7. That's the dream, I'd love one, till then I'll slum it in my C4S
  8. Steady on now, we are not all horrible. That said there are some utter bell ends, usually at the anorak end of the spectrum. Fucking good cars 911's cant deny that.
  9. Morning, is there anyway to view Cat N/S damage reports?
  10. MrC

    Test drive

    When someone rings us for a ready done camper or a conversion, my first question is what's your budget. Our conversions are around £17k and New campers start at £55k. If then only have £8k for a conversion or £25k for a done camper then it's a complete none starter. So lovely as they might be and as polite as I am it saves a lot of time from the getgo.
  11. Last batch of Transporters I ordered in June where £33000 inc VAT.. Same vans today £39500 with an 8-12 month wait!!!! I had three quote from dealers and all where the same within £100 All discounts and dealer contributions have gone.
  12. I'm not on my own any more, there are 3 of us now, 2020 and 2021 have been crazy busy for obvious reasons. It's been very hard work, stress levels have been high. Our biggest challenge has been the supply chain, really hit and miss with getting the bits in to do the jobs. Beds are a 10 week lead time and furniture 14 weeks poptop canvases are 6 to 8 weeks at the moment. So it's been a lot of long term planning and holding more stock than usual. Most of our customers have been fabulous and understanding with our challengers, but we have had one or two inpatient customers. The rest of this year is booked up than includes the vans we have on order. The idea of doing our own vans is to try to get back a decent work life balance and work just to our own dead lines. Also we can preplan 12 months in advance what we will need, this should simplify our ordering process. Standardise all our colour schemes etc. I started off 4 years ago buying, converting, advertising, selling then preselling vans before I even had them in. This turned in to converting customer owned vans, and that's the way its been for a while. Last year I bought a brand new van we threw the world at it and sold it within 10 days for £58k. Actually made twice as much as we would normally. As it stands we do have a dealer willing to take vans straight off us, needless to say we'll take a hit on the profit. But its good to know we could just punt them straight in to them if we need to turn the cash around quickly. I know the transition will be rocky and scary at times, you can soon tie a whole lump of dough up in couple of vans. We reallyy need to work smarter and these are the first steps.