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  1. It must of been the staff cos they aren’t open.
  2. I had an email the other day from Manheim trying to drum up interest. What I don’t understand is why on Earth you need to register to attend & only one person per account - Manheim must surely be one of the most awkward bastards to do business with & yet again more hurdles to jump. You can go just about anywhere in the country unfettered but with Manheim that’s not the case. What a fucking company. Not that I’ve used them much over the last few years but the sharp practices employed by their staff regarding misdescribed vehicles has driven me elsewhere. I’m afraid Manheim opening up for a few evening sales so I can look at the bangers won’t attract me back - I’d bet they’re not allowing full access to the cars, no doubt disguised as anti-COVID measures, as they’ll do absolutely anything to castrate the efforts of trade bidders to sort the wheat from the chaff.
  3. Wtf is the chance of any of us breaking down in Adelaide?
  4. This is going to sound a bit ‘off’ but does it really matter? Surely the price is passed on to the customer (directly, or in the case of vehicle sales, indirectly) & if they don’t like the price they can shop elsewhere. Perhaps this is an overly simplistic view but that’s how I see it.
  5. What? Haven’t your prices gone up this last year? Mine have!
  6. BHM


    You couldn’t make this up!
  7. I wonder what benefit is for them in opening up. I thought they’d have more interest in remaining closed.
  8. Absolutely. If they can’t be arsed to clean it they certainly won’t of been arsed to put it on the lift. Mind you, I guess there’s no right or wrong way to sell cars because even those sellers sell their cars.
  9. Probably a Jag dealer looking for some graft at the first MOT.
  10. Quite a few customers who come my way have a tale to tell about viewing cars they’ve seen on FB. By the time they get to me these customers are usual VERY easy to deal with. Mind you have you seen the standard of sub £5K cars nowadays? A quick look on any advertising site will show filthy cars with stained seats . There’s one garage near me, plenty of cars, they have a £6K motor with a dented wing. It’s no wonder they have plenty of cars advertised with motors like that, fuck me, I’ve sold £999 cars that are tidier,
  11. That market is absolutely fucked & has been for months - the lads can barely give the stuff away & if you’ve tried selling a cheap p/x you’ll see the bottom-rung punters nowadays are absolutely pitiful. I’ve got three bangers to advertise & I can’t bring myself to advertise them. The management at one auction house are openly telling anyone who’ll listen they can’t shift this dross so they will submit any bid & work for next to nowt. I’m generally in the market sector above 2K (most of mine are 2.5-5K) & it’s absolutely flat out. I can sell everything (except for one heap of French shit no-one wants) that I can prep and as such I constantly only have a few cars advertised - as soon as something is advertised it sells fast so I always look like a business going down the pan with 3 or 4 cars advertised.
  12. So true. So so true . Vultures.
  13. My worst customer (by worst I mean a chancer trying for a few quid back) is on the most expensive vehicle I’ve had in a while - a £12K commercial. They might seems cheap to you but depending upon what you stock you’ll soon learn £2-5K is a lot of money to plenty of people. Tbh the price bracket is irrelevant as arseholes, penny-pinchers & dreamers are attracted to all price ranges. However there are also plenty of nice, decent & pleasant people out there. The knack is sorting one from the other.
  14. Only 10 times easier? I think you’ve missed a zero off that figure. For Noel I immediately thought of cars like Focuses (good spec models only), a few Passat estates (don’t be tempted by Octavia dross - the punters are pitiful), 7 seaters or crusty old 4x4s - proper punters with the chance of reasonable profits turned over in decent time. A fresh ticket on this sort of stuff immediately raises your cars to the top 20% of the market.