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  1. I’ve had this discussion twice this week & tbh a look at the service schedule on cars refers to “inspection of xxxx”, i.e. a look at xxxx. These cars being discussed here have also been MOTed which should more than account for the inspection of the safety theory! About 25 years ago I complained to both a VW & a Vx dealerships about their services on company cars not including stripping & cleaning brakes and on both occasions was referred to the service schedule & told if I wanted a brake service I needed to ask for one. I’m with you 100% on this but in answer to your original question I’d say Yes, usually it is. It certainly is with 90% of the public & it’s the reason so many cars miss the aux belt, timing belt, autobox oil change, plug changes etc. etc. - the additional service items.
  2. It seems that everyone fully services every single car sold. Absolutely staggering! I’m now looking out of my window for flying pigs.
  3. Very true. However, in reality what are the chances of a buyer of an 11yr old Ibiza taking it for a service? I’ve more chance of Lord Lucan riding up to my front door on Shergar! Knowing the typical horrid greedy buyer profile of that sort of car I’d seriously imagine it’s already had its last ever service. £30 quid’s worth of oil, filter & labour would be money well spent for the seller, although it won’t be appreciated.
  4. I hope it’s a faulty sensor but the fact the light goes out when the revs are lifted....
  5. Schoolboy error. ALWAYS check all of the keys & if you can’t get one working it’s better to throw it in the bin than hand over a non-functioning key. As for Mini keys I wouldn’t know for definite but it sounds about right. I believe in the case of expensive keys on older cars, my key man installs a separate remote lock system so the punter ends up with a separate fob & a plain key. Admittedly too late for that now.
  6. Won’t anyone be shedding any tears for AT?
  7. If the man at the DVLA said that then it’ll be right. However I’d take a V62 with you just in case the PO bod behind the counter say they want it.
  8. I’ve been following this for years in Private Eye. Even when this final caseload started last year, the Post Office were still dragging their heals, making ridiculous claims & trying to get it chucked out of court. That obnoxious Paula Vennells, who headed the PO & knowingly covered up the Horizon system faults, should do serious time. It’s destroyed family businesses, and in some cases lives, and is an absolute disgrace to this country.
  9. Correct. If it’s not in trade it cannot be taxed immediately.
  10. Phone the DVLA on Monday to check that it’s ‘in trade’ & confirm that it can be taxed with a V62 at a post office. You'll still have to stump up £25 but you can get it on sale immediately.
  11. It reminds me of what must be 14-15 years ago when I had a Mk1 Focus RS as my daily & came to sell it. Dear me, except for selling a VAG car I don’t think I’ve ever had so many gormless, pathetic & greedy emailers contact me. These performance specialists earn every single penny they make, the buyers (1%) are absolutely fine. It’s the dreamers, the bored & the piss-taking trade that make up the other 99% that are the problem.
  12. Wow indeed! Mr. Horgan deserves a medal for getting all of that PLUS £750! Manheim’s Surecheck have got me jumping through hoops for a £300 claim (it has reminded me why I buy little from them) & I’ve just had a £2500 lump of scrap delivered that’s been fully Surechecked so I’m bouncing it back under misrepresentation. Manheim management think the Surecheck system is there simply to sack off buyers to cover for their own incompetence. Been there, seen it, done it, got the T-shirt of Surecheck wriggling out of jobs & expecting me to work for f.a. on the other work. As far as I’m concerned it’s now either a full refund or money back at my quotation.
  13. I agree the smaller auction houses are more flexible & easier to deal with and as such deserve to take trade away from the inflexible big names. I’ve never shopped at BCA but how do you get them to cover main dealer costs? I’m currently dealing with Manheim’s Surecheck scheme & the greedy bastards want videos of everything “Starting with the registration plate blah blah blah” and have financial caps on everything and are prepared to argue over the price of misappraised unroadworthy tyres. One thing’s for sure, Surecheck’s £50 +VAT diagnostics fee limit wouldn’t get much graft done at a main dealer.
  14. Online only still. I wish I bought from BCA! Online has been a Godsend as far as I’m concerned. Shit cars with obvious faults bounced back at the auction houses for misrepresentation OR good money credited back. I’ve never had it so good. I think it’s a shame auction houses all seem to be reopening. An opportunity missed to revolutionise the trade into an efficient Japanese-style auction system with cast-iron (supposedly) appraisals . The majority of auctions can’t wait to let us back in through the doors to put the onus back onto us buyers. Believe me, the likes of Manheim want to take their £3-500 a bonnet with absolutely f.a. responsibilities.