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  1. They’re running the knickers off us.
  2. 11 months? I wouldn’t even entertain them. Tell ‘em to take you to court.
  3. Yep, sounds like a knacker for the scrap man.
  4. Last Wednesday. V low mileage N reg (yes N reg) wait for it ....................Kia Sportage! Last MOT looked pretty tragic to me.....£1425 on the hammer so there’ll be another £300+ of fees before they even look at it. They must know something I don’t
  5. I must confess, they wouldn’t be bringing back a 10yr old knacker to me after 5 months & 3.5K miles of ownership.
  6. I think them breakers on eBay are bonkers. Selling shagged out old parts & trying for strong money. I recently had a Vito that needed a few trim & interior parts - I’m not joking, fucking Mercedes-Benz were cheaper. The new parts sellers are worse. I’m on with the third arsehole trying for a door lock barrel - I don’t think all these Chinese sellers know their right from their left. I also bought a new handle for something - it broke on the first pull .
  7. Yes. One local factor can’t seem to get clutches but the other one I use can. It makes no sense to me.
  8. Very interesting & you’ve obviously looked into this Halfpenny. As the old saying goes - every day’s a school day.
  9. If you have a Visa/MasterCard etc. debit card do they come under clause 75? Tbh I’ve never understood why many debit cards are also ‘with’ someone such as MasterCard.
  10. A customer of mine arrived in a 10yr old RR & bought a Caddy van. I asked him what his was like for bills. He shrugged his shoulders & said anyone buying one should know what they’re getting themselves into so should expect it! Refreshingly realistic I thought.
  11. 1. They are doing the numbers. 2. If the car isn’t almost perfect they will chip the price. How much (or little) depends upon how desirable the car is. As an example I’ve been told having just one key is an automatic £150 deduction (try that game on a punter p/xing ). 3. Anyone who has access to online auctions will see sales prices - a few nice models making thousands into book soon tally up.
  12. The car CAPs clean at £2600 & thought an offer of £1200 would be competitive. Fuck me, I had to read it twice cos I thought I’d misunderstood something.
  13. Modestly calling himself a Hero What a bellend, I wouldn't embarrass myself making a video about a squeaky belt & some splitting to a propshaft bush - imho he’s bought a good one. Pitiful.
  14. A line straight from the Samaritans book of sympathetic comments.
  15. I think a MOP alone is about £50. Valet & MOP here is £100.
  16. A excellent post but do dealers really slag off punters clothing?
  17. And I bet you remember that sinking feeling because in your mind you’d hyped-up every viewing to be a sale.
  18. Aren’t they just!!!
  19. fair comment but I still agree with the op
  20. Absolutely. Even if you work for £100 a bonnet some fucker (perhaps a relative you last saw last century) will have a negative opinion.
  21. Tbh as you’re selling sporty stuff I’d say dealing with timewasters & dreamers is part of the game. You’ll get used to weeding some of them out but initially you’ve got to appear welcoming. Sending a list of instructions like that will put off 99% of people. It’d even put me off! Personally I like to speak to people, I’ll verbally ‘square them up’ & if they sound wishy washy I won’t book a viewing, but most folk are fine once you’ve mastered the art of knowing how to ‘read’ people. Basically what I’m saying is you can gently say the things you’ve outlined, but an email formally instructing them is OTT in my opinion.