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  1. 100% true….unfortunately
  2. Yeah, and flogging them on Facebook forgetting to mention they’re write-offs
  3. Same for me, just a few days. However their automated service somehow put an old photo on my licence so the licence has a 15yr younger me on it.
  4. Tbh at this stage I wouldn’t be concerned about the 6 month period. Without alerting customers as to why, on any comebacks I had I asked them to confirm their full list of grievances/issues and (just as important) to also confirm there are no other problems BEFORE I authorise any work. After that point if any new issues arise you immediately dismiss them as they are clearly the owner’s responsibility.
  5. Sorry but my take on this is you seem to be keen negotiating with someone who hasn’t even bought a car from you. I’d be getting it from the horses mouth. Legally you shouldn’t be discussing it with anyone other than the buyer unless you have their permission. I’ve had experience of a couple of smart arse car expert partners thinking they are calling the shots. Just saying……. As for getting the car back under false pretences & planning on withholding the recovery cost WITHOUT advising them in advance - really? Time to get a grip on the situation (and that does NOT involve playing email ping pong with some fucker who’s bought f.a.)
  6. I’m wondering why he’s dealing with a third party - some bloke on email when he’s sold it to a woman. I’d politely answer back along the lines of saying I cannot deal with third parties therefore please ask the purchaser to contact us directly. I respectfully advise you that no further correspondence with you will be entered into.
  7. They’re running the knickers off us.
  8. 11 months? I wouldn’t even entertain them. Tell ‘em to take you to court.
  9. Yep, sounds like a knacker for the scrap man.
  10. Last Wednesday. V low mileage N reg (yes N reg) wait for it ....................Kia Sportage! Last MOT looked pretty tragic to me.....£1425 on the hammer so there’ll be another £300+ of fees before they even look at it. They must know something I don’t
  11. I must confess, they wouldn’t be bringing back a 10yr old knacker to me after 5 months & 3.5K miles of ownership.