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  1. Just a bump to say I'll be empty in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire Thursday heading north if anyone needs anything transported north bound for reasonable rates ?
  2. Hi guys, got an empty 3.5 tonnes truck leaving from Norfolk/Suffolk area heading back north to Scotland happy to go of course if needed leaving tomorrow (Tuesday) Happy to help at reasonable rates.
  3. Evening gents just another bump at short notice to let you all know I currently have an empty truck heading North to Glasgow from Aston, Birmingham tomorrow mid morning/midday ish if anyone needs anything moved in that direction I am still empty and happy to oblige at good rates ! Cheers Al
  4. Just another bump gents to say I'm currently still empty heading back north to Scotland on Friday or even Saturday from either Leicester or as far east as Peterborough for collection or basically anywhere near, good rates available for all you motor trade lads (obviously)
  5. Just a little bump to say I will be free in Brum tomorrow evening with a truck heading north and a spare driver with Trade Plates for Monday night / Tuesday morning good rates available
  6. Down in Bedford for the night still free as it stands for tomorrow heading north as it stands
  7. Anyone needing anything moved north bound tomorrow or even Friday for good rates I'll be empty tomorrow evening in Essex area heading back to Glasgow area with Mercedes Sprinter Truck with extra long Ramps For loading lower cars.
  8. We are buying from FB regularly only a month ago i picked up a 2008 V70 Lux D5 146k Mint conditon guy had it in at 1200 needing a clutch managed to get there 1st with a grand and 4 beers 800 for LUK flywheel and clutch kit + labour, later it sold for 3950.
  9. Proverbial lunch box on wheels. . . . . . . Used to sell plenty to good ppl of EK and surrounding they would travel for them (strange individuals)
  10. Tell them your brother sold it when you nipped away early for the day and you apologise profusely (works everytime)
  11. Nilfisk electric power washer for me trustworthy and reliable.
  12. Export £500 all day long as it was
  13. Africans love a silver top engined Peugeot, sell as is.
  14. Had to buy a notoriously expensive 'q' unit for my A2 daily as the 2 back doors didnt open and on models without rear electric windows the ccm controls the rear door lock latches (£150)