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  1. It’s not the Jag that gives my the wobbles - it’s the sight of its MOT history! £4500 for something full of welding wire - one for the brave/optimistic. The business name’s fine, the photos are fine except for the ones in the glare/shadows (no one’s perfect) & it looks a mighty fine business set up! It doesn’t look like a starter business to my eyes with a fantastic unit & lashing out on AT advertising - however it’s an expensive set up to sell 4 cars - the overheads will kill the job.
  2. One man band & I’ve only got a handful advertised but enquiries are through the roof, shed loads of arseholes & the bottom dollar brigade are out in force, sales are hard to come because prices are fixed. The private man is getting left behind on price but he doesn’t realise the next wave of cars we are buying today & advertising over the next few weeks after prep will be even higher.
  3. It could also be from the Armed Forces overseas vat exemption scheme. Basically it’s squaddies buying UK spec cars abroad cheaper. When I’ve had them I didn’t mention anything in the advert & ensured all of the dates on the adverts are correct. However I do mention it in passing when the customer has a raging hard-on for the car & we are going through the paperwork. I often find the log book will only say the manufacturer which confuses the auto-populated boxes on the advertisers websites so check everything including model, number of seats, doors etc. Finally, as long as the car has been insured in the UK the customer should not have a problem getting insured as the car is already correct on the insurance database.
  4. Happy new brake pads.
  5. +1 +1. Bearing in mind I don’t get my hands dirty, tbh on the old shite I sell my OBD reader does most of what I want. I think I paid £30 on eBay about 15 years ago. From what I’ve seen the average £200-300 machines aren’t anything special. If you ain’t spending thousands on one you might as well just buy a cheap piece of shit that reads & clears codes prior to dropping off the car at your mechanic. Tbh whatever machine you’ve got you need the knowledge to interpret what the code refers too - let’s be honest, the most expensive machine ain’t worth a wank if it’s in the hands of an imbecile or someone as green as grass.
  6. Why? BCA will probably sack them if word gets around
  7. Yes. However needless to say this pillock hasn’t managed to phone during normal hours, they never do, it’s the typical timewaster’s automatic knee-jerk reaction to seeing an advert - they want IMMEDIATE gratification & fuck any pretence towards decency or courtesy. I’m afraid I’ve dealt with the public for far too long to dance to their contrary tune.
  8. For some reason I’ve had plenty of the midnight email crowd asking me to phone them back sometime Last night someone left an answerphone message at 9.25pm saying he realised it was late but he’s interested in a car so he’ll phone tomorrow (in my experience these arseholes never phone the next day). Then 30 seconds later he phoned again to say he realises its late but is there now any chance he could “come for a look”.
  9. The man with Covid lateral flow test kits that the country has run out of?
  10. or better still those timewasters who email their phone no. asking you to call them but can’t phone you. I can only assume they’ve no credit on their Giff Gaff account or they like to feel their business is being chased.
  11. ....and half of them full of Covid.
  12. The c***s gave me the run around for nearly two months.
  13. This is 100% fraudulent misrepresentation. However it doesn’t help that you’ve messed about for ages before identifying the act of misrepresentation. The only way you’ll get any joy is through the courts & I guess the moment the summons hits their desk is the same moment they’ll close your account. +1
  14. I’ve just renewed with Auto-Aid but EVERY year the policy becomes less attractive. It used to be cheap back-up but now it’s about £60 (I know, not a king’s ransom but it’s been hiked up over the last few years, it used to be about half that) & the latest restriction is they only cover cars up to 15yrs old unless you cough up another £15.