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  1. Good morning ladies and gents please could you give me your opinion on the auto trader packages , without intruding on your own businesses. I have been on advanced listings package and website for a about 4 years 16 cars with bargain cars , stands me in about £2455 a month including VAT. as i have been really quite 10 days a go called AT at boosted it up to premier the top package over £3000 i have not noticed any difference at all , in fact its has been really shit this month, i dont even know what the bottom two levels are called but i am thinking about trying the cheapest package and see if it even makes a difference at all !!!!! my stock profile is vw golfs vw polos , most of my stock appeals to first time drivers or families , between £3000 and £20,000 k .mainly 5 door small hatchbacks . many thanks and happy chrimbo
  2. Hi ladies and gents it is so dead at the mo, i know its lockdown but gone from selling 30 a month to four. anyone else quite. hope your all fit and well !!!
  3. Hi Chaps Auto trader states on there website stay at home, on the home page. they would be more helpful to us traders by changing that to dealers able to sell and deliver cars !!!!!! not sold a car now for a month.. hope everyone is well.
  4. i have been renting for nine years now, my landlord is having a hard time at the moment. He's been good to me over the years , will suck it up and pay the man.
  5. Hi Chaps i seem to spend so much time responding to autotrader leads . IS THIS AVAILABLE FOR SALE. seems to be a total waist of time . always write yes please call for info, and never get a reply. is there any point. regards Nic
  6. Hi Chaps will the really good weather put punters off buying this weekend ? Regards Nic
  7. Hi Caps would anyone like to buy this , this is a we buy any car site based on a PPC campaign on google . call me for any questions 07584321147 Nic Barclay Wood