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  1. Just remember Matt 1 idiot has already purchased this car and there will be another one out there who will buy it again. Everything has an value and if it's priced right it will sell or trade.
  2. It won't just won't. We have heard it all before. It gets boring after a while. Motors were going to clean up a few years ago, they was going to be a dealer council listening to dealers and much more. Now it's just a shite clunky website that looks worse then AT and may sell you a few cars a month if you are lucky. I would hate to think how much Cox Automotive lost trying. I'm sure they have wrote off the loss so on paper it makes a decent profit, you rarely see a TV advert for them now so they aren't pushing it hard anymore. The truth is they had that money to loose. I'm with MAx, its a wind up threat. All talk and zero to show, no name, no website, no mock up website, nothing.
  3. It doesn't matter if it's free for 3 months, 6 months or 6 years, unless you are going to match AT in advertising your product (as in your site) to the car buying public any site will fail. I spend near £3k a month with AT, they take that money and use maybe 50% of it to drive consumers to use their website and take the other 50% as profit (no idea what the split is in truth). It brings customers to me, I don't care how much they make. Unless you are prepared to have an advertising budget in the £10's of millions to get people using your product you can't compete. It's like what Manchester City had to do to get where they are today, spend millions after millions, loose millions after millions just to get near the other teams. So he made something different to a horse. A car is vastly different You are making a website, not that different to what AT done. Maybe invent a drone that picks up cars from a dealer site and drops them onto a customers driveway, 30 minutes later the drone either returns which the car or with a BACS payment. Now that is different
  4. Better as in drop the 'good price' etc, drop the finance adverts around it and make the adverts and site look good (which AT do) Thats the point, even the one's who haven't given up still only have 80% of the stock and have started doing what AT do, finance adverts around adverts etc. I'm afraid AT were ahead on the game when the internet took off, until an other massive revolution like the internet happens again which AT miss (like Yellow Pages 15 years ago) they are here to stay.
  5. Motors, EbayMotors, Autovolo, CarGuru's, RAC Cars, I'm sure there are many more, all said they were going to break AT hold on the market. The truth is none have, not even come close. A company needs to come in and copy what autotrader do but make it better and it needs to be like that from day 1. It needs to be free for 12 months whilst spending £millions on marketing just to get dealers to cancel their AT contract. In reality its no good having 80% of Autotraders dealers use your site, you need 80% of Autotraders customers to cancel their contracts and come to you. Anything less and you are just a support act.
  6. I can see it from both sides, especially at the lower end of the market where a £2000 car can't be prefect, but people buy off dealers because they want a level of protection. Whats a CAT for a Peugeot, £50 plus £35 for an O2 sensor. Try and be fair with the customer, offer to split the cost maybe explaining its a consumable item. Clearly when the purchase price is more expensive just fix it. Is it really worth the stress of arguing over £100? Less if the customer pays a bit to. Most people are fair to a point and just want someone to help them out.
  7. Had this a few times on Insigna's and Astra's and has always been glow plugs. Be careful, they can snap easily !!!
  8. I use Car-ology a lot and they seem to be a decent company. 0121 7174708, based in Birmingham but delivery down to me in the South West. May also be worth talking to Allen I the transport office at Bridgwater and seen if he can do plate driven only. I used to get the option all the time, you can also have a sensible conversation about prices with him if you are buying a few out of there. Whereabouts do you need them delivered to?
  9. Depends what is in their contract. Legally they have a set holiday entitlement, I think it's 28 days. My staff get 4 weeks plus Bank Holidays. As for working weekends, if it was explained at interview that weekends are part of the working week and written in their contract they can't complain. As in time off, I only employ 2 people so we try and work together so everyone gets what they want. Some companies like staff to give 4 weeks notice if they want time off. With sickness I think the law is fairly clear (check the .gov website) as in after 3 day (I think) they get S.S.P..
  10. I doubt they will ever get that comparing used cars is so much more then a one dimensional 'price'. Their model seems to be based around this.
  11. Days in's that DATA thing again, they have it and try and repackage it in a way that makes it useful to the customer. All it is doing is bite the hand that feeds it, the dealer who pays to advertise there. HOW ABOUT THIS FOR AN IDEA !!! Car Guru's come and inspect our cars we have for sale, if they pass their standards (because they know what makes a great car remember) they advertise them. The customer then pays CAR GURU's say £50 to be shown the cars that match their requirements which CAR GURU's class as a 'Fair Deal' or £150 to see the cars that are a 'Great Deal'. Now everyone is a winner, and CAR GURU's can honestly say Mr and Mrs Customer, we have got you a great deal, we have inspected and drove it, it matches our high standards. Customers will flock too pay £150 for this.
  12. IN Also anyone over the age of 60 shouldn't be allowed to vote as they tend to hold the most deep seated bigoted views and have little care for the mess they leave younger generation. Can't build house's here, no windfarms there, the list goes on!!!
  13. It's very much like reality TV advertising, build a set and then let the public vote/express their views which gives the dealer ratings. All well and good but you're letting people vote on things they may not fully understand. Rory experienced a bad review because the customer felt wasn't happy about a px value, I can see more of this happening in the 'Car Guru' model, people venting because they don't get their own way basically. The way he talks about the 'condition' of cars shows a complete lack of understanding too, a basic HPI type check doesn't make the car good condition, it may not have finance or be a CAT C but it could have poor paint on each panel, smell of dog and fags. He talks about dealer pricing to get a 'fair deal' marker but surely that undermines the very concept of a review type site, the word 'Great' is stronger then 'Fair'. Who wants to take someone out for a 'fair' meal when for the same money it can be a 'great' meal. It's yet another case of a company getting data and trying to sell it back somebody, be it a dealer or customer in a different way. The problem is the data it corrupt because a car is about how it looks and drives which data can't tell you. It also discounts many maintenance issues such as DSG or Haldex oil changes, type of tyre fitted etc so in a way it restricts the quality of the product the customer end up with.
  14. 4 bold tyres, poor paint and beige cloth interior backed up by a patchy service history......................BUT it's a great deal because it's £327 below the recommend price. Car Guru's free of charge..................Great Deal!!........£1 per week......Average deal................£50 per week, BAD DEAL!!!!.Goodbye Car Guru's